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Pistol MP-445 Varyag

Pistol MP-445 "Variag" basic scheme repeats gun Yarigina, but it serves for cartridges 9 × 19 (MR-445 variant) ili.40 "Smith & weight-dream" (variant MP-445 or SW "Variag SV"). Its frame is molded from a high strength thermoplastic, reinforced steel liner, It has slots for mounting designator, enlarged trigger guard. For better brush shooting hand and increase the stability of weapons when firing the support is a plastic strip on the magazine cover.

Trigger firing mechanism allows firing DA mode, non-automatic fuse when you turn blocks the trigger (in flat or in a cocked position), sear, the trigger and the bolt. Two-way fuse box, Pressed into the upper end position, It works like a lever safe descent hammer - the hammer down from combat platoon without a shot and put on half-cock, after which the box is automatically set to "fuse". Notch laterally over most of the length of shroud shutter facilitates retraction of the bolt back when viewed gun.

The sight is of open type and can be adjusted horizontally.

Self-loading pistol MP-445 “Varangian” It designed for arming the police and army. Designed based on the pistol Yarygin MP-443 “Rook”. The model was created with the orientation of exports.

Presented embodiments and compact gun P-445 "Variag K" MP-445 and SW (ST) and MP-445 SWC ("Varyag SVK") with reduced dimensions and unregulated constant sight.


The cartridge 9 × 19 mm, 9× 19 mm, 0,40 S&W, 0,40 S&WC

Empty weight 0,9 kg, 0,88 kg, 0,9 kg, 0,88 kg

gun Length 210 mm, 188 mm, 210 mm, 188 mm

barrel length 125 mm, 111 mm,125 mm, 111 mm

The height of the gun 142 mm, 132 mm, 142 mm, 132 mm

The width of the gun 38 mm

Combat rate of 34c / m, 30 / m, 30 / m, 26 / m

Accurate firing range 50 m

magazine capacity 17 way, 15 way, 15 way, 13 way



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