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Strelkov announced the death of Wagner PMC fighters in Syria as a result of an American strike

Among the pro-government fighters killed by the American coalition strike on February 8 in eastern Syria could be employees of Russian private military companies. (PMC). This assumption was made today by a number of experts, in particular, former Minister of Defense of the Donetsk People's Republic Igor Strelkov (Girkin).

According to his information, two tactical units of Wagner PMC were hit. "Одно уничтожено практически полностью, other— very much. Losses, likely, close to indicated (Americans) цифре", — пишет Стрелков в "Твиттере", counting, что "Россия вряд ли признает эти потери".

As previously reported, as a result of the attack of the coalition forces led by the United States on the Syrian government forces on the night of February 8, more than a hundred pro-Assad fighters were killed. Reuters learned about this from an official source in Washington who wished to remain anonymous..

Стрелков заявил о гибели бойцов ЧВК Вагнера в Сирии в результате американского удара

The interlocutor of the agency explained such a high level of losses on the part of the allied Syrian army formations by the large-scale involvement of forces for the strike. It was stated about the involvement of about 500 военных США и бойцов арабо-курдского альянса "Сирийские демократические силы"(SDS), which headquarters in the province of Deir ez-Zor (near the village of Hasham, east of the provincial capital), according to the American coalition, was attacked before. This impressive grouping for a retaliatory strike against government forces was supported by a large number of artillery and missile systems., large-caliber mortars.

"Нападение на штаб было совершено недалеко от линии предотвращения конфликтов на реке Евфрат (indicates an area 8 kilometers east of the local deconfliction zone). There were advisers and assistants from the coalition. To protect coalition forces and partners, government troops were hit, чтобы отразить нападение", — explained in the command of the US coalition.

Earlier, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis said, that the coalition kept in touch with Russia before, during and after the attack, and warned the Russian military about the presence of SDF fighters in the area of ​​the incident. According to the head of the Pentagon, Russia notified the American side, that her servicemen were not in the area, reports EADaily.

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    Strelkov needs to be flogged with whips like in tsarist Russia, he is already a worshiper in us. And the information in the article is fake, completely inside and out. Everything has already been sorted out on the shelves, and photos and videos are all fake, and here's the question, What the fuck is this fucking whiteguard doing this?

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    The shooters were there and saw everything myself?

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      Rumors in narrow circles go!

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