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whether a breakthrough will be in the military technical area stable plasma obtained ring?

A few months ago, a group of scientists of the California Institute of Technology published a paper, which it was announced on the first reception "outdoor" stable plasma. The uniqueness lies in the fact, that plasma ring appeared relatively stable themselves in parts not specialized laboratory apparatus with extreme conditions, but in the literal sense of the word – on air, And even when using a relatively uncomplicated technology scientists.

The technology was that, that the diameter of the water jet, comparable to the diameter of a human hair, high pressure (over 600 atmospheres) gaining speed over 300 m / s. At this speed, the water molecules joined in mechanical interaction with the atoms of the crystal lattice of a material of the plate, the exact chemical composition of which is kept secret. This led to a high ionization in the body, shape resembling volumetric ring (net), founded, including, on the triboelectric effect (occurrence of electric charges in the material due to friction). Appeared electric charges transferred by water jet to its surface (very narrow) layer.

The technology used allows to obtain a stable plasma and does not give her "disappear", basically, any amount of time - as long as the finest high-speed jet of water hits the crystal.

All this time, scientists, learn how to obtain a stable plasma without the use of high temperatures, high magnetic fields and specialized media, We considered the possibility of applying this method in practice for useful purposes. What are the proposals put forward to date? a lot of them. We present some.

first: creating a source of energy, which can be used in virtually any environment where possible organizing process of said mechanical interaction of water molecules with the atoms of the crystal lattice plate.

second: disinfection technology development. In this case, an example of, that the low temperature plasma is in contact with a number of gases and liquids produces chemical compounds, capable of destroying various types of viruses and bacteria. In particular, include apparatuses for water purification, portion of which is used simultaneously and as the working fluid for plasma creation of the described technology.

third: Increasing the Lightning Protection of strategically important objects.

fourth: military sphere. It proposed to use the creation of plasma rings (tori) in air for controlling guided missiles - when the high electric field in the torus volume ionized incapacitates the control system of the munition, "Burns" electronics at safe distance from the object to be protected.

The practical implementation of any offer at the moment there is no information.



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