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Russian “soldiers of fortune” at home and abroad

In Russia, are trying to legalize the private military companies (PMC), that, by the way, There has long been, develop and successfully working abroad, regardless of the Russian legislation and its position on this matter, says Sergei evil in “tape”. However, events in the Donbas and in Syria, where the interests of the homeland and the PMC suddenly crossed, obviously, forced stakeholders to reconsider their attitude to the subject of mercenary. Otherwise, how can something wrong turns: Russian soldiers of fortune receive state awards for, that shed blood away from home, but in their homeland find criminals. They may even go to jail for what exactly, for which he was awarded the. The live today Russian mercenaries, the reason for the sudden interest of the state to non-state forces, and that will change their legalization.


About, that would be nice to have the law, which will protect employees of private military companies, In January of this year, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Shortly thereafter, the head of the Duma Committee on Defense, former Commander of the Airborne Forces Vladimir Shamanov said, that the committee is ready to join the work on the document, which legalizes the practice of using PMCs in the interests of the country. “We have this issue, it seems to me, It was slightly undervalued…”, - General noted.

but the document, as it turned out, has already. As the deputy Mikhail Yemelyanov, it prescribes such directions of PMCs, as participation in counter-terrorist operations, protection of other countries integrity and sovereignty. “Experience shows operations in Syria, what we need are military companies”, - stated MP.

PMC de facto exist in Russia for a long time. They work on the orders of private companies, doing business in troubled regions, and still cooperate with foreign state agencies as instructors, personal security or military advisers. The most glaring example - the protection of merchant vessels from Somali pirates in Gulf of Aden.

“there PMCs, which everyone knows, but in fact - it's just a well-armed and trained CHOP, - I told the employee of one of the military campaigns Vadim D. (name changed). - There are lesser known, that nowhere “not light” and they do not write”.

company, even composed exclusively of Russian military specialists, are registered abroad and are licensed under the, extradited. How else can they rely on contracts with reputable companies?

The most famous private military company with Russian roots can be called Moran Security Group (MSG). This is already a consortium of companies. Based on the information on the official website of the MSG - its hallmark is precisely the protection of ships, for which the company even has its own small fleet.

The range of services is very wide: konvoirovanie gruzov (including hidden), demining, reconnaissance and surveillance, object protection, Customs and Border Control, help in the release of hostages, captured ships, and more. And service training for military action.

The source notes, that apart from the sea convoy, skate MSG is a bodyguard of the first persons, and that the client company had even Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. No wonder one of the founders of MSG called Boris Chikin - ace in this area. Chikin was an instructor of mountain-infantry training special units of fighters during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. In the 90's he has been trained on the bodyguard in the Israeli Security Academy, then continued his education in China. Then he began to teach Russian bodigardov.

And it is in the MSG, according to “”, started fighting way after the resignation of the Russian Armed Forces lieutenant colonel Dmitry Utkin, whose callsign gave the name of the best known today on the events in Syria PMC Wagner.

The yield of advanced

On the work of Russian mercenaries abroad know little. Very likely, that people with Russian passports were noted in all relatively large armed conflict in the past 25 years. But for the most part they were single, who fought in foreign PMCs. For the first time a large group of Russian mercenaries from the Russian company also entered the battlefield in Syria 2013 year.

“It was founded in St. Petersburg (although registered in Hong Kong) Slavonic corps limited company, better known as “Slavic housing”, - told Directorate experts 4, devoted to the study of military conflicts. - It included about 300 people - Cossacks and former military. Their task was to guard the oil fields in the province of Deir ez-Zor, however, they were fighting against the militants of the Islamic state in the province of Homs”.

The ratio of these soldiers was almost like a penalty box. “All their requests for supply of weapons and ammunition, or carried out in scanty amount, or even ignored”, - noted the Directorate 4.

campaign “Slavic housing” ingloriously ended in the same year, when returning to the Russian soldiers and commanders fighting battered PMCs were prosecuted.

Two years later, Russian mercenaries have returned to Syria. “In October 2015 on the territory of the republic came the first of the so-called "Group of Wagner", which had to be noted in 2014 in Crimea and to take part in the fighting in eastern Ukraine on the side of the self-proclaimed people's republics”, - said Vadim E.

Wagner fighters, like their predecessors of “Slavic housing”, first used to protect oil fields, but then became involved in the fighting as a reconnaissance and assault units.

“The most severe for "vagnerovtsev" were fighting in Akerbat area and support the Syrian army offensive on the city of Deir ez-Zor, - explained in Directorate 4. - During the counter-offensive of the Islamic State militants in late September 2017 year at one of the sites of Palmyra highway - Deir Ezzor Turcanu fighters were captured and Zabolotniy, who are still in captivity”.

Part PMC Wagner operates under the guise of ISIS Hunters (“Hunters LIH”). “According to the legend, this squad prepare Russian instructors, and become a member, you can only, if your relatives have suffered from the hands of terrorists. But fighting in the same Akerbate shown, it is a cover for Russian citizens, and the Syrians in camouflage used only for photo reports, - say in the Directorate 4. - So, Syrian resources reported, that this unit is sent to sweep the area from militants IG, but in the course of fighting the jihadists have published photos of dead individuals of Slavic appearance with military tokens, accepted at “vagnerovtsev”.

As another example, the cleaning of the village called Hisham on the left bank of the Euphrates near the city of Deir ez-Zor. Then the "Hunters" stated in their social networks, that they are fighting with the armed forces of the Islamic State, and then the terrorists have published photos in the network killed “Russian soldiers” (just “vagnerovtsev”).

“One of them, c characteristic “Wagner group” medal M-2560, It was identified as Dedyaev (Didyaev) Alexey (callsign "Dedyay"). Prior to that, he was involved in the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine, - added specialists Directorate 4. - All of this applies to the most efficient, It is believed, in the Syrian army, "the Fifth Division", with the only difference, there is fighting more locals, than "hunters".

“I know these guys ( of “Wagner group”). They really had a lot of losses in Syria, - said Vadim E. - With much smaller losses, and they are effectively working in the DNI. Ukrainian army is not really able to resist them. In Syria vagnerovtsev losses amounted to approximately 30 percent, but they were doing the hard work. First they went, then our Special Forces, and only after the Syrian army”.

According to “”, vagnerovtsev commander Dmitry Utkin and distinguished men of his PMC awarded to Russian orders and medals. The publication even published screenshots of the documents.

The participation of Russians in the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine - it's a different story. We note only, that in fact the legalization of Russian PMC Ukrainian media and experts have played a prominent role. For several years, they are actually engaged in advertising of such groups, demonizing and raising to an incredible level of their ability, equipment and number.

So, at 2015 year on one of the Ukrainian resources appeared beautiful infographics with data on Russian PMCs, which is then dispersed by social networks and the added authority organizations, who got into it: “RSB Group”, “Antiterror”, “MAR”, Moran Security Group, “R Center”, Slavonic Corps Limited, PMC Wagner “E.N.O.T.CORP”.

The source noted, that the compilation of the relevant not call. “In it, among other hit military-patriotic organizations, which do not belong to the real PMCs”, - he said.

Brave and right

“With the adoption of the law of our private military companies will begin work officially. PMC can become a reliable tool in the protection of state interests of Russia abroad, - I said E.N.O.T.CORP representative named Michael. - This corresponds to the challenges of international politics. It is also important to remember, that the market is already, He is not going anywhere, and many will go to any tricks, to do things, what they do”.

According to him, PMC employees today are experiencing a lot of difficulties in returning home. “Now it so happens, that you're going to make money, perform tasks effectively in the interests of the Russian Federation, Go back and give everything earned for, to remain on the loose”, - says Mikhail.

Besides, set foot on the path of a mercenary man, even avoid prosecution, hard to get a job. “Several years in humans gap in the records of the workbook, the employer is not clear, than the one doing, and employment prospects is almost officially remains”, - said the representative of E.N.O.T.CORP.

The flow of those wishing to become soldiers of fortune, according to Michael, increased against the background of the protracted conflict in the Donbass. People went there on his heart, Some of them have shown a talent for one or the other direction of military affairs, accustomed to the device and the routine of life under martial law, became friends with his colleagues. For normal civilian life these people do not want to go back.

“Collective image of the Russian soldier no PMCs. These are people of different ages, level of education, origin: as village, and urban residents. As ex-military, and did not serve in the army”, - says Vadim D. but, According to him, among operators (so called in the PMC employees) almost no Caucasians, contrary to the belief of many inhabitants, consider, that there pretty often Dagestani Chechens.

in front of, Many Russian PMCs should be called "Russian", since they are guided and they are made to be moderate, and radical nationalists, even the Russian neo-Nazis. The latter include some of Utkin and-Wagner, Noting, this call (Richard Wagner was the favorite composer of Adolf Hitler) Colonel chosen by chance, and in the Donbass, he loved to pace the positions in German helmet.

In general, the attractiveness of a dangerous service without warranty of any kind, rights and social packages due to solid earnings. “Salary are all very different, - tells the operator the other PMCs Stanislav E. (name changed). - For example, also in 2015 was paid by 80 000 to the NPT to 360 000 in Africa, eg, in Somalia, Morocco. In Syria, already 460 000. but, wages began to fall”.

Equipment operators often buy for their money, being experienced are advised not to save. “Usually, people come after the first contract, to repay debts for previously purchased equipment, and a large sum to buy a more suitable equipment for specific conditions”, - says Mikhail from E.N.O.T.CORP.

vadim D. also noted, Some PMCs recently committed to, that earn the preparation of mercenaries, instead of, to give them a job. for example “RSB-groups” suspected of, she almost profiting from the, who wants to become a soldier of fortune. “here, “Wagner” teaches free, prepares and sends - it's all included in the contract, and SSR, which it has equipped a number of places in the suburbs, He takes with candidates 5000 to 15000 rubles per day and not the fact, that will work. Will instead certificate, that nobody wants in fact”, - said operator.

Firstly, according to Michael, to combat all kinds of shoot re-enactors, airsoft enthusiasts and lessons on practical shooting. Trust and security are fighters, shelled in Chechnya or in the Donbass.

The bodies of the dead do not return home mercenaries, their families paid compensation, but not always: the court still no go. In the case of wounds, everything will depend on luck. Each unit has its own field medics, chests, fighters work out the skills of each other first aid. “Two are allowed to fail, to help the wounded, but no helicopter will not send him, if it is a contact zone with the enemy, and the home is not being evacuated, - said Stanislav E. - Assistance will be provided in the hospital UAR armed forces, if the case in Syria, or the Civil Hospital”.

The same staff of PMCs, who fall into captivity, perhaps, worst. Exchange or disembarrass nobody will: new hire. And these are waiting for torture and execution. According to Michael, in small PMC, where all employees and officers are friendly and are for one another mountain, a little different. There is still attempting to free their comrades.

there is hope, that the problem of the return of the prisoners and the bodies of dead soldiers will be solved in the case of legislative legalization of private military companies in Russia.

Death on outsourcing

In the west of the first PMC began to appear from the end of 1960. The pioneers were the British. Army Colonel David Stirling Her Majesty created the legendary Special Forces SAS, followed by a private company - Watchguard International.

Following the British began to develop the US military companies, by the rich industrial, weapons-enterprises. From the very beginning of its existence received government contracts to help US partners. For example, Saudi Arabia.

Closely related to the state PMC is today in virtually all Western countries, even in China. Russian security services also always looked after domestic PMCs, but to protect the interests of the homeland began to attract them, apparently, recently. In Syria.

“Private military companies actually help the politicians to save face, and power, - says writer Zakhar Artemyev, He served in the US Armed Forces. - Instead of calling conscripts or reservists, whose death immediately hit the reputation of the, who sent them to war, to attract professionals fighting mercenaries. At the same time solve the employment problem is still young, but already retired military. Due to the death of operators PMCs are no mass protests will not. No committees of soldiers' mothers not to arouse. Die adults, who have chosen this job - to fight for the money. the main thing, enough money to”.

The war in Syria has shown promise of this approach, but there was one problem. In contrast to the US, where PMCs have long existed legally and have the appropriate approvals and authorities, in Russia any formal problems in the organization of interaction with the army of PMCs. for example, can also Defense interact and share information, which certainly contains state and military secrets, with people, formally considered criminals and illegal armed groups?

So that the law on PMCs have handy. It will also help to legalize the existing training centers in Russia, where mercenaries are not only basic training, but regular refresher courses. “for example, “Wagner Group” He is sitting on the ground in Molkino Krasnodar Territory, - says Vadim D. - This polygon belongs to the Russian Defense Ministry, engineering and sapper units, who from time to time there teachings”.

true, article about mercenaries along with the legalization of private military companies do not plan to cancel. She had to act, simply mercenaries will be considered as single - Ever “wild goose”, who work without a contract with PMC.


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