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“Turan” Syria Protection

Interview with fighter private military campaign (a native of Estonia, He lives in Russia) fighting in Syria on the side of Assad.

Syrian meeting with the Baltic accent: "Estonian" from the group "Turan" – President Assad's soldiers.

On the one hand are fighting the Syrian government forces and their numerous allies from Lebanon, Iran, Palestinian, Russia.
On the other - the terrorists, representing a variety of state of the world: Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Morocco, Tajikistan ... And this list is far from complete.
There is a third party to the conflict - the so-called international coalition led by the United States. Without proper authorization of the United Nations and resolution of official Damascus on Syrian ground troops are a number of states, preferably representing NATO.
The other day, as it became known, that the Middle East will be created and units, in which will include military Baltic countries. This was recently said the commander of the armed forces of Lithuania Lt. Gen. Jonas Vytautas Zhukauskas.
Comment on this initiative, share their views on the conflict in Syria, and, of course, tell us about yourself agreed to dinner one of the foreigners - a Russian-speaking young people of Estonian origin, who called Ivan.

Three months ago he crossed the Syrian-Lebanese border, so up in arms to defend from terrorists Syrian civilians and not only.

– Ivan, a few words about yourself!

- Yes, properly, simple story. My fate similar to the fate of millions of other Soviet citizens. I was born in the Russian-Estonian family in Pärnu. Estonian mother worked in a sanatorium, his father served in the Soviet Army. When the Union collapsed, we moved to Leningrad - St. Petersburg. FROM 1994 years living in St. Petersburg ...

– How did you get in Syria?

- In St. Petersburg, he graduated from high school, then college. In 2006, he joined the army, I served in the company of intelligence. In 2008, the contracted, He participated in the defense of the Ossetians from the Georgian attack. Then he went to work for the citizen: car loans, Apartment in mortgage ... For thirty years. At one point I called a colleague and offered the opportunity to work in shifts. According to him, for three months I was able to close a loan for a car, but due to the following "business trips" to extinguish the mortgage.

– Can you tell us the details: how you came to Syria, who pays you money? You sign a contract?

- all the details, I will not tell you - it's a military secret, really do not know what state (laughs). In a nutshell: I arrived in Moscow, there met with Russian-speaking Arabs, that unashamedly wore camouflage uniforms with the insignia of "Hezbollah". They talked about the amount of the fee of fifteen thousand dollars, told, that side by side with me will fight, and other Russian, as well as immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Iran and Lebanon.
At the end of the conversation one of them offered me a few days to think, I said, that already thought it over and I agree - good comrades, I used to believe.
The next day, our meeting took place already in the presence of a master's oriental appearance, to suit the brand of the famous Italian brand. He held a "briefing", which could be summarized in two words: "do, that you know how and you'll get a lot of money ".
After some time, I was given a printout of the electronic plane ticket, and I flew to Beirut. In Lebanon, we were given uniforms, the minimum amount of money in the account future salary (advance was in Syrian liras and dollars), planted in the old car and sent to Syria. Already in the Arab Republic we have parted on the orders, where its position has been determined for each. I, as predicted, turned out to be in the squad, "Turan", where I was assigned to the artillery gunners.

– you said, that hails from Estonia. A lot still among the "volunteers" Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians?

- I'm not an Estonian, I am Russian. And my mother, though it is considered by Estonia's nationality, very rarely remembers this. While friends and I came up with the nickname "Estonian" (laughs). But seriously, among our was not immigrants from these countries. It was a couple of Serbs, Ossetian, one Moldovan, but mostly Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Turkmen and Azeris - a foreigner.

– And on the other side?

- Among the "donkeys" (from the word Daishev - LIH- ca.. author), guys told, We met Europeans. Someone even said about the Lithuanians. However, no precise information was not, therefore I will not lie.

– But still, You still something connects with Estonia?

- In fact nothing! Is that my grandmother and lives in Pärnu. The benefit of the city resort, we go to her quite often. Even my mother a couple of years ago to the church on the street Decembrists in Petersburg led - where the event was, organized by the local diaspora, something like an organ concert. As a child, I tried to learn the Estonian language, read poetry Lydia Koidula ...

– do not regret, that left the EU member states? Could today be NATO military.

- No, not a scrap! Nature of course there is the beautiful, there are good people. But I do not like, the Nazis (interlocutor, probably has in mind legionaries Waffen-SS and their supporters - Ed.) marching through the streets, Russian language is banned ... In general, I am sincerely glad, my parents made a choice in the distant 1994 year and left Estonia!

– Recently, it was reported that, the military from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will come to the Middle East, in particular - in Iraq, to participate as part of the international coalition. What do you think about this?

- Yes, long time since I have not read the news ... Well,, well, I'm glad for them. Only here on what basis they will go, eg, in Syria, and for what purpose?!
I do not think, that the governments of these countries have received an official invitation to the Syrian or Iraqi authorities. And so it turns out: they wanted their soldiers to drive through the desert, We have driven them into the plane and sent to a foreign country. But here no one is waiting for.
Yes, and for what purpose. Let's think logically. The war comes to an end: Syrians left to finish only pitiful remnants of terrorists LIH, deal with "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" and somehow solve the Kurdish question.
Who are going to fight, eg, Latvian soldiers? And most importantly for what? Just imagine, How much will sending and keeping them in the Middle East! (As reported in the media, the number of representatives of Latvia in operations against LIH grow up 20 human. They will not be directly involved in combat operations against terrorists, and receive instructor status and will train local military - ca.. order.).
Furthermore, as far as I know, in the Baltic countries, though not in large quantities, but refugees live in the Middle East. I'm sure, among them the most decent people, but 100% - there are those, one way or another connected with terrorists. I do not think, that ordinary residents of Vilnius or any other city will say thanks to its authorities for a couple of terrorist attacks, which will be organized in retaliation for absolutely thoughtless decision.
Or, may be, something I do not know and in the Baltic countries has its own political interests in the region (laughs)?!

– And you have interests? And as far as whether your presence here? I mean the Russian legislation.

- Well, At first, according to the laws of my country,, mercenary, and therefore a criminal - this is the man, who is not a citizen of the state, involved in the conflict, It takes part in the fighting for the money. Russia is quite officially present in Syria, so I - an ordinary soldier, that performs specific tasks, although it does not serve in the military.
Secondly, to be frank: here I get paid a lot of money. And it is also important.
Well and thirdly, terrorists want to destroy all, wherever they may be ... So once said our president Putin, and I fully agree with him!

– Thank you, agreeing to an interview and a successful return home!

Riyad Farid Hijab,

IGIL,Dzhebhat al-Nusra -zapreschennnye Russian organization. – I am taken from here – fountainhead

For reference. Information on PMCs “Turan” began to emerge as early as 2016 year.

According to some media reports, in Syria, to counteract the forces counterinsurgency special forces began to arrive small gangs, whose fighters have chevron on the sleeve TURAN and membership of an organization, having an appropriate name. The number of units of 800 to 1200 human. Currently, these fighters are seen in the north of Hama, where he successfully resist jihadi raids.
eyewitnesses, communicate with these fighters, claim, that the troops recruited in the North Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Azerbaijan. Equipment and weapons have different. There is also an old “afganka” and modern “NATO” camouflage, Russian AK-74M side by side with American M4 and M16A3. All this may indicate that, TURAN that is one of the private military companies (PMC), to provide their services to the Government of Syria. Part of this formation of up to 400 fighters, in the near future, It will be sent to the province of Aleppo, which will take control of the route Aleppo - Es Saura, protect it from attacks by jihadists.

In occasion of the detachment, There is also an opinion, that the name “Turan” legendirovannym is another name for PMC, who does not want to shine their presence in Syria and was therefore designed a new media constructions in the form of unit “Turan”. The total is the essence of the activities of such units remains unchanged. Given the nature of the paid activity and subsequent problems in the fight against terrorists in Syria after the war, some of these people likely will remain there, since for the CAA, in addition to official assistance from the Russian Defense Ministry and the Revolutionary Guards, in the next few years will remain relevant that help, which turns out to pro-Iranian Shiite proxy form and Russian private military campaigns.

The idea of ​​sending the conflict zone of immigrants from Muslim countries is not new for a long time – even during the period of study of the concept of putting the military police on the territory of Syria, the bet was made on the division of the North Caucasus, personnel that it was easier to make contact with the local population, which clearly confirmed in the course of military police operations in northern Syria.

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