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In Tallinn held a parade of the Estonian Defense Forces

In Tallinn held a parade of the Estonian Defense Forces, dedicated to the centennial of independence.

The ceremony was attended by about passing 1100 soldiers and some 100 pieces of equipment, including Challenger-II tanks and Warrior infantry fighting vehicles from the NATO combat group, Estonia purchased from South Korea self-propelled howitzers K-9, mostostrelkovaya mobile equipment from Ukraine.

В Таллине прошел парад Сил обороны Эстонии

It was shown protivozenitny and missile system of the USA Patriot, delivered on the eve of the country.

At the parade featured all kinds of troops of the armed forces of Estonia. We passed as the soldiers already formed the 1st Infantry Brigade, and formed the 2nd Infantry Brigade of the Defense Forces.

В Таллине прошел парад Сил обороны Эстонии

Gone also marks the band from Finland, France, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine and the United States.

Above Liberté, where the ceremony, Helicopters flew the aircraft and the Air Force and the Border Guard of Estonia, as well as two US helicopters UH-60 Black Hawk, based on Amari Air Base near Tallinn Three fighter Eurofighter Italian Air Force and two based in the Lithuanian Siauliai Air Force fighter Danish F-16. Completed flight Aviation Squadron of the eight US fighters F-16 Air Force.

The Commander of the Defense Forces, General Riho Terras (Riho Tarras) He said at the opening parade, that the presence of NATO troops in Estonia is the main factor of military deterrence Russia

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