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The fundamental rules of survival one day prove useful to you in the most difficult moment.

The fundamental rules of survival one day prove useful to you in the most difficult moment.

1. BE DISCREET. What do you (richer, higher positions, more beautiful, popular), the more attention you will have to pay their safety, if you want to live without unnecessary adventures.

People tend to feel hostility toward the, who are very different from most of the better or for the worse. Of course, Many admired the first and the last spare, but it will be quite a lot of trouble from those, to whom such feelings are unusual.

It is especially dangerous to stand out for the better, because envy is conducive to greater hostility, than contempt, and besides, there is prosperous take. Seneca (letter CV Lutsiliyu): "Who prezirayut, Togo, of course, Topcu, but in passing.

Despises no one will harm diligently and with perseverance. Even in the battle lying bypassed, fight with the, who are on their feet. "

2. DO NOT BE credulity. Best friends can one day become betrayers. Many fraudulent practices are based on the, people do not want to offend others with their concerns. Avoid the easy benefits and overly friendly people: where the trail gently, it hurts to fall.

Their vigilance can justify the habit observe some order, curiosity, caring about your neighbor. Mistrust - not to suspect, worry, insomniac, hide all your belongings and rush away from each, who will come to you on the street.

It's just a means to establish for itself certain rules and execute them out of habit, not paying them much attention.

3. Treated with PODOZPITELNOSTYU for the bizarre, Undetermined, AS WELL AS TO TOO PPIVLEKATELNOMU. Better depzhat away from people stpan, stpan things, stpannыh circum- ments, and promising to expect a dirty trick.

Be in this respect, lazy and incurious. Let d.pugiye, less valuable human ppedstaviteli rocks littered his tpupami dopogi to new horizons.

4. Not be ashamed of his fears. who's afraid of, he will be saved,. If you are afraid to walk on the ledge, swim in the deep place, skiing a steep hill, so, with the instinct of self-preservation you all right.

Listen to him, proud of it. Living in a dangerous neighborhood, constant vigilance and episodic experience of fear - this is normal. Man adapted to the evolutionary, and for him unfavorably only significant deviation from these conditions in one way or another.

5. NOT ANYBODY proves his skill and bravery. it happens, young people want to show off in front of girls, or in front of friends. In the company of friends, each generally becomes reckless. People give birth to one another hackneyed remarks, like "nothing ventured, nothing gained ", then make a "feat" and the rest of their lives cursing their stupidity.

6. LEARN composure, that is, the ability not to succumb to feelings in the presence of significant threats, or significant temptation, or when you are insulted.

7. Use not vain repetitions. You can be talkative, but get risky topics. Do not tell anyone what, that can be used against you. Be especially careful of value judgments. among other things,, it is useful for a career.

8. Do not count, Others will play by the rules. cross the road, keep in mind, that the driver of the approaching car may be drunk, or mentally abnormal, or too preoccupied.

9. Do not relax in the relationship with the state. It wants to be a good, but can not always afford it, and permitting, it does not always work that, that I want. Doubt official information. Do not expect from officials the exact performance of their duties.

among other things,, we must resist attempts of the state to sacrifice you. state, usually, too easy to go to the sacrifice of its citizens, combining this with a flashy sverhzabotoy some of them (often completely worthless). The individual also must agree to sacrifice only in extreme cases.

10. be indulgent. Everyone has the right to make mistakes and weaknesses. Do not bother with the comments by the, who spat on the floor in a public place: each person may be in the mood, when you want to destroy everything.

If you do not fall under the hot hand, this desire may remain unfulfilled. Do not be overly aggressive. Do not make enemies for nothing - even if they seem harmless enemies. forgive those, who wronged you unintentionally, who realized they were wrong about you and strives to mend. Miritesy topics, with whom you're even.

11. BOPITES with the bad guys. Never forgive those, who has no regrets about causing you significant harm and able to continue in the same spirit. Forgiveness in this case - a consequence of laziness and cowardice. If you do not stop the evil, it will multiply. Everyone should know, you are able to protect themselves. Also, try not to leave unpunished injustice, caused others: now neglected by them, tomorrow - you. This does not mean, what to look for trouble, but any measures must be taken.

12. Be curious, Attentive to the little things, observant, quick-witted, retentive. Incomprehensible - so dangerous. Known risk preferable unknown. Recognize the first sign of impending trouble. If you have lost the key to the apartment, but quickly found it in the grass in front of house, do not rest: samoopganizatsii in your system that is not right, The situation could be repeated with a less favorable outcome.

13. Be careful. Making a decision, Try to take into account many circumstances, not just those, that catch the eye. If too vigilant stare at any one hazard, you can miss other. Buddhist aphorism: wise look in all directions. Predict long-term consequences of their own and others' actions. Act taking into account the possible measurable- neniya their opinions and decisions in the future. Do not spit in kolodets, do not cross the Rubicon, do not belong to the people disparagingly, from which you do not need anything. At all, do not be in something absolutely certain and possibly leave yourself room to maneuver.

14. Respect the existing order of things. Not all the, that ppedstavlyaet pe.pvyy to look foolish, really it is such. Stpemitsya to usovepshenstvovaniyam, of course, must, but this should DURING ppoyavlyat ostopozhnost. It happens, People can not explain, why acts The rule or that, but it does not mean, that there is no benefit from it.

15. Do not rely on your skills SURVIVAL. They serve you a disservice, If a breed over-confidence. The most common ones are drowning, who can swim.

16. BE individualists, albeit secret. Maintain the ability to disperse in the opinion of most. As one ancient philosopher said, (Bias of Priene), most - evil. Of course, usually need to masquerade as such, as everybody, but internally you should be free from the crowd errors. This kind of duplicity - the lot of every intelligent forehead- century, who does not want to have more trouble. For whom is intolerable always to hide his thoughts, he is too weak and therefore not fit to live.

17. Take care of his reputation. It - an important resource. Pap- Buyten is advantageous to attach his decency: find a job, which well pay for it. Do not lie on the little things. Sinning against the truth, said well remembered. Significant parts can even record.

18. Do not have a perfect STPEMITES PEPUTATSIYU. Who reaches the widely accepted moral ideal, he is unlikely to live long. This ideal exists, to him moderately stretched, not in order, that he strictly followed.

19. USE THE STRANGE EXPERIENCE. After learning about another's misfortune, Think not that, how well, that they have passed, and that, what need to do, that you are not the same thing happened. We must learn from the mistakes of others, rather than on their own.

20. Learn basic of moves, WELL-paid profession, preferably two or three. Preferably, such a profession, which do not depend on the conventions of civilization and, therefore, will be useful even far away from it, or in the case of, if the little that remains of it. Doctor, unarmed combat specialist, sapozhnyk, carpenter can make good money in good times, and in the case of a general collapse of the die of hunger later, what programmer, lawyer and agent.

21. Always be ready. Sit in any place so, that might not apply to you discreetly behind closer; that nothing fell on your head, and so on. d. In any room to borrow at such a place possible, to be seen outside, as well as to be easy to leave it if necessary. Always carry an emergency kit - things, will need, if you get a wound, ill, will tear clothing, fall under the rain, You will spend the night away from home, etc.. d. Carry a knife - large, folding, acute. It is valuable primarily as a tool of universal application - from opener to elemental surgery. Always keep with you the lighter or matches. Fire - is a means of lighting, heating, wound treatment, otpugi- Bani predators, etc.. d.

22. Treats his clothing as to simple armor. It will show its protective properties when crawling, prodiranii through the bushes, fight, fire, etc.. d. Pick up clothes, inconspicuous color and style, Imbued, with long sleeves and trousers, without ukrashatelnyh elements, that it is possible for something to cling to.

23. To Stockpile necessities of life. If things go well, use appears and you have resources for, to better prepare for potential trouble. Keep stocks dispersed, in protected areas. Do not brag so, that you have them.

24. ZAKALYAYTESY, AVOID COMFORT. Moderate trouble need to maintain the ability to resist. Happy be harmful. It is better to experience small oscillations about the state of relative prosperity. Every day, work out in the abuse of a: to overcome laziness, fear of pain, the rejection of the pleasures. Look for pleasure in the power of his weaknesses. Who does not eat sweets, he will not writhe in dentist's chair. Who each day runs, one live without a heart attack.

25. clash, but moderate: without chpezmepnogo STRESS, with oppavdannym piskom and more, than necessary. Life - the struggle. For whom it is unacceptable, mipa is not of this world, and there can be in it only for other people's backs ppyachas. So as not to catch cold, upon freezing pehulyapno. In order not to get lost in the quarrel and fight, pegulyapno need to have a collision with others.

26. Take care of a sufficient number of positive emotions. Be careful - not to worry beforehand possible troubles. Search the entire first and foremost the poor - not to be upset about the lack of good.

27. NOT to disturb SURROUNDING. Do not do to others, that does not want to wait for them. Consider, others can be less coarse creatures, than you, and that, that is tolerant to you, to them may be excessive. Drew sacrifice- gimi for their own benefit can be, but only in extreme cases - when it is necessary for survival.

28. Help people - but only to those, from whom there is or may be of some use to you or society. Anyway, to all who need it have the resources will not be enough, and the need to spend these resources effectively. In helping the needy do not have to overdo it: all people should suffer moderately, settlement- Kolka is only supported in their ability to survive.

29. Stay away from individuals USCHEPBNYH: patients, kalek, fools, eccentrics, misfits. Compassion - the quality is very necessary for mental health and well-being of society, but you just have to help full the people - the, who does not pollute the gene pool of a human. The more help the weak, the more in need of help. Nietzsche: "Falling - Push."

30. Make Friends. There must be a lot of people, that something you are required because, perhaps, help in difficult circumstances or at least refrain from causing you harm. You can provide a valuable service to people, without introducing himself to great expense.

31. ALWAYS PASSCHITYVAYTE only on himself. Do not wait, the doctor will cure you, and policeman protect. That in a difficult moment each fills its sturdy shoulder.

32. Be firm and stubborn, When it comes SURVIVAL. ignore conventions. Do not care about excuses. When the time comes to look for excuses, it is enough to moderate uptake, to provide them with an excess of Me.

33. Be flexible. If you can not change the world, themselves change. Be stubborn should only, when it can lead to success. Adaptability - survivability main component in every organism, but for the people also a sign of intelligence. M. Montyeni ("Experiments", Prince. I, see. XII): "If anyone enjoys the fame of the person determined and persistent, it does not mean, that he can not evade, as far as it's possible, by threatening him disasters and troubles, and consequently, and fear, no matter how they found him.

in front of, by all means - provided, that they are not dishonest, - able to protect us from disasters and troubles, not only Allowed, but laudable. With resistance to, we need it, to patiently endure adversity, which can not afford to fight. After all, there is no trick or admission to use weapons during the battle, we would consider bad, as long as they helped to parry the blow aimed at us. "

34. Develop their protective instincts and intuition: listen to your fears, simpatiyam and antipatiyam. Pull in your field of consciousness vague premonitions, deal with them, take action - never to shout angrily: "I knew it!». Often people out of politeness, sense of duty, from a desire to be "like everyone else" or unwillingness to be overly hypochondriac do what, what they "do not belong to the soul", and then a lot of this sorry.

35. BELIEVE IN YOUR LUCK. This is the only, what it is worth believing. Who lose hope for a better future, he loses the ability to live.

36. By the time Cook, When you need to exert every effort. Perhaps a time will happen in your life more than once. We must meet him with enthusiasm. This is an opportunity to prove the correctness of all your previous life. Do not be afraid of death.

This one-time and are not always painful intercourse. Remember it is unlikely to have. Be prepared to take risks, and even self-sacrifice. Not so rarely happens, that has the better chance to survive, who are not afraid to die.Основополагающие правила выживания однажды пригодятся вам в самую трудную минуту. 1. БУДЬТЕ НЕЗАМЕТНЫМ. Чем вы

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