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The first batch of BMP-3 is already in Iraq?

The Iraqi army received from Russia the first batch of BMP-3. Infantry fighting vehicles went in a package with delivered 15 February tanks T-90S / KS. This is reported by bmpd with reference to the Algerian edition of MenaDefense.

Первая партия БМП-3 уже в Ираке?

The publication writes about the arrival in Iraq of 10 infantry fighting vehicles.

According to sources of the Algerian resource, "at 2015 year Russia and Iraq signed a contract for the purchase of about 500 BMP-3 ». The first batch has already been received, it will be followed by new deliveries, they added.

The interlocutors also said, that in the same 2015 year 900 BMP-3 ordered by Saudi Arabia, however the contract has not yet been finalized.

Besides, The publication claims, that the experience of operating the BMP-3 in the UAE led to the creation of the Dragoon modification with a front engine and a rear ramp.

As one of the Iraqi resources clarified, in the first batch, arrived in the country, there are not ten, a 19 infantry fighting vehicles.

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