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What will happen with PMCs in Russia – legality or deadly dullness?

from the editors. This text is submitted to the people Feysbuke, fairly well-known in the world of PMCs and speak on our website. In Feysbuke it appears as Lyon Getman. We consider it necessary to introduce just with his position our readers, since this position belongs to the man, familiar with the situation inside Affairs.

“Subject PMC continues to be interested in social circles and not only. I would say, that interest is not only not faded, but even moved to a special business plane, though mixed. On it there are objective reasons - despite all the arrogance with Whig and noise when supposedly civilized world movement in the further progressive future, actually goes integration feudal elements in the model of the Western world. Russia is no exception, although fairly podzaderzhalsya subject to certain matters in connection with the historical slowness. Due to the events in Syria, where a key role in land operations played and continues to play an armed unit is a freelance education, so to speak, different from the Russian Defense Ministry, but performing functions of the Army regulars - more understandable, and such work does not cause doubts about the effectiveness of wage parts. It lead to the Wagner Group. It is not simply a division participated and participates in the database on the side of the government army, but also became the backbone gluing offensives united group videoconferencing RF (further OVKRS - limited contingent of Russia in Syria) our allies on the ground.

Everyone who is familiar with the military known case, that combat operations finished version is the prerogative of the infantry, let alone the war from the air to win ever more so. Aviation is still the only element of the combat support for ground troops, even if it is very effective, but still only support. Assad's troops at the time of 2015 of the year, autumn, It was quite unsatisfactory in the combat plane portion. This is to put it mildly. Pitiable pieces more or less regular army, exhausted in the course of position and bloody territorial fights could not withstand the attack with a simple military perspective rabble of IG, therefore, there was this pechalka with the capture of most of the territory and it is almost all sectors of the oil-producing countries.

Replenish became catastrophically difficult even to keep the territories affinity groups (compact accommodation of a group or tribe tribes). Hezbollah decided part of the questions, of course, and in some areas there is something changed, sometimes very bad, delaying the advancement of terrorists, but in general, customers are assured of the conflict in the near victory of the overgrown front of the opposition of chaos and ultimately the collapse of the BA. And here suddenly they made at an inter-ministerial ("Small"), but still a key mistake - they began to play in his "niprichemnosti" and the time does not provide the means and forces his protégé, and this took timely Russia (We understand, what BB Putin., with more or less adjusted to it and the best part of a block of Government (further Regions), adherents of foreign policy), thank Bagu understanding, that the Libyan scenario is a collapse of the independence of our country through the global economic levers. By the way the second part of the PR, whom we call loving liberastov, of which is headed by Prime Minister Medvedev, nodding manes were allegedly one impulse “for” – showing unity with the President.. Although it is not so, but this alone. In fact, it is the policy of waiting. Generally, Stretch a little in thought our President, a “partners” hurry up, no videoconferencing situation would no longer be corrected.
So it turns out, that giving the go-ahead to his “cooks”, Putin began a new approach in the formulation of foreign policy instruments. Although the benefit of accumulated experience in the use of PMCs Prigogine (instead Wagner, but it is rather the expression of a well-established) has been – Donbass. There has been rehearsed many scenarios and applications of such structures, and most importantly it was in feudal relations, For the feudal tool is very useful in such a design.

We will not break the stereotypes and leave terminology in a familiar aspect and return to the main Russian theater PMC. Wagner's group was to occupy a niche on the tasks in exactly the segment OVKRS, which had to be air assault troops Russian Ministry of Defense. By analogy, Afghanistan - 56th ODShBr as part of the 40th Army. And we did it. PMC boldly and effectively, turn the tide in a fairly short period of time in terms of fighting initiatives, attacks took the initiative. That is the impact of joint actions of PMCs and videoconferencing Russian contingent were positive and a key factor in rebranding Assad army, that during the war years, as the above mentioned, practically almost completely lost its fighting capacity. Also do not forget, it is the Arab army - are not inclined to inherently firmness in our approach to the understanding of the Slavic war, in the case of small non-success she just runs. Because to conduct at least some local offensive blitzkriegs relying on ground forces Assad – rave.

The beginning of the transition to offensive operations in very heavy opposition in the north-western parts of the front, were the actions in the mountainous Russian Lotakii, and that mercenaries. Then promotion has evolved into a success and in the central part of the country, in areas of Homs and Hama. Including successful localization, and even the destruction of, Nuisance IG units in Damascus (It managed to prevent their large-scale connection and the invasion of the capital), which in itself has given significant support to the local population Alawites and Christians in the organization of the defense of their cities at the junction of the upcoming aggression by radical and even actions , surrounded (How example station, Al Froklus, Base T-4). Syrians have even army units in the areas of database, not just in the host, thesis was common - la mustazhil isaaf Russia, which can be translated as, – “do not run from the battlefield, wait for Russian, they will come and help”. The Russians from the group Wagner decided not to retreat at all - simply nowhere. And the spirits of this very well learned, so they had to 2017 by reformatting their units and tactics of fighting it with the Russian. One option for the formation of attacks and their counter, The technique of cheating their attacking groups – fake information, dovedёnnaya for elders, against whom they are now coming forward to attack. The team says the Islamists, that positions are “siliputy”, and it immediately raised the morale of the shock Islamists. Next he was sent on a suicide dzhihadke, and one was enough to undermine, to enter into a panic “stable” the ranks of the defenders of the homeland, and they began to frantically skedaddle, farther, what they see. Thus still suffering enormous losses, because it can not properly derogate. Once the black ran into Russian, the best, they could take (they, who was in the second tier), Alga is back at breakneck speed.

Taking Palmyra do significant work, which we have invested a lot of guys from the PMC Wagner, and fighters, and leadership. the, that it had to take some time, wine is just the Russian Defense Ministry and the command of OVKRS, and that this fact was a point of conflict structures. Problems in the military grouping, when it is in principle a good idea, and providing support to deployment, more than enough, whereas PMC Wagner, conversely, while providing a very poor in all senses (the main thing in firing) fighting much more efficient. Losses, of course, great for such structural military companies, in the forms already adopted in the west. The United States in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is still no such experience in the use of PMCs in the military-tactical replacing regular infantry and the loss of the composition operators contracted services all together, even come close to such figures, What Utkin. But this is understandable. Prior to this, a similar experience offensive assault (not special) operations forces mercenaries had only yuarovsky Autko in Southeast Asia and in Africa in the face of Colonel and Commander Tavernier Dragic, Serb by nationality, at the end of the last century. They also then had to wage an offensive force dozens of times smaller, than the defending side, which in itself is nonsense like assault actions, for he, who goes to the assault bears losses, where as large as, who are active defense. To attack had the effect of breaking the first line of defense and the subsequent disruption of foreign and seizure, minimum ratio conditions of modern warfare 1 to 3, where the first is the defense, second digit attack.

Now about tipping 17-year - it started with a specific offensive operations, the purpose of which was the liberation of the eastern provinces of Damascus, capture arteries of communication and oil fields. IG forces here were presented fairly tight, in the ratio of forces and means. In addition, the topography is original. Retention boundaries mainly reduced to engage dominant heights and dominance using active use of support points. Such tactics spirits at this point and managed to take control of a considerable amount of key land, which also housed large factories and refineries. Under the threat turned out to be the entire eastern sector of the country near Damascus, eastern road through Es Said and accordingly airbase army of Bashar al-Assad “T4”, which was of great strategic importance. radicals, seizing control of the oil fields, We began shelling of the base from the occupied heights, and if in February PMC Wagner has not started operation vyshibaniya spirits with their support punkotov East Road (palmyrskaya trassa), then there was no release of Deir Zor, and the lake declared victory (though now it is classified quite conditional - after all it is not talking about the final victory of the type of the destruction of Nazi Germany).

We see, that is the real result of the work it PMCs. In addition, at the end, Putin, on the eve of elections 2018 year, I curled about the defeat of the IG, on the execution of the military mission in Syria, the victory actually, and the withdrawal of the main body of troops, providing further actions BA Army. All this is happening against a background of internal political sabotage of the liberal elites and the economy is essentially zero. In full ... latest operator, financially trapped for almost all Russians, which has led the country Medvedev government, things like raising the Russian population, exhausted destructive information theft in all branches of government and the general sucks, mood, and basically do “elections” not even on the rainbow against the background of future catastrophe long before all the votes. With political strategist, in principle, everything is clear, rub the glasses we were able to always - perhaps this is the only, that dragged from the Soviet era ( that this, worthless). It turns out the army cooks earned major plus for the country's leader and decide further actions there, in Syria, these are precisely the forces and means - hope for the local Sun is not. And to solve the problem have serious - not obo..atsya..

Что ждет ЧВК в России - законность или смертельная серость?

It is because we see another attempt in principle of wise men, push through a law on PMC - in January, after holidays, the project aims at the State Duma of the law. But whether it will be adopted? We all know Ostrovsky - for each Wise Man Stumbles ... And most importantly - all that is needed it is now generally?!

Let us think about Russia. In his book, “Unconventional soldiers - Russian opinion” I described the status point, when Russian PMCs could take a weighty position in the market in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, It appears, for a law, a loyal target and support available to these destinations. But Isora does not know the subjunctive mood and we have the official starting point of application groups according to the type of PMCs in the Donbas. AT 2014 by such forms of type “Wagner” there were a few - at least, three. Each effective in its segment of the beginning “Saint” (pererosshuyu in mutnuyu) war. Wagner, or rather "grushnaya" branch, He caused a stir at the airport in Lugansk, “fsbeshnaya” and "vedeveshnaya" in the snow and in the attack on Mariupol. If the order of the center would not have stopped the offensive group from the MSB (The Union of Russian Paratroopers), Chinaman battalion would take to Kherson and Zaporizhia. It turns out, PMC type that command in the DNI to operate more efficiently and were already much more quantitative Wagner. But these are the ones dispersed. Why? complex matter, but in short - they did not obey Prigogine. A moment of loyalty and belonging to “cooperative” built in the main for the 24 year system, in the words of S. Glazyev, blatnogo capitalism. Private chef - this is the verdict of success in modern Russia.

so, Prigogine was given carte blanche to the formation of a mercenary army, for spetszadach followed preferences. Well, and its resources have been - a government contract to provide military. In other words, income from treasury for grub for soldiers and cleaning of military units, Mr. first, as it is called in the corporate parties Wagner, He began to spend on their own army with the permission of the President of the Russian Federation. In this case, all the sneezing, for some there laws and opinions of all fools, etc.. And it worked.

Followed efficient operations in LC (part of them is stripping people's commanders new republic, who were not loyal to the carpenter). It would seem, you can also already take the law and remove the notorious 359-th article? But no, do not. Instead there is a rat race, which lasted all this time.
Now, let's weigh the risks, and advantages for the government about which experts say. The risks include, if we take the law, of course, moments of forming such structures any desired, for discrimination, for some there is not political grounds in the law propishesh (power something like liberals). In addition, the stalemate with the financial part of the restrictions - they are just there for those, who are most at-risk for the "dacha cooperative". The mere existence of the liberal foundations of the political elite, financial circles (polukriminal) Russia suggests action against it. In other words, acting within the framework of the global problems of the world elite traitors of all kinds, standing today at the power of the country, It is able to resort to the feudal regime to protect its assets against fellow clan, who did not dare to take the country, because it is unprofitable to them.

Personally, I think, that this deceit - Putin has all the mechanisms to do everything so, that similar structures will be limited to narrow the vectors of its activities outside the country, It is all the time under the patronage of allowing institutions, Well, in the end, MO (though it is nonsense) or a special committee of the Security Council ( for example). In this case, the fact of loyalty to the government is clear. Discussions, that this people will need to include the staff of Defense nonsense. Lots of people work today in the Ministry of Defense, having civil status, not a military - and nothing, fine. How else. What's the difference, that in the hands of the employee or automatic pickaxe, from the point of view of legal technicalities - Add text and situation of all. Better yet, simply amended the defense department contracts mode - the ability to enter into relations with the entity in the military row. And to make the existing contract system in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation extended is not difficult. Just that no one should, and no orders.

Now the pros. A huge advantages. All tasks, are performed hands of mercenaries, which does not exist in nature, in fact, for power rolling in like manna from heaven in the form of ongoing positive developments or just Magic. For anything not directly allocated from the budget, and no one is responsible for anything - the power gets off medals and orders of the dead. current awards, in my opinion, blatant falsehood.
so, Further. You can give out merit gray mercenaries of Merit anyone, how profitable at the moment of power. For example, for the valiant Syrian troops, in a complex fighting victoriously in alliance with Russia and videoconferencing rallied one impulse of love for the Fatherland and BA. For genius Shoigu, despite not only the problem of training of OVKRS hp, and his personal simple children's schools in Syria, for which he was removed from office and put on trial in the SA period of the war in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. No need to worry about its citizens - even if they are in captivity or in the environment, it is very difficult to do with the Ministry of Defense military. The first is the law, because I disown and forget. And suddenly when changing political situation can be easily reformatted episode, they say it's some kind of freaks, even know we do not know because we have proclaimed liberal values ​​and the people we roam wherever they want, and we will certainly pursue them according to the law. And so we just pohrenu.

In other words, it is a simple element of thieves capitalist system of our country under the regime of “double-barreled”, when trying to place in the same bank a few animals, unable to coexist with each other on a whim. On the one hand the national allegedly Putin patriotism (working on the truth clan “union members”), aimed at foreign policy, on the other - Mug clans “sustainable development”, shuvalovschina and nabibulinschina (frank enemies and traitors of the motherland) inside the country. In short Ostrovsky. The current President and the actual future, all this is our bastard liberaststkaya Glumov of classic plays, and she's sure, he just really is.

The main cause of all the ills of our country today called slyly - practices of sustainable development. This is actually a de-industrialization, depopulyatsiya, de-modernization, dehumanization, etc. – support for the US economy at the expense of resources of our country and due to the folding zones outside interests. Because I believe, that further air shocking case has not yet go, the law will not be - it is not needed in the country, where in the year of the budget and the economy appears off 8 billion rubles; where the government invests in foreign securities are not given absolutely nothing, at the same time refusing to treat their own children and feed retired; where all the well-being painted on canvas “Pope Carlo”; where impoverished people, and men can not find a decent wage, to feed their families. In such situation “meat” to work will always be, and the laws are not needed at all. Then the meat is not just a cheap, and definitely cheap. Americans have their ordinary pay of chevekashnikam 10 thousands of dollars per month, it is as much more contracts in Pentagon. Insurance 200 thousand dollars, plus the status of immunity. Wagner salary allowance for “Indians” in this comparison, but people have to work until. Its level has fallen in recent years, but still not completely dried up stream. Nothing to do adult men - once to die in a foreign land with the idea of ​​a, that for a cause.

so, the law will not be, at least, now, for, if necessary, he was, b took a year or two so early – there was a time and it is better for the points above “and”. In light of the, that after the election of the external control force will attempt to create chaos - coup, taken now absolutely crude Law, painted by laymen quite absurd and dangerous.

Now there was a paradox interests. the current government, Kostyak “cooperative” which is against handing in areas of interest, This law is not necessary in fact - everything is working, and especially no one soars. On the contrary, adopting certain theses of the law, It will be the risk of creating mass defectors in foreign PMCs, since domestic patriots pay little, and have money to burn capitalists, - and only where the vector will be directed there, Fool knows. For those, who will rock the boat Russia, I come a time, that the legality of a certain not too important, For the post-revolutionary structure of the country if they win few people care about. It is in Ukraine had to play in the creation of, for the project was formed for the collapse of Russia, and here the consequences are not important. Quite the contrary - the more chaos and lawlessness, all the better. It turns out, Putin was late with the law, liberally – Zionist internationalism globalists he just, as dead a poultice - Western PMCs if need be, will act on other forms on our territory. There has long been established such laws, and have the structure, working in all areas of professional enough. With a set of “Indians” also fine.

The problem is, it's not that we have made up for the formation of such PMCs, as we would like patriotic oligarchy. Cheap soldiers will soon be over - now very difficult talking forming units. And then what? In Syria since the beginning of spring everything will go very differently. And the real winning point again put our sworn friends, under the applause of internal traitors.

ca.: In May last year off the coast of China's artificial islands there was an incident in violation of the airspace of the US military aircraft, which made the so-called “gorge neba” for PMCs DNKorp US and China was forced to respond to the activation of the nuclear threat. A similar situation, only with the application of nuclear attack tactical missiles, It occurred in Yemen - there is already involved PMCs from Israel. So that the world really takes a completely different plane of confrontation - the war of the feudal armies. Do not respond, not to upgrade a flexible framework the application of effective mobile structures, able to fit into a segment of the symmetric and asymmetric responses - a crime against our independence”.

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