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Water disinfection and other wonders of iodine

In hot climates, or if there is only standing water required water disinfection. Boiling does not give security guarantees – toxins and spores of some bacteria can withstand heat up 100 and higher degrees celsius! In field conditions disinfecting water with iodine is most appropriate – conventional 5% alcohol tincture. Cheap, angrily, reliably, multifunctional. Besides water disinfection
Iodine is used to treat the wound edges (It kills almost all germs), burns, callouses (slightly dubit skin, removing pain), insect bites (reduced itching), edema (applying iodine grid increments 1 See relieves swelling).

Let's go back to the disinfection. One milliliter 5% tincture of iodine contained 50 mg of iodine. Sufficient concentration for disinfection – 10-12 mg iodine per liter of water. By reacting iodine with water forms about 10 active compounds with a complex chemical reactions. Could describe them only after 2000 of the year. I will simplify the task and will not write all, which requires chemical education University level.

Consumption 5% alcohol tincture of iodine – 1ml of 4 liters of water.
The dwell time in the open container – 30 minutes.
Water should be cold.

A reader asks a reasonable question – and how to remove the remnants of iodine, because the concentration is very high? ascorbic acid! It reacts with iodine stain removing, smell and taste. Calculation – 200 mg per liter. It is slightly larger, than is required for neutralization, but excess askorbinki for better health, than the excess iodine.

Ascorbic acid is contained in large amounts in the needles softwood. There needles quantity adequacy is determined by the absence of an iodine odor.

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