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autobiography. Notes GRU special forces officer

Description: I, Stoderevsky Igor, I was born 15 Martha 1948 year in Ashgabat city, in the family of serviceman. My parents…
Thus began an autobiography of any officer of the Soviet Army, and then everyone was already own destiny…

Information about the author: Maj., commander of the 154th separate special forces 15th obrspn. He commanded a detachment from October 1981 of the year, October 1983 of the year. Under his command,, on the night 29 on 30 October 1981 of the year, 154 oospn crossed the state border with Afghanistan in Termez district and later participated in several major combat operations in Afghanistan. He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, Order of the Red Star, Order “For Service to Motherland in the USSR Armed Forces” 3-her verse. Most known steel following operations 154 oospn: taking dushmans bases in Jar Kuduk (province of Jowzjan province, December 1981 city), taking bases in dushmans Darzabe (province Fariab, January 1982 city), lifting of the blockade Sancharaki (province of Jowzjan province, April 1982 city), destruction of 2 bands in Coulee Ishanah (province of Samangan, October 1982 city), taking bases in dushmans Marmolskom Gorge (Balkh province, March 1983 city), operation in Nangarhar and Kunar under Kulaly, Bar-Košmundom, Bagicha, in SD “Goshta”, SKILLS “Carrera”, Mud-Termaj, in the Black Mountains, Sam Şaxidanom, Manhval, dam, army operation “East 88” and other.

Year: 2009
Author: IY. Stoderevsky
publishing house: "Fintreks"
Language: Russian
pages: 468 pp.
Format: PDF



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