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Seoul decided to urgently equip

Defense Minister of South Korea Song Jung-moo (Song Young-moo) She completed a three-day trip to Indonesia, during which the focus was on the expansion of bilateral cooperation in defense.

On Tuesday, he met with his Indonesian counterpart, both sides have pledged to make concerted efforts for a peaceful resolution of the DPRK nuclear provocations.

Seoul decided to urgently equip

They also agreed to continue to strengthen their technological partnership in the KF-X of the current project, which provides for the joint development of the latest fighter to 2026 year. Defense ministers also reached consensus on the expansion of cooperation in other areas, such as joint development of submarine 5th generation (apparently, displacement 3300 t).

On Wednesday, the head of the Defense Ministry paid a visit to the Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Joko Widodo), during which he asked the latter to continue to pay close attention and support to the defense industry of Korea. Widodo praised Seoul's efforts to resolve the conflict on the Korean peninsula ahead of the upcoming Olympic Winter Games. He said, that will visit Korea this year and promised to create an additional impetus for the strengthening of mutual relations in the sphere of security and defense.

meanwhile, curious, what else 7 years ago, at 2011 city, Portal warned of the accelerated militarization of South Korea and other small Asian dragons. here, that then wrote edition of the portal on the subject.

Seoul began in 2006 year program provides to spend on re-purpose for 15 years in the amount of 550 billion. Doll. First and foremost, the acquisition of new combat aircraft and ships.

Seoul believes, their main enemy North Korea, and in connection with the recent incidents (mysterious sinking of the destroyer, shelling the territory of the North Korean army), even more expanded list of military programs.

Seoul will begin to purchase stealth fighter 2012 year. According to preliminary estimates, funding for F-X III programs will be 10 trillion won (nine billion dollars) – They plan to buy 60 fighters. Overall, the program F-X, which began in 2008 year, implies a phased purchase 120 new fighters to 2020 year. New aircraft to replace older fighters F-4E Phantom II and F-5E Tiger II. 60 aircraft South Korea has already acquired under the first and second phases of the F-X. As part of these steps have been bought fighters F-15K Slam Eagle American company Boeing.

Seoul decided to urgently equip

Indonesia and Korea agreed to establish a stealth fighter. Seoul plans to set up its own generation fighter “4+”. The new aircraft will be created with the use of stealth technology and its functions, I will have to exceed the standing armed South Korean KF-16. The project cost KF-X is estimated at eight billion dollars. The share of Indonesia in aircraft development program will be 20 percent.

The South Korean company LIG Nex1, dealing with foreign military purchases in the interests of the Ministry of Defense, He signed an agreement with the Swedish company Saab a contract for the supply of artillery reconnaissance radar Arthur, сообщает Defense Aerospace. The deal amounted to 450 MSEK (70,2 million dollars). At the end 2009 , South Korea received six Saab radar Arthur, which are able to determine the location of enemy artillery by calculating the coordinates of the flight trajectory of projectiles. These radars may be used for determining the initial velocity of the projectile on its incidence range. Arthur Range of action is about 35 kilometers. Swedish radar can also be used to calculate the time and place of the projectile hit the friendly arms of the enemy's position. Because of this Arthur can be used to adjust artillery fire. Arthur The system can be fully deployed in two minutes, but it may also be mounted on helicopters.

South Korea's Ministry of Defense signed an agreement with the American company Lockheed Martin a contract to supply four military transport aircraft C-130J-30 Super Hercules, According to Flightglobal. Under the agreement,, deliveries of new aircraft will begin in 2014 year. Currently, the Air Force in South Korea are 12 Transport C-130H Hercules.

South Korean company, Korea Aerospace Industries produced rollout light attack T / A-50, armed version of the training aircraft T-50 Golden Eagle, According to Flightglobal. BBC Korea zakazali 22 versions of these aircraft, they plan to use as light fighters, stormtroopers, as well as for mining training ground attacks. delivery of aircraft, As expected, will begin at 2012 year.

South Korea will resume production of BMP K21. In particular, in April 2011 troops arrive at a hundred BMP, 50 of which it was planned to adopt even in 2010 year. These machines were modernized at Doosan factory. In the next ten years in the army planned to transfer 900 K21.

Seoul decided to urgently equip

Seoul plans to strengthen the Navy's 6th NNS.

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