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RGS-33 – Hand grenade special caliber 33 mm

		RGS-33 - Hand grenade special caliber 33 mm

For special tasks on a temporary neutralization of terrorists directly in the assault of the object is made from lightweight grenade launcher. The structure of a light multi-purpose hand-held grenade launcher includes grenade CSG-33 (Hand Grenade Special) and shots of various purpose.

RGS-33 is a triple-gun with reclining, like a hunting rifle, smooth trunks. Loading the grenade produced a breech. Small dimensions and weight allow grenade fire from it with one hand.

		RGS-33 - Hand grenade special caliber 33 mm

For firing a grenade launcher can be used for various purposes range shots: NHS-PO-with light and sound grenade action, GS-33 with a grenade lachrymatory-irritant, EG ZZM - with rubber buckshot; EG-33-damaging to the elastic element.
Shot with light and sound grenade action NHS-PO for the psycho-physiological effects on the body of the enemy with the purpose of temporary disruption of its functions. The defeat of live targets is provided by a bright flash of light (about 2 KIM) and the sound pressure on the organs of hearing (order 135 dB). High-contact mechanical fuse provides instantaneous tripping grenades. With the explosion of grenades no mechanical submunitions. Granata has self-destruct mechanism.

Shoots stun shock-EG-33 with an elastic member and affecting the EG ZZM rubber canister designed to temporarily neutralize the terrorists. Deformable elastic element lethal shock stun grenades EG-33 provides a reliable engagement (without mutilation and serious injuries) unprotected live targets at a distance of up to 25 m. In the application of the EG-shot defeat ZZM live unprotected purposes is provided at a distance of up to 10 m by sharing psychological impact sound and fire a shot-blast and shock destruction 62 rubber kartechinami total weight 50 g.

		RGS-33 - Hand grenade special caliber 33 mm

For temporary neutralization of offenders is shot HS-33 grenade lachrymatory-irritant. Neutralization is achieved by offenders powdery composition tear chloroacetophenone (CN) dispersible blasting. High-contact mechanical fuse provides a guaranteed operation grenade when encountering an obstacle and the instantaneous creation of intolerable concentration tear substance indoors to 30 m?. When triggered, fans no mechanical submunitions.

Multipurpose grenade launcher CSG-33 and RGS-50M grenade launchers constitute a system of anti-terrorist units of the Russian FSB.

		RGS-33 - Hand grenade special caliber 33 mm

Shoots various purposes grenade CSG-33

Performance characteristics of the CSG-33

Caliber: 33 mm
types of grenades: svetozvukovogo actions; lachrymatory-irritant; udarnr-shock
weapons of mass: 2,5 kg
The initial rate of grenades: 50 m / s
Sighting range: 25 m



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