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Intelligence training airborne units

(Textbook for reconnaissance units)


Year of issue: 1995
Genre: The theory of military affairs
publishing house: M.: "Military Publishing House"
Format: DjVu
Quality: Scanned pages
Number of pages: 232 (119 Dev.)
The presence of images: present (drawings, scheme – b / w)
Language: Russian
file size: 3.96 MB

In recent years, published a sufficient number of textbooks to prepare scouts, but most of these publications cover individual training. The aim of the publication of this tutorial is to create benefits for both reconnaissance officers, and for officers paratroops up to and including the battalion commander.

The first chapter briefly reviews the procedure for the organization of intelligence in departments and units of the Airborne Troops, fundamentals, responsibilities and work of the organization intelligence commanders and staffs.
The second chapter covered the personnel reconnaissance, who are in intelligence and airborne divisions; opens the procedure for their application.
The third chapter covers the basics of radio intelligence, represented by means of portable radio reconnaissance and recommendations for their use in combat.
Chapter Four is devoted to the organization and planning of combat training intelligence units. It gives advice on proven experience of organization of combat training and selection of personnel for service in the intelligence units.
In the fifth chapter of the intelligence disclosed preparation requirements for paratroops.
Chapters six and seven are devoted to the procedure of organization and holding company tactical exercises and methods of preparation of officers, warrant officers and sergeants intelligence units.


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