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Pentagon: The military transferred to Afghanistan will be located close to the front line

The transfer of additional units of the US armed forces to Afghanistan has begun. Recall, that under the previous President of the United States, Barack Obama, the number of American troops changed downward until the last presidential months. After Donald Trump came to power in Washington, a statement was made that, that the continent "needs to grow".

General John Nicholson, Commander of the US contingent and the entire NATO mission in Afghanistan, as Stars and Stripes writes, met the first "additional forces" unit at the Kabul airport. This is a special unit, which will be responsible for “advising and providing assistance to conventional armed forces, stationed on Afghan territory ".

In the near future, about 800 military. In total, the contingent will grow by 4 thousand. US military.

Пентагон: Перебрасываемые в Афганистан военные будут находиться недалеко от линии фронта

announced, that American military instructors will be in "close proximity to the front line for operational assistance to combined arms groups". If consider, that in recent years the territory, terrorist-controlled in Afghanistan, began to expand again, it's not entirely clear, where the front line passes in this country - hostilities are being conducted in different provinces of Afghanistan.

known, that today there are up to 11 thousand. US military personnel.

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