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GP-30 «Boot» / GP-30U "Granat" / GP-30M attached grenade launcher

 GP-30 «Boot» / GP-30U "Granat" / GP-30M attached grenade launcher

GP-30 «Boot» / GP-30U "Granat" / GP-30M – barrel-attached grenade launcher. Work to improve the grenade launcher GP-25 “Bonfire” continued in the USSR heightened pace. Soviet war in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan has identified the existing shortcomings in the complex GP-25, which required removal, and work to create the next version GP-25 started in 1985 year.

The under-barrel grenade launcher GP-30 Obuvka video

During the joint work TsKIB COO and SSPE "Device" under the control of the designer VN Telesh. at the end of the 80s design the next model GP – GP-30, It was completed and 1989 by GP-30 rose to arms. modernization task was to weight loss, simplification of the production and operation. First of all simplified sight – exclude the plummet, eliminated clamping ring. The very sight moved to the right side, half-leveling is performed on the basis of “equidistant points”.The purpose of the transfer of sight on the right side was to improve the convenience of sight (understandable, not for left-handers) – arrow head naklonyaetsya for example, and does not deviate from it to the left, how to GP-25, and, what is not less important, improved performance. Such a sight makes execution easier landing, moving with a gun and a grenade launcher attached to the position “strap on”. In implementing crawling sight less clogged and subjected to less mechanical shocks.

Grenade GP-30

convenient sight, almost "pistol" descent, smooth and relatively soft. convenient fuse. No installation on the sight for firing at a distance of 50m. When shooting at close range, when pressed against the butt is possible to obtain a blow.

 GP-30 «Boot» / GP-30U "Granat" / GP-30M attached grenade launcher

The under-barrel grenade launcher GP-30 "Obuvka" mounted on the AK-103

 GP-30 «Boot» / GP-30U "Granat" / GP-30M attached grenade launcher

 GP-30 «Boot» / GP-30U "Granat" / GP-30M attached grenade launcher

Weight was reduced by grenade 20%, labor-intensive – on 35%. Besides, created new equipment for carrying ammunition – two pouch pockets to five shots. AT 1989 by GP-30 into service and received an index of the Main Missile-Artillery Administration of the USSR Ministry of Defense – 6G21. The theme for the development of the SE-30 was called “shoe”, it's got a name and GP-30.

40-mm attached grenade launcher GP-30 “shoe”, 6G21 index, It designed to defeat unsheltered manpower, as well as manpower, located in open trenches, trenches and on reverse slopes of the terrain. The grenade launcher is designed for use in conjunction with a machine gun soviet (Russian) production: 5,45-mm AK74, AK74M; 7,62-mm – AKM, with appropriate equipment grenade. For firing a grenade launcher used shots VOG-25 and VOG-25P with fragmentation grenades. A grenade launcher can be carried flat and curved firing from different positions (standing, sitting, knee, lying). The shooter can to fire a grenade launcher or a machine gun, depending on the task.

The design GP-30 grenade offline lever type fuse. This is because, that shot, the trigger need to make a considerable effort at a sufficiently “long” downhill, which virtually eliminates accidental discharge of a charged grenade. grenade launcher production was mastered at the Tula arms factory.

Backplate with a strap serves to enhance the convenience of shooting from the grenade launcher with an emphasis rifle butt in the shoulder shooter, as well as to prevent damage to the machine butt when shooting with the focus in the hard ground. In prykladы AKM, AK74 and AK74M butt plate with the belt is set so, to the butt of the machine entered the backplate slot until it stops, and the belt is fastened to the sling rifle butt. ramrod retainer serves to prevent displacement machines ramrod AK74 and AK74M when fired from a grenade launcher. ramrod latch is set to block the sight and the front sight is fixed in the hole ramrod. At the ATM machine is not provided by the latch ramrod!

The delivery grenade:

– Grenade GP-30 – 1 PC.
– guide spring returnable – 1 PC.
– backplate with a belt – 1 PC.
– cleaning rod clamp – 1 PC.
– spare parts, tools and accessories (ZIP-0) – 1 set
– Bag product – 1 PC.
– bag for shots – 1 PC. on 10 shots

A grenade launcher consists of:

– trunk with bracket
– a breech housing
– guide spring returnable
– backplate with a belt
– cleaning rod clamp

You have the following modification:

– GP-30 release 1989-2000 years.
– GP-30 release 2000 of the year (It differs from the SE-30 release 1989 of the year).
– GP-30M Release 2005 of the year (modification is similar to the GP-30 sample 2000 of the year).

Grenade launcher GP-30U Garnet

AT 1997 year, in TsKIB COO Related work “Garnet”, grenade launcher GP-30 was developed in the mounting options in the Western-style rifles (NATO standards) and intended for export. Modification is called GP-30U (universal). The under-barrel grenade launcher GP-30U “Garnet” firepower in 2-3 times higher than foreign counterparts, and well-suited to overseas arms, eg, the Belgian FN FAL assault rifle, French FAMAS, Israeli “Galil”, German G-3. Dignity “Grenade” in the fact, that it can be used without a machine. Such a sample with a sliding and folding butt established in the gun 1997 g. for the Ministry of Interior under the designation RGM (Hand grenade compact) “brass knuckles”.

 GP-30 «Boot» / GP-30U "Granat" / GP-30M attached grenade launcher

GP-30U "pomegranate" installed on the Galil assault rifle (from above) and FN FAL (from below)

Grenade GP-30M

Almost the same as the GP-30. No fuse, I highly disappointed. Extractor, playing the role of ramrod. In the stowed position does not understand. high-pressure chamber is now firmly attached to the trunk.

 GP-30 «Boot» / GP-30U "Granat" / GP-30M attached grenade launcher

 GP-30 «Boot» / GP-30U "Granat" / GP-30M attached grenade launcher

The performance characteristics of the GP-30 Obuvka

Caliber, mm: 40
The length of the threaded portion of the barrel, mm: 100
number of grooves: 12
Weight grenade, kg: 1,53 (without return spring guide, fore-end with a strap and retainer ramrod)
The length of the sighting, mm: 90

dimensions (length Width Height), mm
in firing position: 280x68x192
in the stowed position: 280x68x130

Sighting range, m
minimal: 100
maximum: 400

rate, rds. / min: 5-6
wearable kit, shots: 10
initial airspeed grenades, m / s: 76

GP-30 grenade launcher Boot photo

 GP-30 «Boot» / GP-30U "Granat" / GP-30M attached grenade launcher

 GP-30 «Boot» / GP-30U "Granat" / GP-30M attached grenade launcher

 GP-30 «Boot» / GP-30U "Granat" / GP-30M attached grenade launcher


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