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Automatic AEK-971

Automatic AEK-971

AEK-971 Machine designed to Kovrov Mechanical Plant (PEI) under the leadership of SI. Koksharova, used balanced automatics. Moving parts are divided into two parts, the bolt carrier and the balancer, connected through a rack and pinion. Pistons frame and rocker pressurized propellant gases begin to move simultaneously in opposite directions with equal velocities. As a result of their movement impulses cancel each other out, and arrows perceives only shot pulse, the displacement of the machine under the influence of the impact is much less than. Being harder to "normal" automation with a gas engine, balanced scheme of automation still easier, than the offset recoil. In addition, the AEK-971 about 0,5 kg lighter machine Academy 94.

Automatic AEK-971

As the AEK-971 was modified, but on the whole retained the classic features. To facilitate weapons and reduce its size used folding butt right light frame type, plastic pistol grip is formed together with the trigger guard. Machine is equipped with a plastic forend and handguard, mount for full-time bayonet-knife and grenade launcher GP-25 GP-30. Mechanical sector sight. There is a mounting bracket for the staff of the collimator, optical or night sights.

Because the, According to some experts, Staff 5.45-mm cartridge is not always able to break through modern body armor, created under the machine version 7.62-mm submachine gun cartridge. The new 7.62-mm modification received the designation AEK-973. In the process of refinement in conjunction with specialists TSNIITOCHMASH machine gave shooting mode fixed bursts of three shots.

Automatic AEK-971

Shooting in short bursts from an unstable position is preferably, but to control the length of the queue at a high rate of fire is difficult arrow, so that the required automatic cut-off length of the queue. USM is equipped with flag-interpreter fuse, pastonovke when the safety locks the trigger and overlaps a groove for passage of loading arm. Checkbox-fuse interpreter installed on the left side of the pistol grip and is available for Thumb arrow. The barrel is attached muzzle brake-compensator.

Automatic AEK-971

Under cartridge type 5,56h45 developed modification AEK machine 972 of the same circuit.

Modification 7.62mm AEK-973S differs with the location of the modified USM flag-fuse interpreter right, retractable (to reduce the transverse dimensions) easy example. When retracted abutment shoulder butt joins the pistol grip, forming a streamlined design and impeding shooting.

Caliber 5,45 mm, 7,62 mm

Cartridge 5.45x39 mm,7,62h39 mm

Mass store without 3,3 kg

Length 965 mm

Muzzle velocity 880 m / s

Rate of fire 800-900 / m

magazine capacity 30 rounds

Effective range 1000 m

Automatic AEK-971

Automatic AEK-971


AEK 971 • Heap machine for special forces


AEK-971 – spetsnaz Machine!!! The unique development of Russian arms!




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    Not in force God, but in truth. God will punish those, who says, that AEK-971 was developed in the USSR Koksharov.. As he instructed the USSR for concealing the truth about the Great Patriotic War, and who was the prototype of the legendary Shurika comedies Gaidai..

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