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16 rules of survival in the forest


1. Clothing should be of two types: for more parking with insulation, for transitions less with insulation.

At the time of transition from the backpack did not feel the cold. quite the contrary, you warm and even hot. occasionally, even want to take off his hat. Do this in any case be, tk. the main reason people are dying in the winter woods – this supercooling. And taking off his cap, you increase the heat transfer. a compromise – basic clothing such transitions, that in it when moving is not cold and not hot. Additional insulation is backpack, and dresses already in the parking lot.

2. Do not waste your energy once again. Became the parking lot, it is not necessary to cut with an ax thick logs for firewood, better slip them into the fire deeper as combustion. If on the way across the hills, ravine, the mountains, ridges, and other uneven terrain, then you should not climb over them, To get to the other side, if there is a way around the obstacle. doing shelter, Try not to make any unnecessary movements. Make it so, To not have to redo.

3. when you move, finding a wide trail, do not go on the narrow paths, even, if you think, they cut your way.

4. Having lost the road, leave your steps back, and analyze their way. Do not attempt to move only forward, I am trying to get on the trail, which will lead you to the people. Quite possible, that your “forward” It drops you deeper ago.

5. Seeds mushroom diet not last long. For the energy a person needs protein. It he can get from meat. To construct loops and traps from the, that there is. Try to catch any game. When survival is not squeamish even voles.

6. berries. In case of poisoning, chance to survive the winter in the forest are negligible. Body releases massive amounts of energy to fight the poison instead of, to focus on keeping the heat. If dehydration is possible to compensate for the melted snow, the heat will be much harder to get. Conclusion: berries is possible only, who know.

7. shelter: screen (reflector) It saves you from wind and rain, but not from a blizzard. therefore, winter, when the wind is necessary to build shelters on the type of plague. In an extreme case,, We need to put four square screen. Thus it is possible to live in it for several days. Firewood needed to harvest by a wide margin, night to not stay in the cold without heat.
Reflector nodoy also nice, but only in calm weather.

8. To reach the trail, look for animal tracks. Most of them go exclusively on trails.

9. When extreme fatigue or sleepiness attacks in any case do not sit on the snow. Likely to sit the last time in his life. Even, if very tired, then go on the moral standing or build shelter and a fire burn, but do not stand in the cold resting.

10. It is impossible to drink cold water or snow is. angina provided – this time, Body temperature is decreased – are two.

11. At the inn about nodi often necessary to spin, that the body warms evenly. Do not allow, back to morzla, tk. you can chill kidney.

12. Keep with a replacement gloves and socks. At the time of construction of shelters, willy-nilly, you have to dig in the snow. Respectively, gloves get wet. No matter how trying, and the frost, even over the fire, dry gloves will be very problematic. Wet feet in the cold – it is almost guaranteed cold, so, not too lazy to take the safe side an extra pair of socks.

13. Best winter fire – it trohbrovennaya nodya. It has the best heat dissipation, than dvuhbrovennaya, burns longer, than any other types of fires. For logs preform does not necessarily have ax, as many think. It is enough to knock him down to the ground with a dozen pieces of dead wood is not very high. This can be done by hand, your weight, or can be made using a lever with an additional branch, sandwiched between the dry and healthy tree. Logs hack is also not necessarily – they can slip on combustion least. Fallen trees can also be used. Where many heard, that the wet logs from under the snow is not suitable for nodi. burn, how milinkie. Only time is needed for them to warm up longer. Also, wet logs have even a slight advantage – they burn longer.

14. Firing up the path, type as much as possible of birch bark. Kindle a fire in the cold – this is not such a simple exercise, as you might. For, that broke out even the most subtle and dry twigs, they have great warm. Birch bark has several advantages for ignition. it is waterproof, negigroskopichna, thanks to the resin has excellent heat dissipation and long enough to burn. I tried to make a fire with the help of hay, dry pine needles, bulrush, moss, but the time it takes much longer, what ignited the fire with the help of birch bark.

15. You get to the parking lot, when before sunset will be even two hours. This is the time you need in order, to build a shelter and firewood to coach the night. I have had episodes, when I had to wander around at night in the forest in search of firewood. frankly, it is not the most pleasant, What can you do yourself at night in the forest. When spending the night without tents and sleeping bags, for each sleeping two to be sleepless, that monitor breathing resting comrade, and watch each other. At the first sign of freezing, human need to stir, get moving, then warm up by the fire with hot tea. It is not recommended to drink in such cases, tea with hawthorn, tk. it soothes. When you drink a lot of tea – the entire group can easily sleep. It is better for this purpose to use a cranberry viburnum and.

16. Never go to solitary winter trips with an overnight stay. NEVER go to the winter hiking together without snaryagu. Do not go in winter hike with minimal equipment for the first time without an instructor.


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