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Survivor mercenary PMCs Wagner gave the details of the defeat of the column

I got in touch with the man and ask him a few questions.

- How old are you? You are a professional soldier, naemnikom? How you would describe your own career and track record?

- Under 30. mercenary. teaching, shoot, I try not to die, I get money.

- How and when did you get to Syria?

- Bored in the civilian, plus many pay.

- This is your first trip to this country?

- No, not the first.

- Have you received training in Molkino (GRU base, which are trained before being sent to Syria “vagnerovtsy”)?

- No, with my track record and the recommendation to limit the interview and medical examination.

- Were you in the Donbas?

- Yes, I was in the 14-15 years, as an instructor, like most of our, taught local fight, although when exactly began ......, five times and to the front a couple of weeks went.

- Tell us about the events 7 February. How to cook the attack on the factory?

- Literally: “See voooon there ...... (an object)? going to, valish 100-200 churkobesov, to report to the headquarters”.

- Does the Ministry of Defense was not aware of your plans?

- I squad, I put tactical problem, and I'm in the shower fuck, one of Moscow's motherfuckers knew something.

- How many people were involved in this operation?

- Do not eb.

- And how many of them Russian?

- Almost all.

- You promised to cover the part of the air defense?

- Cover defense no one promised, but it was local, As we stood on the JHA (point of time dislocation), each ….. and every day they fotkalis with these fucking “needles”.

- How to develop your offensive? At what point something went wrong?

- How to develop, and degraded. The main band shot a couple “secrets”, about a kilometer on them opened fire with small arms and mortars. My group went around the factory from the flank. Pizd%:i started, when osnovnyak came to the plant by about 400-500 meters - for him particular web%:Do cannon artillery. After the shelling started getting dark. Since with a lamp (night-vision devices) full pussies:%c, and the storm was not willing to blindly, We decided to continue the assault. With about half of the group “ribbons” (in military jargon - columns) still pulls to the battlefield, they had to change us, when we seize the factory. And then suddenly ... .., arrived turntables. A pair of shelling next to the plant, the pair worked ribbon. According to the result, the machine is not, SEB:%%Vat nothing to, and these Gand%:,s to the shooting range with a thermal imager play. And for a long time to hang out in one place: naturally know, we of defense - naked ..., and then one for three.

- Did you know in advance, what kind of plant?

- What is this plant and whose not e% bu in the shower, only I know, that the refinery.

- Do you think, that you have someone could pass? Who?

- To rent could local Gandon, specially, not specifically, but the enemy knew exactly, that the defense team is not in shock.

- Did you know, that on the other side there is the US military?

- No. thought, that we will go next monkeys gandoshit. I think, command was of the same opinion.

- How would you estimate the number of dead and wounded?

- The killed 200-250, wounded about the same.

- Why, then, no posts squall waves from relatives in social networks? These messages are now as much, as it happened, They died when 10-20 “vagnerovtsev”.

- Honestly, little to monitoring social networks was, but I assume that's what: [someone] no relatives, [someone] paid - often it solves, [someone] intimidated.

- How many columns? What they were Syrians ratio / Russian?

- Columns were two, plus artillery, plus mobile group. The ratio of the Syrians to the Russian - about 30 on 70.

- Were you able to pick up the dead and wounded from the battlefield?

- 300-x (wounded) They carried themselves. 200-is - pohoronka (funeral team).

- Have you met fighters in Syria, the death which in this battle is now reported by the media?

- From the published I did not personally know, I slipped a couple of times on air callsign Cadet (Alex Shikhov from Nizhny Novgorod). type: “- There infa on the Cadets and Isis? - You were”. But what kind of people, Whether real name, etc.. d., I do not know.

- Do Wagner himself was related to operations planning? Did you meet him in Syria?

- Utkin (Wagner's real surname) for all the time and never did not see, but as far as I know, the past year and a half he was very successful storming career ladder in the capital of our country.

- What do you think, PMCs can “Wagner” recover from losses incurred? whether the flow will weaken willing to fight in Syria as mercenaries?

- Feed wishing to weaken? Thank you, neighing. For these grandmothers, we have three who wish to place and the flow does not think to weaken.

- Are you going to now go back home?

– ….. (what for)? Death - the costs of the profession. By indiscriminate man carries by shit, and we can die at any time. Jolly work and pay well.

- Do you think, that the PMC should be legalized in Russia?

- They will be [legalizovanы]. Donbass and Syria - polygon.

- Should the Ministry of Defense to accept losses in the ranks “vagnerovtsev”?

- NAKhU%? This is the essence of PMC - that we, that the US, ...... that in Uganda. Have fun guys, you pay money and not have to report about the next “vashypatery” and “vytamest”. This is the essence of PMCs: you would not be accountable and nothing priznaosh.


a source: telegram

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