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Concern "Kalashnikov" proposed amendments to the law "On Weapons"

Concern "Kalashnikov" initiated amendments to the law "On Weapons", relating to ownership of hunting and sporting weapons, According to Kommersant.

Концерн «Калашников» предложил поправки в закон «Об оружии»

The bill has already been submitted for the consideration of the faction "United Russia" in the State Duma.

The amendments involve increasing the number of permits for possession of weapons (gladkostvolynogo and nareznogo) from five to 10 units. At the same time proposed to reduce the existing terms of possession smooth-bore hunting weapon, needed to acquire rifled, from five to 3 years.

Besides, It proposes to allow citizens to use high-capacity magazines for education and training shooting (now - no more than 10 rounds) and to compete not only with sporting arms, but also with a hunting, which is used for sports.

There are also an additional provision, allowing owners (individuals) repairing weapons, not only from the manufacturer, but also in shops licensed companies.

The amendments have not developed by chance: according to the "Kalashnikov" annual report for 2017 year, its share in the domestic market for civilian weapons smoothbore long-barrel is estimated at 2%, of long-barreled rifled - 34%.

According to the head of the International Practical Shooting Confederation Vitaly Kryuchin, these amendments are necessary for athletes and citizens, actively involved in sports, because the capacity of the store is an advantage, when it comes to speed. he noted, that foreigners have no restrictions on capacity, while the Russians should be changed every 10 rounds.

The same situation, in his opinion, It exists with the number of weapons, permitted to possession: Each athlete participates on average 6 disciplines (we are talking about professional athletes, rather than lovers), for each of which he needs for 2 trunk. For professional rifle - as a tennis racket, and he needs a "free access to the projectile", added Kryuchin.



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