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Kazakhstan has launched the international exercise "Cobalt 2018"

On the basis of the center of military and methodical training of special forces units in the National Guard under Kazakhstan's Almaty region republic began special tactical exercises "Cobalt 2018", RIA Novosti.

В Казахстане стартовало международное учение «Кобальт-2018»

Scientists have conducted a special forces of the CSTO Collective Rapid Response.

The military-political situation in the world and in the CSTO responsibility zone is regarded as the heads of our states tense. In connection with the last two years there have been several decisions of the Collective Security Council to strengthen the system of collective security capacity to address the challenges and threats to our states, He said at the opening exercises of the CSTO Deputy Secretary General Valery Semerikov.

he noted, that one of the components of this work is to "maintain high combat readiness of special units of law enforcement bodies and special services to meet the challenges of the destination".

The theme of the three-day teaching is "Planning and carrying out a special operation to destroy illegal armed formations". The active phase of the maneuvers is scheduled for 22 May.

As previously reported, command group, which would include divisions Rosgvardii, Russian Interior Ministry, National Guard of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and police leadership of Armenia, is deputy commander of Kazakhstan National Guard under Major General Albert Matkarimov.

The exercise, all steps are practiced special operation - "Detection of illegal armed until complete neutralization conventional terrorists", says the publication.

reported, also, that are involved in this event more 70 pieces of equipment, 5 units aeronautical engineering, and artillery armament. For reconnaissance will be actively used drones.

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