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Tips from the commandos: psychophysical regulation

Tips from the commandos: psychophysical regulation

In practice, special forces of the old school of great importance attached to the development of observation. The phenomenon of the trained observation is still not deeply studied. known, that observation in itself is a complex system of perceiving, able to synthesize the information into the correct martial decision. All data about a person's ability based only on practical experience.

Practice of simple observation. Instructor lays out on the table a variety of items of military and everyday destination, let's, pistol, cartridges of various weapons, the pencils, compass, cartridge cases, coins. This is done, that trainees have not seen, what's on the table. Spread out the items covered everything. Then cadet beckon to the table, for a few seconds show the objects laid on it, after which they were again close. The cadet must list, that is on the table.

Cadet and lists: - "Pistol, ammunition, liner, compass, pencil, coins ". The instructor asks: "What gun number, some ammo from a weapon, and how many, with some bullets, what they scrapes and scratches, which sleeve, on what weapons and how many of them, where a compass needle points, the color and the length of a pencil, Whether it is sharpened pencil or broken off, how many coins and what they esteem. Cadet at first can not answer these questions. He is given a look at the other items, laid out in a different order, and student at this time to cope with the task a bit more successful. Gradually, various objects getting bigger, and the display time will be shortened. If the learning process comes to a standstill, cadets receive punishment in the form of dress out of turn. After that study is quickening pace and much more productively.

Continuously changing the composition with various objects cadet show the right and left, but, that he is not turning his head. In this case, very quickly develops peripheral vision.
Then students divided into pairs, and they begin to train each other. The show all the time is reduced. Cadets learn to visually "grasp" and visual memory to remember any song, of any item, opened at the moment in any place. That again can not strain your eyes, and the need to concentrate the active visual attention.
Then the trainees briefly show the same composition, in which something is changed, withdrawn or added.

Following the acquisition of solid skills of memorization and developments instant visual memory of cadets trained on forensic reconstruction of verbal portrait (Now even criminologists no longer possess this technology). After that student is able to quickly model any identikit. Group “SWAT tactics”

Classes are transferred to nature. Cadets are on to build roads or driven in a car. At the end of the route they are required to describe fully visible - how much of the road occurred kilometer and telegraph poles, what material, with some defects, terrain is described in detail, vegetation, the presence of ravines, ravines, stingrays and other terrain (it is then checked on the map), which technique, and what was her number, what kind of people and how they met on the road.

Upon arrival back the students had to report, what changes in the environment they were spotted during the return movement. Subsequently, such training is not specifically conducted, but the students knew, that they can at any time ask: "What did you see on the road (let's, at the shooting range), and what's changed, when you came back?». It made the students attentive to everything, and the ability for constant observation became a very useful service life and habit. Increased surveillance, sooner or later awakens in man the ability to instantly feel the danger to him changes in the environment and at the slightest false operative work with real people.

lateral (peripheral vision) - the ability to, saw it, what is happening right before his eyes, at the same time capture and then, what happens side. Trained peripheral vision saved the life is no longer one of the intelligence services, working in the thick of combat operational nature. The phenomenon of the lateral view, too little studied. It is almost self-perception of the neurophysiological system and is closely linked with the development of observation . The clashes operational plan, passing the ruins, in the forest, on rugged terrain, Hidden when the enemy suddenly appears sideways, bail can only be trained peripheral vision. It is quite simply training. Walk "backwards", without turning his head or to the right, or to the left. After a few days of training, you will notice, how well you suddenly began to see, albeit not dramatically, objects, events and changing circumstances, that occur on the side of you. And the more you exercise, the more expanded perimeter of the lateral view - you will start to see not only the "sideways", but also a little bit ago. Upon reaching more or less certain result, start to run "backwards". First get awkward, because you have not done so, but then you will be prepared as deftly, like when running face forward. of course, initially such training should be carried out in secure locations, where there are no potholes, poles and trees.

Over time, the trainee finds interesting phenomenon - he begins to feel, there are behind (the direction of travel) are any obstacles or not. Furthermore, nape, back and all circuit begins to feel the presence of a living being behind. This "opens" the most mysterious "third eye" - the pineal gland. Once you feel, that "catch" for this phenomenon, start in motion with the edge of a small stud on the bridge to look for a place of projection of the pineal gland. Empirically, tingling nose in different places, you can suddenly to feel a sharp pain point. Carefully working on her tingling sensation, you activate the pineal gland. The effect of "neck vision" of it noticeably increases. Such manipulations must be done very carefully - the nail has a nail, and beside still eyes.

Unfortunately, this effect is not at all. Much more likely to have the feel of it, who previously coached purposefully sharpened hearing, night vision and other perceptual systems described herein. Once opened in this way "third eye" Japanese Ninja. by the way, circulation and without "back back" takes place almost silently. In Stalin's time, so trained personnel tactical depth exploration.
At all times and in all special services are very valued the ability to wake up on time without an alarm clock. In such a person the ability to wake up at a specific time of the day before there is nothing unusual. The internal biological clocks exist in all living creatures. But for their display needs to develop a sense of time. Such trainings are carried out is easy. To do this, one must have any permanent source of any sound. Determine unassisted hours, how many seconds it lasted this constant sound. Now, test yourself with a stopwatch, previously included. Quite quickly you will begin to determine the playing time up to 2-3 seconds. Upon reaching a more or less real results expose a period of silence, equal playing time. Check yourself with a stopwatch. Change task - to turn the sound source at a predetermined time and mentally turn it off, when, In your opinion, this time has expired. Consult with a stopwatch. Medical studies show, that in carrying out such tasks vary the pulse rate, breath, and blood pressure. Why? because, that the body is simulation time. The simulation time is also important skeletal muscle, itself has a so-called "dark muscle memory", able to reflect the time and orientation position in space. Therefore, for the greater benefit of training give yourself installation pass leisurely pace some distance for a certain period of time you. Check against the previously launched stopwatch. Train gradually do it all (and other works) in a given period of time in advance - not a minute earlier, not a minute later. Model time is any process, running evenly. And if you are well trained, this model, it is time to inform about the work of the brain cortex. And then you can ask yourself before going to bed to wake up the internal team at a certain time, and that you will. So trained German secret service their agents during the last war.
If you are at night on alert "pulled" out of a warm bed and dumped a few hundred kilometers away on some emergency, We are mentally prepared to, that you there is no one to feed and heat. Top brass think about such things at the last turn.
Remember, after, as it will be eaten by the "alarming" packed lunch foods, taken from home, You can do without food at all for 7-8 days without compromising the health and performance of combat missions. This has been tested and combat training practice. But by the beginning of the fasting you have to come gradually, (Although some individuals may begin to starve, "at once suddenly") during two days, reducing the first half of the daily ration, and then using one quarter of its. But it is necessary to drink plenty. And drinking water use only boiled and the supernatant. And then for those 7-8 days to reach you, nothing happens. slightly lose weight, but only. The first 2-3 days of fasting will be very hungry, that this was not, it is necessary to pre-adjust itself to the necessity of complete starvation. 4-5 days you will begin nauseated. This is because, that in the rectum begin to be absorbed toxic substances (Indus and skatole). If you managed to put yourself an enema, this will not happen. But in the field will have to endure. 6-7 days, and possibly, before hunger disappear. Remember: if you have had to starve, you can not eat anything. From starvation mode out slowly, on the first day, eat a quarter of the usual rules, the second - a little more, the third - half. And then - eat as usual. When colds or influenza, viral diseases in a combat situation should dramatically go hungry for two days, eating drinking only boiled water, and your body will, without medication, will overcome the disease. It also tested repeatedly.
In emergency operational spetskomandirovke enemy № 2 - cold. When you "throw" for an indefinite time in the open field without a roof over your head, in spite of the warm clothes from the stationary lying, sitting or standing somewhere in ambush to you sooner or later become unbearably cold. Special chemical warmer, what used to be the Germans and what is now the Americans have, You certainly did not provide. Your hope - only your inner warmth, which you will need to get inside the body's own.
For this inspiratory muscles tighten everything - neck, breast, abdominals, back, limbs, and especially - the fingers and toes. On the exhale, "release" this voltage. Do this for 10-15 minutes and you will feel the warmth of salvation.
If you have a very strong wind prohvatit, or you peremerzla, you need to restore the circulation and blood flow in the lungs, To do this, inhale squeeze the fingers and at the same time gently lean back "all the way". On the exhale, erectile forward and "reset" the tension in the limbs (fingers). Do this for 10-15 minutes, until after the chills, and you will not become warmer.
For the same purpose can be, closed their hands in the lock on the chest, on a very deep breath and elbows with closed hands squeeze the struggles chest, at the same time straining abdominal muscles, and in such a compressed state hold your breath for 4-5 seconds. After that, the quiet exhalation also quietly "decompress" the pressure on the ribs and sternum. And so until then, until you get warm.
If you can not, try to practice the above-described muscle tension as you exhale - nature has given people different organisms.
These simple techniques help to restore and normalize the blood circulation, cause "burning" of fat and carbohydrate reserves of the organism.
The third proposed method is the most effective, but also the most "technically" in the performance. Physiologically, it is, that at a voltage of any muscle group and focus on this voltage, during expiration with the stress of the abdominal muscles, actively stimulated by internal heat generation mechanisms. The body begins to immediately "burn" all, that can burn - first glycogen in the liver, then body fat.

The most complex element such equipment mobilization of internal heat - "abdominal breathing". he is, that exhale the stomach is not selected, a lower portion protrudes outwardly-down. At this point, there is apt practical definition - "to grow the abdomen to the floor". Train so breathe with a friend - and then take it back "ribs", hands Close to the castle on his upper abdomen and lift it above the floor (ground). When it's right to breathe 'belly-down', you immediately feel, that your partner has become harder. This will "grow with the belly on the floor".

The second stage - on this here exhale tighten your neck - it will be a little thicker and shorter (called "do zhabyu neck"). But it does not lower the shoulder! a little practice, you feel, as you, suddenly, It was unusually warm. Catch and remember the "dark" an internal memory of this feeling - the next time you'll have a much better and faster.
Such a method can be practiced, sitting at night or in the winter in a sniper or ambush Jaeger-search. And if the situation does not require absolute silence, exhale do with stress - clenched teeth, tongue pressed against the upper palate, nose position close to the mouth, the upper lip is raised, nose and mouth at the same wrinkled (Just so, as if you are dissatisfied with something). Face tense in the bottom of the "neck". With this exhalation turns sound "sssss". Will be even warmer - on the forehead perspiration.
With this method of breathing breath to do slowly, picking up from the belly itself. Over time, Train except exhale neck strain on the hands and biceps extensor muscles (kvadricepsы) on foot, but the voltage should be only up to the elbows, and only up to the knees. Get better.

The above method previously cultivated in the Soviet special forces servicemen and many saved from freezing in the mountains, in ice, tundra etc. but remember, that the body was something to "burn", You never hurts to have a good piece of bread and bacon.
It is terrible in this life is to any normal person. In the words of Heinrich Heine, "Nothing to fear only a fool". Everyone knows, in a combat situation starts pounding heart, driving pulse, I bet mandraž. so here, sluzhyvыm (peasants) It would be useful to know, psychophysiological mechanism that total excitation fear situational (for a specific time combat) and immediately prior to sexual contact the same. The author will never forget, as explained by this time an old instructor: "When you got scared, and heart began "pounding" remember, you for the first time climbed to a woman (author apologizes, but for the sake of clarity, we have to adhere to the original source). Similarly, your heart is "pounding" at the time of realization of real danger. Therefore, at the time of realization of this very danger perhaps more vividly remember, Imagine and feel yourself with this woman, it is in fact the very first thing your "baptism of fire". Your consciousness switches to this picture, and you will live a few seconds in this mode. And you will have no danger. And the fear of somewhere to go anywhere. But women do not, and excitement goes. It is "burned out". The phase of "combat indifference". It remains to combat work, which thou shalt make calm and collected ".
Further practice guidance knowledgeable instructor fully confirmed. by the way, Some snipers in such a way to successfully nullify the jitters and excessive pulsation.

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