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Kalashnikov machine gun


The history of the Kalashnikov gun
Advantages of creating PKK
Honors from AKM
combat application
Features Kalashnikov modernized machine gun "PKM"
The main options for the Kalashnikov gun
Machine gun Kalashnikov RPK 74
Machine gun Kalashnikov tank
Ammunition for the PKK

7.62-mm machine gun of Kalashnikov RPK - Soviet machine gun, who developed the Kalashnikov Mikhail Kalashnikov as a single machine gun USSR Armed Forces. Kalashnikov machine gun have adopted in the USSR 1961 year. Machine gun Kalashnikov RPK used in many armed conflicts and wars of the second half 20 century, as well as at the beginning 21 century.

Again, for the development of the PKK (caliber 7,62 mm) We took AKM rifle (Kalashnikov AK version 47). When designing this system was able to solve one of the most important tasks - the standardization of small arms. Kalashnikov machine gun got arrangement, performed on the same principle with AKM, interchangeable with standardized nodes and ammunition. As a result, first the Soviet army in the world had a Kalashnikov machine gun and an infantry machine with universal design. This was a huge advantage:

  • in manufacturing
  • in training
  • maintenance
  • in the supply of spare parts

The history of the Kalashnikov gun

The Soviet Army to the beginning of the 1960s did not have the modern samples of uniform machine guns. Standing at that time in the army arsenal machine gun Goryunov had such characteristics, reliability and capacity, but its weight was a big, and it was a weapon with limited mobility, which does not meet the requirements of any VDV, no ground troops. competition was organized for the creation of new weapons, which was attended by many well-known designers. As a result, we took a machine gun armament, who developed a team led by Timothy Kalashnikov. He had a caliber 7,62 mm. The new weapon was both reliable and easy, and its performance on all parameters were significantly superior American counterpart M60.

AT 1961 year RPK entered service. AKM and RPK Machine had wide unification. The manufacturer of the PKK made Vyatskiye Polyansky plant "Molot".


Advantages of creating PKK

Thanks to, AKM rifle that became the basis for the machine gun, been achieved:

  • simplify the production of the PKK, as well as make it easier to study the troops
  • reliability and excellent performance characteristics
  • easy maintenance, repair and dismantling

Driving device PKK and ATM was similar, most of their parts and components are interchangeable. Rifles and machine guns were identical parts, that provide a wide maintainability weapons arsenals and military workshops of military districts. Easy disassembly and identity with AKM provided it easy to study in the army.

Honors from AKM

AKM became the basis for the PKK, so the gun has the following design changes:

  1. to increase to 745 m / s initial speed of the bullet barrel was elongated;
  2. insert receiver has been strengthened;
  3. stem weight increased for heavy duty fire compared with AKM;
  4. to ensure stability when firing a machine gun supplied lightweight folding bipod;
  5. to increase the rate of fire gun magazine capacity increased: to 40 cartridges - sector, to 75 cartridges - Disk;
  6. the stock is shaped butt machine gun Degtyarev, to provide the convenience of shooting;
  7. Sight supplied moving entirely, to be able to take into account the impact on the marksmanship of external conditions.

combat application

PK machine gun, as well as its modification, as AKM rifle, actively used in the past 30 years in almost all military conflicts. Machine gun Kalashnikov modernized proven itself effective, reliable and powerful weapon, quite often it is used and Western troops. A certain number of PCM contained in the Israeli army has a limited standard weapons.

RMB served calculation, consisting of two people. As a result, disassembly and assembly is faster RMB. Attached to the gun unit for printing tapes, spare barrel, 600 cartridges - 2 tape on 100 rounds, and 2 on 200. The total weight of the entire set of RMB is approximately 30 kilogrammam. The calculation can also get a night sight and saw Samozhenkova (the weight 9 kg). During the Arab-Israeli wars Marines Egypt often installed armor sights on PC, that allows you to aim fire over 1800 m.

Features Kalashnikov modernized machine gun "PKM"

  • caliber - 7,62 mm.
  • Rate of fire, 600..800 rounds / min.
  • Effective range - up 1500 m.
  • Muzzle velocity - 825 m / s.
  • The height of the line of fire - 300 mm bipod.
  • The capacity of the tape - 100 and 200 rounds.
  • Cartridge - 7,62 × 54R.
  • Guaranteed operating time using a single spare parts and two barrels, no less 25000 shots.
  • Dimensions - 1160 × 215 × 372 mm.
  • Weight - 7,5 kg.
  • Combat rate - 250 rounds / min.
  • Operating temperature range is ± 50 ° C.

The main options for the Kalashnikov gun

  • PC - Kalashnikov machine gun on bipod.
  • PKS - Kalashnikov machine-gun.
  • PKB - Kalashnikov machine gun bronetransportorny.
  • RMB - Kalashnikov modernized machine gun on bipod.
  • PKMS - Kalashnikov modernized machine-gun.
  • PKMB - Kalashnikov modernized machine gun bronetransportorny.
  • FCT - Kalashnikov tank machine gun.
  • PKTM - Kalashnikov machine gun tank modernized.

Machine gun Kalashnikov RPK 74

Machine gun Kalashnikov RPK 74 (caliber 5.45) - autorun, which is designed to replace the RPK machine gun, having a caliber 7,62 × 39 mm cartridge at 5.45 × 39 mm, characterized maloimpulsnogo. He was accepted into service with automatic AK74 in 1974 year. AT 1993 year, after, as the AK-74M has been created, respecting the principle of unification, RPK-74 modified to RPK-74M. Based on the RPK-74M is designed for the export version of the RPK-201, cartridge using 5,56 × 45 mm.


  • Effective firing range:
    • air targets is 500 m;
    • by a group of ground targets 1000 m;
    • on a single ground targets is 600 m.
  • Blank range:
    • on a running figure is 640 m;
    • on the chest of the figure 460 m.

Despite the large degree of commonality with the AK-74, RPK-74 design has significant differences, that due to the specifics of the application of machine gun as a weapon fire support. changes were: trunk, insert receiver, fixed non-removable bipod, mounted slotted flash suppressor. Consequently, the disassembly and reassembly of the PKK-74 more evolved.

Machine gun Kalashnikov tank

FCT - Kalashnikov tank machine gun, which is used for the assembly of armored vehicles, tanks and other war materiel. It performs automatic weapons to attack firepower and manpower.

As a result of unification of arms in the Soviet Army 1962 SGMT year change as a tank machine gun adopted a PBC. Kalashnikov due to the specific application PCT combat made several changes in the gun structure. In particular, this:

  • increased by 1200 gram weight of the barrel, to be able to conduct intense fire;
  • the length of the barrel increased to FCT 722 mm;
  • for fixing the tank to the appropriate settings have been entered slides;
  • included gas regulator, which eliminates the bleed gas in the fighting compartment;
  • no sights, It has been carried out by aiming the optical sight;
  • example abolished;
  • for remote fire control electric trigger activated, which is mounted on the back plate receiver.


  • Cartridge - 7,62x54R.
  • caliber - 7,62 mm.
  • Rate of fire 600 – 800 rounds / min.
  • Barrel length - 722 mm.
  • gun Length - 1098 mm.
  • Weight of machine gun without ammunition - 10,5 kg.
  • Barrel Weight - 3,23 kg.

Ammunition for the PKK

Firing is carried out PKK cartridges 7,62 × 39 sample 1943 , with the following types of bullets:

  1. ordinary steel core. It is used to engage manpower.
  2. tracer. It is used to correct and target at a distance 800 m, including to engage manpower.
  3. armor-piercing incendiary. It is used for the ignition of flammable fluids, including to engage manpower, which is open for any obstacles, punched with bullets.


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