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ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

SJC «Vintorez» (Special Sniper Rifle) part of the silent sniper complex (BSK), a 9-mm sniper cartridge SP-5 (or broneboynogo SP-6), rifle, optical sight JI-1-1 or 1P43 and night sights and 1PN75 MBNP-18.

Rifle BCC Vintorez – video

Sniper rifle BCC "Vintorez" was developed by designers VF. Krasnikov and PI. Serdyukov in TSNIITOCHMASH in Klimovsk.

AT 1987 BCC, the complex "Vintorez" was adopted for the reconnaissance and sabotage units of the USSR Armed Forces, Interior Ministry troops and units of the KGB special-purpose designation under the BCC (6P29 index).

Sniper rifle BCC "Vintorez" - is intended to carry a sniper silent-flameless fire on enemy troops (defeat the enemy reconnaissance, its command structure, sentries and observers), and disabling elements of military equipment, monitoring devices and equipment skinned enemy at a distance of up to 400m using optical sight, and up to 300m with night sights.

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

Rifle BCC consists of:

– trunk connected to the receiver
– butt
– bolt carrier with gas piston
– prison
– return mechanism
– удар­ника
– mainspring with a guide
– Trigger
– receiver cover
– muffler body, separator and forend.

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

The principle of automation and Functions and "Vintorez" rifle mechanisms based on the use of powder gases energy, moved from the bore to the gas chamber, and then converted into the kinetic energy of the movable automation system. Locking and unlocking of the barrel by turning the bolt about the longitudinal axis. The trigger mechanism - striker type of original design, with the possibility of single and automatic fire. Submission cartridges made from two-row magazine sector with a checkerboard arrangement of their. Chambering the cartridge shutter is carried. Cartridge cases retrieved a spring-loaded swinging ejector, mounted on the gate. To reflect the fired cartridge is spring-biased reflector, placed in the gate.

Rifle barrel entire length 200 mm, chromium-plated, It has six right-hand grooves. On the trunk stub protrusions are arranged with bevels - prior to turning the shutter in its closing early. In the middle part of the barrel is a gas chamber, and the cylindrical surface with annular grooves for attachment of the muffler body. The muzzle has 54 openings (6 series in 9 holes), drilled on the barrel rifling. They are designed to discharge gases from the barrel into the expansion chamber of the muffler. On the muzzle of the barrel is worn specially shaped spring separator. It ensures the centering of the muffler relative to the bore axis. Node centering muffler created as the original design, his device is protected by RF patent.

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

The receiver serves to connect the parts and mechanisms rifles. It is produced by milling of steel billets. This greatly enhances rigidity, but at the same time it increases the complexity of its production and increases the cost. Nevertheless, for special forces is logical to have a weapon more expensive, but providing a high shooting accuracy and reliability. Top box lid is closed, that protects parts and mechanisms weapons against pollution. It is made of thin sheet steel stamping. To stiffen, with a small thickness of metal, it made pads. On the right side of the lid has a window for the outside shell casings ejected and cut the handle to move the bolt.

Fuse, that when you turn eliminates the possibility of rotation of the trigger, It provides preventing accidental firing when dropped, with a weapon, inadvertent pressing the trigger. In the closed position the fuse box covers the cutouts for the movement of the handle reloading and protects the receiver box from getting into the sand and dust. Protection from premature firing and the unlocked gate is provided by the self-timer, as well as the mutual arrangement of the bolt and the shutter when closing the bore and a locking bolt.

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

On the left side of the receiver there is a ledge type "dovetail" - slots for optical sights. The central projection and two rear base for fixing are nocturnal electron-optical sights, and two front and center - for daytime riflescopes.

The receiver also has an interpreter type of fire and magazine catch with spring.

The main mode of fire rifles - Single. Nevertheless, the trigger structure, placed in the receiver, It provides for the possibility of automatic fire. Translator type of fire attached to the receiver inside the trigger guard, behind the trigger. To maintain a single translator fire is put to "single fire" (denotes one point), and auto - "automatic firing" (marked by three points). Interpreter may be the thumb and index fingers of the hand, holding the handle.

To improve the accuracy of a sniper rifle must be, to its mechanisms at work as little as possible exposed to the weapon.

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

To fulfill this condition Automatic rifle is lightweight moving parts (constipation and zatvornuû frame). Another solution was the use of the locking mechanism of the six combat shutter stops, interacting with the projections of the receiver. In this case, two lower lugs perform the role of loading rod cartridges. Locking and unlocking of the shutter is performed by turning around the longitudinal axis, occurring in the interaction of sensing slots and bolt protrusions leading shutter. This provided a symmetrical rigid locking bore and reduce energy losses due to the shutter unlocking.

Another solution, promoting accurate shooting, It was the use of the hammer striker type. Light striker serves to break the primer and the descent with cocking a rifle gives little perturbing pulse. Besides, This design allowed the ease of automation work. it, as well as specially designed gas operated node arrangement, allowed to eventually reduce the "flipping" of weapons during the shot, which in turn will facilitate the monitoring of the results of firing through the optical sight.

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

Drummers BCC first series have a firing pin and a tail, wherein the formed hole for guiding the mainspring, slots for the direction of the receiver, projections for charging and for setting the self-timer on the hammer. In subsequent releases the firing pin has been moved to the gate. Cylindrical surface of the firing pin enters the shutter channel.

Return mechanism for returning the bolt carrier with the bolt in the forward position after a shot or loading arms, as well as to fix the receiver cover. Guiding the return spring together with the stem constitute a telescopic structure, which provides the required stroke length of the bolt. To reduce noise upon impact of the moving system in the rear position in the structure of the return mechanism is provided abutment polyurethane gasket. To prevent the ingress of propellant gases exhaust from the receiver to face the arrow between the protrusion and the return mechanism stops the lid of the receiver has a rubber O-ring.

Mainspring serves to communicate the hammer energy, sufficient to break the capsule holder. Guide mainspring also has a telescopic design.

The integrated silencer is an integral part of the rifle. It includes a housing muffler and separator. The housing consists of an expansion muffler preliminary gas discharge chamber and the muzzle silencer chamber. The front housing portion is mounted separator.

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

Cadet RVVDKU with BCC on demonstrations

The separator is a stamp-weldment, consisting of a sleeve, insert, washers and clips. The cylindrical surface of the sleeve and the washer serves to ensure concentricity of the separator and the housing, conical surface of the sleeve - to set the separator to the separator spring, located on the muzzle of the barrel.

The silencer is put on the rifle barrel and fastened thereon two sprag compounds and latch. This mount allows you to easily remove and install a silencer on the weapon. after the shot, by passing bullet front, perforated portion of the barrel, portion of propellant gases rushes through the lateral opening in the barrel into the expansion chamber of the muffler. Thus the gas pressure in the barrel and after leaving the bullet velocity is reduced. The jet of propellant gases, flowing out of the muzzle of the barrel, gets on the separator, which "divides" it on numerous multi-directional flow, rapidly reducing their speed and temperature. As a result, gases, flowing out of the muffler, have subsonic speed and low temperature, ie do not produce cotton and muzzle flash, and the level of the shot sound is approximately 130 dB, which corresponds to a small-bore rifle.

The use of an integrated silencer has reduced (compared with a silencer, We fit over the muzzle of the barrel) and the overall length of the weapon.

On muffler body mounted sight block with rib, the front sight base with front sight, separator pawl with spring.

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

Detachable butt skeletal type rifles (like SVD) It made of plywood. He joins the receiver using overlays, having protrusions such as "dovetail" and latch. When creating retainer butt original constructive solution applied, protected by RF patent. The retainer ensures rapid removal and attachment of the butt, and hard (without lyuftov) mounting on weapons.

Handguard rifle "Vintorez" is made of plastic and is designed for comfort and control weapons when firing, Hand protection against burns and fixing the tube. Handguard holding body of the muffler, and when removed muffler - a latch housing, which is automatically urged in the process of assembling the inner inclined plane of the forearm.

The trigger mechanism is used for lowering the striker with cocking and with timer cocking, providing a single and automatic fire, cease firing, to prevent shots at the unlocked gate and for setting the machine to fuse. The trigger mechanism is placed in the receiver, and includes a fuse, sear, uncoupler, interpreter, Self timer, trigger, trigger spring, axis trigger, Self-spring, spring sear and disconnector. The design of the trigger mechanism is also protected by RF patent.

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

For aimed fire from rifles and machine for various range uses different daytime and night sights.

Daytime optical rifle sight 1-1 PCP-like sight PSO-1 sniper rifles SVD, but with a distance scale for ballistics cartridge SP-5. Upper handwheel sight - to set distance - has a scale with numbers from 5 to 40, with a scale 25 m, which corresponds to the aiming angles for firing at a range of 50 to 400 m. Because the ballistics of the cartridge SP-6 close to the ballistics of the cartridge SP-5, sight scale enjoyed by firing two bullets. side handwheel, as in the sight PSO-1, It serves to introduce lateral amendments. Grid sight has one main angle for aiming at a target. Right and left of it is scale deflection correction, from below - scale rangefinder at a target height 1,7 m (growth figures) with the numbers 1 to 40 in tens of meters range. Sight JI-1-1 has 4x magnification and field of view of 6 °, its mass - 0,58 kg.

In addition to sight, PSO-1-1 shooting from BCC can be used, and the other day riflescope- 1P43.

For shooting at night using night sight NSPU-3 or MBNP-1. Recently created a new generation of night sights - a series of sights 1PN93.

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

Fighter 45 OP SpN VDV with VSS

In case of failure of daytime telescopic sight or the impossibility of its use for other reasons, used mechanical sighting device, consisting of sight sector type and adjustable for height and lateral direction of the front sight in namushnike. The sight and the front sight placed on the muffler body. Grivko rib has slotted cutouts for aiming and for holding the clamp in the mounted state. On rib: I graduated from 10 to 42: on the right side of 10 to 40, on the left - from 15 to 42. scale digits indicate the firing range in the tens of meters, Such range allows the sight respectively target range up to 20 — 30 m.

Based on the fly and on the overall risk of coated housing, determines the position of the front sight after bringing weapons to the normal battle.

Placing the sight and the front sight on the muffler requires the operation of weapons is strictly follow the proper connection of the muffler, protect it from shocks and other mechanical damage.

One of the requirements, imposes a new rifle when it was created. - the possibility of concealed carry and high readiness for combat use. Therefore, the rifle is broken down into three main components - a rifle with a silencer and butt filmed, silencer and butt. its transfer time in a combat situation - no more than 1 min.

If necessary, the rifle can be carried disassembled into major components in a case 45x37x19 cm, or in the bag. For the manufacture of packing in a case split wooden mock rifle was created.

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

Ammunition BCC "Vintorez" SP-5, SP-6

Shooting from the BCC "Vintorez" rifle can be carried out:

– cartridges SP-5 (snayperskye)
– SP-6 (increased armor penetration).

These cartridges have the same charges, but different bullets design.

Bullet cartridge SP-5 has a lead and steel cores, placed in a bimetallic shell. bullet shape allows it good ballistic properties in flight at subsonic speed. Special labeling cartridge SP-5 does not, cardboard packaging boxes with such cartridges have the inscription "Sniper".

Bullet cartridge SP-6 is composed of tempered steel core extended length, placed in a leaden shirt and bimetallic shell. Apex bullet cartridge SP-6 turns black, and on the box it has a black stripe. Sleeves steel rounds, The coated green lacquer.

Both cartridges have similar ballistics, and can be used as ARIA, and in AC. In this case, the cartridge SP-5 has better accuracy, and SP-6 - armor. Last should be used to engage manpower in personal protective equipment, as well as in cars or light shelters.

Cartridges SP-5 and SP-6 produces Klimovsk Stamping Plant.

In addition to regular ammunition, There are training cartridges SP-6UCH - for on loading weapons training. On her sleeve has longitudinal grooves, and on the box - the inscription "Training".

To test the strength of locking arms used cartridge SP-5UZ. On the package data cartridges inscription "Reinforced charge". They are used only in the factory, the use of such ammunition in the armed forces is strictly prohibited.

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

Partial disassembly SCD Vintorez

Silent weapon by firing a greater extent, than usual, polluted gunpowder soot. Therefore, after the shooting of the BCC need as quickly as possible to clean it. For this is done partially disassembled rifles, which is done without special tools.

The order of partial disassembly next:

– Remove the magazine and check, whether there is no cartridge in the chamber.
– Separate the muffler and disassemble it.
– Remove the separator from the barrel spring.
– Disconnect the cover of the receiver box rifles.
– Extract return mechanism. 6. Remove the mainspring with a guide.
– remove the firing pin.
– Separate bolt carrier with the bolt and separate the valve from the bolt.
– disconnect the forearm.
– separate tube.
– For BCC - separate butt.
– weapons assembly in reverse order. It takes 30 to 60 seconds.

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

Options ARIA rifle

Each individual rifle BCC completed a set of spare parts, spare parts About.

It consists of:

– şompol;
– accessory;
– oiler;
– scraper;
– knife;
– five 10-round magazine;
– belt.

Shops AS "Val" and BCC "Vintorez" interchangeably, in this way, rifle can be supplied as a 10-chargers, and from 20 chargers (automaton) shops.
Oiler and belonging - from AKM.
The scraper serves to remove carbon deposits from the walls of the bore. He screwed on a ramrod.
The knife is designed to remove carbon deposits from the surfaces of the separator. Barrel and the gas piston. He has two blades: one - for cleaning the separator, the other - for the external surfaces, the barrel and the gas piston.
Styling products include rifles: bag for carrying a rifle and a bag to carry the optical sight, four shops and ZIP About.

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

The performance characteristics of BCC Vintorez

– Adopted: 1987
– Constructor: P. AND. Serdyukov
– designed: 1987 year
– Manufacturer: TSNIITOCHMASH, Tula Arms Plant
– copies cost: About 75 000 rubles

Weight BCC Vintorez

– 2,6 (without magazine and sight)
– 3,7 (and charged with the sight PSO-1)

Dimensions BCC Vintorez

– Length, mm: 894
– barrel length, mm: 200

Cartridge BCC Vintorez

– 9× 39 mm (SP-5, SP-6)

Caliber BCC Vintorez

– 9 mm

Rate BCC Vintorez

– 40-100 rounds / min

bullet speed BCC Vintorez

– 280-295 m / s

Sighting range BCC Vintorez

– to 100 meters head target, to 200 meters in the chest, to 350 meters into the growth

Magazine capacity BCC Vintorez

– box magazine 10 or 20 rounds

The maximum range of the WBU Vintorez

– 400 (effective)

Work principles: removal of powder gases, Butterfly valve
Aim: sector, Installation of optical (originally came with 1P43 and PSO-1-1) or night (1PN75 or 1PN51)

Photo BCC Vintorez

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

		ARIA Vintorez sniper rifle cartridge caliber 9 mm

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