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Pistolyet PR-18

Gun GSH-18 was developed in the late 1990s in the Tula Instrument Design Bureau under the guidance of renowned designers Gryazev VP. and Shipunova AG.

AT 2003 g. GS-18 adopted as army pistol.

The first versions of pistols PMA had the designation P-96 and were not very successful, but because in 1998 , the new pistol began to develop, incoming to the test in 2000 year.

Pistol, called GS-18, successfully passed the official tests and is widely advertised as for domestic consumers (basically, MIA structures, FSB, internal Troops), and for export sales. In connection with the adoption in Russia on arms in 2000 year pistol Yarygin PYA (the theme of "Rook"), as well as the presence of more powerful and quite good in characteristics Serdyukova ATP gun (aka SR-1 "Vector", aka "Gurza", under 9h21mm patron SP-10), Future pistol GS-18 rather vague, although by itself it is a gun, undoubtedly, interesting, though not outstanding.

GS-18 constructed according to the scheme with a short recoil. Locking occurs by turning the shaft at 10 lugs, the angle of rotation during locking all 18 degrees. Frame pistol is made of plastic, with steel inserts. A closure stamped from steel sheet, with a rigidly reinforced insert in place of adhesion to the barrel and retrievable when disassembling the gate block, which are mounted firing pin and ejector.

Shock trigger mechanism striker type, with preliminary partial cocked firing pin when the shutter movement and dovzvedeniem by pressing the trigger. The gun is equipped with only automatic fuses, including on the trigger. Sights unregulated, steel ukreplen not on prisons, and on-off blocks, gun that critics say lack, because over time the shutter unit may become loose in the gate, and aiming and shooting accuracy will fall. shop-row, box-shaped, yield cartridges in two rows to improve feed reliability. Latch shop is located behind the trigger guard, It can be easily rearranged on either side of weapons. Slide catch located on the left. One characteristic feature of gun GS-18 is open at the front gate, It is also a favorite topic for critics of the gun, since there is a fear that the inside of the shutter can easily penetrate dirt. Nevertheless, The authors believe that this gun is no threat.

GS-18 can use any commercial ammo 9x19 mm, 9mm NATO military ammunition, as well as special armor-piercing bullets home development, 7H21 and 9x19mm PBP. This feature, but, It is not exclusive to the GS-18, as the gun PCOS ("Rook") You can also use these cartridges. Furthermore, developers of domestic munitions argue, that their development can be used in any sufficiently strong pistol 9x19mm caliber.

at a distance 20 m bullet pierces 8 mm steel sheet.

By GS-18 advantages include very small for his weight class, a large magazine capacity, low location relative to the barrel hand arrow, that affected a good shooting accuracy

Caliber 9 mm
Chuck 9x19 mm "Luger", 7H31, 7N21

Weight with empty magazine 0,59 kg
Mass store without 0,47 kg
bullet weight 4,2 g
Length 183,5 mm
Width 33,5 mm
Height 134 mm
barrel length 103 mm
groove 6 (dextral)
Step 250 mm
Muzzle velocity 550 m / s
muzzle energy 800 J. (chuck 9x19 PBP)
combat rate 15-20 / m
magazine capacity 18 rounds
Effective range 100 m


GS-18 • Small aircraft gun


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