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RPG-28 "Cranberry" – rocket-propelled grenade

		RPG-28 «Cranberry» - rocket-propelled grenade

RPG-28 "Cranberry" (Grau index – 7P47) – Russian rocket-propelled grenade (reaktivnaя protivotankovaя grenade), developed "NGOs" Basalt ". It designed to destroy tanks and other armored and soft-skinned vehicles, suppressing weapon emplacements and manpower, located in fortifications, urban buildings, ensuring penetration of 900 mm composite armor, to 3 m. masonry or so 2.4 m. reinforced concrete.

Video RPG-28 Cranberry

RPG-28 was first presented to the public in 2007 year. The release device is a pipe-piece fiberglass. With the ends trigger destructible closed with rubber caps shot. To bring in the firing position safety pin is removed, and sights are in the deployed position, with the cocked trigger mechanism, and you can make the launch of grenades by pressing the trigger. If necessary translation grenades back to the stowed position of the trigger mechanism removed with cocking of the rear sight when lowering the sight in the horizontal position and fixing it cotter.

		RPG-28 «Cranberry» - rocket-propelled grenade

In view of the considerable weight of the grenade in the assembly on the launch tube located below the palm shoulder, foldable leg-support behind him, and folding front handle. When fired, the trigger device is formed behind the danger zone to a depth of 30 meters and with a solution 90 degrees.

RPG-28 has a tandem shaped-charge munition, providing penetration of reactive armor thickness over armor 900 mm. Sighting range is 300 m.

		RPG-28 «Cranberry» - rocket-propelled grenade

Antitank rocket grenade RPG-28 is a missile with a tandem shaped-charge armor-piercing warhead: main warhead, BC-leader, It is designed to overcome the dynamic protection and powder jet, fully practiced in the trunk single trigger device. Stabilization grenades on the trajectory is performed by means of folding stabilizers and placed by the axial rotation of the garnet.

RPG-28 2007 he was adopted by the Russian army. Dimensions and weight characteristics grenade enabled a soldier to apply it in all conditions of modern warfare. Rocket-propelled grenade RPG-28 provided a reliable defeat current and future tanks, including those equipped with hinged and built-in protection. For its unique qualities – reliability, power, excellent accuracy and unmatched ability to be penetrated, RPG-28 was named among the experts – "killer of tanks".
		RPG-28 «Cranberry» - rocket-propelled grenade

Tactic-technical characteristics of RPG-28 Cranberry

Caliber RPG-28

– 125 mm

All the RPG-28

– 13 kg

The dimensions of the RPG-28

– Length, mm: 1155

Blank range RPG-28

– 180 m

Effective range RPG-28

– 300 m

Broneprobivaemostʹ RPG-28

– 900 mm DZ

Weight grenades, kg: 8.5
Caliber head of the grenade, mm: 125

Photo RPG-28 Cranberry

		RPG-28 «Cranberry» - rocket-propelled grenade

		RPG-28 «Cranberry» - rocket-propelled grenade

		RPG-28 «Cranberry» - rocket-propelled grenade

		RPG-28 «Cranberry» - rocket-propelled grenade

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