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Review of the medical pouch kits from Wartech first aid in action

In this video I talk about the medical haversack, the common people called the first-aid kit, St. Petersburg production company Wartech.

Medical Pouch small tear UP-106 is designed to accommodate individual first-aid kit with the necessary components to the vest, webbed or belt, with MOLLE attachment system. It allows you to put the most important products and tools, such as: EMT shears, CAT tourniquet, CELOX, Israeli IPP (or similar in size), set analgesic + anti-shock with a syringe in case. Pouch can also be used as a utility. Equipped with a convenient internal organizer. It closes with a zipper, compartment opens completely and gives full access to the contents of first aid kits. Releasing the pouch due to the platform, It can be found most convenient access. The accommodation on the conventional belt. Suitable for use as the employees of power structures, as well as for military and tactical games.



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