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How to spend the winter in a frost in the woods without a fire and tents. The construction of the needle from the fresh snow.

throws snow

Build a needle - housing eskimossov! For one or two people this event will take about an hour. And at ambient temperature 30 * -25 ..- C, inside you will be zero temperature. Checked!

so, you first need to nagresti snow. If enough snow, then roll up snow balls and remove all its compacted lishnee.Potom.

Next, cut up into sticks (sprigs), length about 30 cm and paste them into the snow from all sides. When the inside while digging you run into the tip of a wand, I immediately understand, that you can not continue to expand the space, otherwise the needle collapse.

Needless digging starts with a narrow manhole. Beyond that, it expands vertically and then - Horizontal. If we start digging immediately in hand, the needle fall. It is sufficient space, If you are free to kneel.

On completion of the floor in the snow shelter lined with spruce branches (but rather dry grass or reeds), and the entrance is closed at night snowball. But be careful. During the night he primorznet and it will be hard to beat, even his feet, although it is easy to cut with a knife. Also, the entrance can be closed backpack.

Now on air. Some are afraid to suffocate in a building. vainly. Unlike ice, snow porous, and warm air, rising up, easily comes out. Inside the "Snejanka" creates a low pressure area, which sucks in fresh air through walls.

Ventilation have to do, if within the supposed use of fire, and at near-zero temperatures outside. In this case, it made a hole in the ceiling, and input dug beneath the floor level.

But in general, spending the night in an igloo, even at very low temperatures, does not require fire for heating. Suffice it to increase the thickness of the walls. If, however, still a little freeze, make 15-20 push-ups and continue to sleep in the warmth.


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  • Sveta Kozlova

    great article! All detailed, Thank you! Now even if you get lost in the woods in winter, just do not freeze!

    29.01.2018 at 22:42 Reply
  • Ivano Kam

    I would not want to be there)

    29.01.2018 at 15:47 Reply
  • Ivano Kam

    That's cool,useful article

    29.01.2018 at 15:47 Reply
  • anonym

    I understand, sufficient to have a sharp knife, to cut into sticks, and the rest of her hands to sculpt, feet trample down? the main thing – warm gloves have.

    29.01.2018 at 15:09 Reply
    • admin

      Knife, this is the minimum that should be always with you. But the rest can be dealt with using the hands and feet ))) gloves will only be a plus

      29.01.2018 at 15:14 Reply