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SWAT tactics

The book is well-known expert on security Gennady Kazachkova presents a detailed analysis of all major tactical actions, which are used in today's armed conflicts of low intensity. The book examines in detail the characteristics of modern local wars and the role of these special units. Much attention is paid to the analysis of actual combat operations, carried out by special units of the Soviet Union, Russia, Israel and other countries. Provides tactical characteristics of the Afghan and Chechen wars. The problems of equipment and training of Russian special forces units.
The applications are rare documents, visualize particular tactics NKVD troops and Chechen extremists, tactics of Russian troops in the first and second Chechen campaign, brief catalog of contemporary Russian light weapons with commentary. The book contains many practical tips, based on personal combat experience of the author and other veterans.

SWAT tactics

Year of issue: 2006
Author: Gennady Kazachkova
Genre: Warfare
publishing house: Phoenix
ISBN: 5-222-08444-2
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Number of pages: 272


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