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a heightened sense of smell.

a heightened sense of smell.

In nature there are no living beings and inanimate objects, inodorous. human nose potentially able to capture these scents as sensitively, as the dog's nose. Border guards trained sense of smell of the old school - the forties and fifties could capture the smell of a burning cigarette 300-400 m, the smell of sweaty people - for 80 – 100 m, the smell of steel weapons and armory lubricant - for 10-15 steps.
The smell can detect a person, even in the musty atmosphere of cellars and attics. In addition, when various mental states - anger, fear, perplexity, Mobilization state before the attack - a man smells differently. Especially good person is detected by the smell in nature - in the forest, in field, in the mountains.

Exercise heightened sense of smell as well uncomplicated. To do this, you need to carefully compose a collection of different smells, necessary for you for the service profile. The weaker this or that smell, the more carefully you need to sniff it. Once you feel you are interested in smell, Focus on the tip of the nose - smell will be felt much more clearly. And immediately records the internal physical sensation, arose with the smell. But do it quickly - to quickly adapt to any smell comes and active attention away from the smell.
The smell can be fairly accurately set the direction of its source.
The sense of smell is naturally exacerbated in nature at night, especially in the forest.
To improve the sense of smell uses massage techniques - tapping fingertips on the wings of the nose by inhalation of air.

Attention! employee, constantly working in ambushes and operational search lurking enemy can not smoke! Smoking squeezes blood vessels and nullifies the exercise of the aggravation of night vision, hearing and smell.

If you are on the current operational and combat the time needed to sharpen night vision, hearing, smell, never strain the system of perception. Voltage sensing systems creates suspicion. Suspicion in turn generates bias, which leads to wrong decisions.

Therefore, when the responsible operational combat moments need to focus as much as possible in a complex active attention - visual, auditory and olfactory. And then you will very much.
There are simple and accessible to all methods, activating and sharpens perception system. If you at night, ambusher, put under the tongue a little bit of sugar, and it will slowly, very slowly suck, you will see, that night vision, hearing, and to some extent the sense of smell noticeably worsened. Why it happens? Sugar - is the main material of energy for the brain, heart and nervous system as a whole. All perceptual system are the sensors of the brain and nervous system components. Upon receipt of the additional feeding they work with high-impact.

An even greater effect was obtained, If you chew a pinch of regular tea, interspersed with sugar. But chew for a long time and is not "swallow" at once. cysteine, contained in tea, It acts on perceptual system stimulating, and sugar, as already mentioned - as an additional energetic material. This method not only dramatically increases visual perception systems, but also reduces the time your eyes adjust to the darkness with the usual half an hour before 5-7 minutes.
Night vision, hearing, smell significantly aggravated by a light feeling of hunger. But only with a light feeling. When very hungry all the attention in a natural way "out" on an empty stomach.

In solving specific operational and combat the moment, when it is necessary immediately to get the most information from the environment and instantly synthesize this information into the absolute truth, It has long been used very simple psychophysical technique. He is as follows: an exacerbation of vigilance on all systems simultaneously perceiving inspiratory zaprokinte head all the way back, hang in this state a few seconds and sharply, very dramatically lower the head forward. After that you have to "light up" the spark in the eyes, but it's not scary. You will receive a huge influx of information from the outside, which did not even know, and you will immediately be synthesized from the truth of this information for a specific time.
All this is easy to explain. When you tilt the head turns short-term over-filling the brain with fresh arterial blood, oxygen-rich. In such a powerful, although short-term nourishment and perception system, and analytical systems of the brain are activated more efficiently.

Living in a real combat situation itself and mobilizes all of the above hidden and untapped reserves. Cruel necessity causes stresses weight. From these "shocks" on their own awakening and night vision, and acute hearing, and an increased sense of smell. All this is laid in mother nature and man is dormant due to lack of demand. But activated awakened perception system only, when modern man begins consciously to understand, it is necessary to survive and win.
When targeted training, sooner or later everything will. When you enter the mode of increased susceptibility, you start to get a lot, a lot of reliable information battle. Furthermore, when trained reflex systems of perception begin to develop some other unexplained by modern science perception system. You begin to feel "a sense of danger", which is based on an unconscious synthesis of information, obtained from such sensing systems. So, eg, you will feel a sniper, a few hundred meters away watching you in the optical sight. Moreover, the presence of snipers felt more strongly, the greater the increase in its sight.

This is because, that the eye with "working on the transfer of" hard work of the brain. Old snipers knew about it and combat work in the sniper ambushes injected himself into a state of complete absence of emotions and thoughtless indifference, so as not to startle the goal.
The sense of danger is never deceives. In a combat situation, it is very often very. But it awakened a lot faster, if you pre-trained according to the method described above.