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AKMS automatic

AKMS automatic

AKMSU-(Kalashnikov Modernized Folding Machine Shorter ). AKMS machine was developed in 1959 year, the base AKMS, and was intended for special forces airborne assault troops.

AKMS automatic

Unlike its base sample, this model has a number of features: Front front sight is aligned with the base of the gas chamber, gas tube and a gas piston shortened, mounting the receiver cover is strengthened in the front part to reduce the pitching, open sight with T-shaped entirely placed on the lid of the receiver, on the muzzle of the barrel is threaded flame arrestor, the surface of which has ribs for heat.

AKMS automatic

In the ranks of the army for his uselessness called "fly swatter", since low weight machine it used a fairly powerful cartridge 7,62?39 mm, which led to a significant increase in the impact pulse, worketh aimed fire even short bursts impossible. In addition, the very short barrel with flash suppressor screwed on him because of the use of the aforementioned cartridge is prone to frequent overheating, which certainly also reduced its combat effectiveness. Effective firing can be achieved, shooting single shots, which negates the combat effectiveness of the machine.

AKMS automatic

Caliber 7,62 mm

Cartridge 7,62h39 mm

Mass store without 2,85 kg

Length 740 mm

Length with folded butt 480 mm

barrel length 270 mm

Rate of fire 650-735 / m

Muzzle velocity 680 m / s

Food 30 rounds

Effective range 400 m – Military experts in Russia and the world. military Review.


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