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Masking on the march. Advice.


Before starting, carefully adjust equipment, clothes and shoes, so that when moving does not produce sounds - not saber, not beating.

In order to identify these shortcomings is to build a senior group and get everyone to jump on the spot. Disadvantages are eliminated immediately.

* The hilly terrain provides good covert movement. Most concealment motion is achieved along the crest.

It should not move on top of the ridge, tk. on the ridge is easy to detect human silhouette on the skyline, both day, and at night.
Crest intersects bellies with natural shelter (bushes, crevices, etc.).

* Never be sure, that the movement area is not visible enemy. Move on the shady side of the local objects.

* road transition.

Way better to move to areas with paved in places, where there are high and dense grass during the transition better to choose the shaded areas.

In open terrain better way to cross on the straights, and in the woods and mountains around bends. This allows you to see , what is happening on both directions, and to reduce the probability of detection. You can not leave any traces on the road and roadsides.

Imperceptibly to cross the road to help culverts under the road, various hydraulic device.

* When traveling on high grass, reeds, crops need to move crouch. Pushing them gently, without jerks, trying to

* Railroad crossed secretly crawling, Located along the rail face down, to leave no trace on the earth or gravel hands and feet are placed on the sleepers.

* When descending into a pit, do not lift off the ground is kept low silhouette.

* The inputs and outputs of water needs to be done in areas cluttered with reeds or twigs in the areas covered by gravel stones dry solid ground.

In crossing can not pluck plants.

To mask you can use floating materials at hand, behind which you can hide (floating log, tree trunk, floating boxes).

These methods are good for a small group 2 – 3 people unnecessarily. a large number of foreign objects in the water can cause suspicion of the enemy.

* In the forest, you need to move around in the depths of the edge, and not on the edge.

Summer coniferous forest conceals less, deciduous than unnecessarily. its smaller diameter crown, than the crown of deciduous trees.

Conversely winter coniferous forest is a very good disguise, and deciduous due to lack of foliage is almost unsuitable for masking.

To 10 hours after 16 Trees and shrubs provide more shade.

When moving do not hold on to the dry fallen trees and stumps unnecessarily. they are rotten and fall at the slightest touch to them.

The best shrubs for masking will be varied in height shrubs of different sizes of leaves and mixed in their mutual arrangement.

* The marshy lake country to move better in the morning and evening, tk. haze by evaporation and impede observation of haziness.

* When traveling on the gravel, small stones and hard ground can be wound onto a cloth shoes.

* By locality better suited to the back side, move through the streets, shadow side being covered by local objects, to the structure of approach on the part numb windows.

*In all cases, when moving, leave as little trace:
– do not break branches,
– Do not slide the stones from the place,
– if injured, to see blood dripping on the ground,
– not sorry,
– destroy and disguise their tracks.