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gun PB

Silent pistol PB (6P9 index) It was developed on the basis of the PM Designer A. A. Deryagin, adopted in 1967 year. Designed to defeat the purposes of the conditions, require noiseless and flameless firing. It is a personal weapon of attack and defense. It is in service with special forces of internal affairs bodies and units of internal troops of the Russian Interior Ministry.

The gun uses an integrated silencer, and unlike the majority of similar systems shot sound muffler is made of two parts dismountable. This solution allows you to carry and store the gun with the front part of the muffler, and prior to application to quickly install a nozzle on the gun.

In this case, the gun retains the possibility of a safe for the shooter firing at the removed nozzle, but removed the nozzle gunshot similar in volume to the PM pistol shot sound. However, and set the gun nozzle becomes completely silent, However, reducing the shot volume is still quite significant, when firing is heard only metallic clank shutter casing. At the same time completely silent pistol can not be named - when shooting at night in the open country the sound of colliding metal parts are heard in the distance 50 m, ie. at a range of effective fire.. Previous tip transferred to a special section of the holster, developed for the PB pistol.

Holster formed leatherette, provided fastens fork valve, branch for attachment and separation of the spare store.

Pistol PB fully inherited PM pistol design of the trigger and arranged to samovzvodom left gate fuse, when you turn on automatically remove the trigger with cocking. Due to the, that the front part of the trunk is closed silencer, the gate has a small length, too big to fit inside the return spring. Therefore, the return spring is placed in the handle, under her right cheek, and acts on the valve through a long swing arm. Sights are fixed, not regulated. The gun uses regular stores from PM on 8 rounds.

PB entered service mouth special-purpose military intelligence battalions, Special Operations Group of the KGB "Alpha" and "Vympel", It is in service with special units of the FSB and MVD. Of analogues can be called his Chinese peer gun Special Type 67.

Assembly-disassembly self-loading pistols for noiseless and flameless firing PB:

Partial disassembly of the gun is made for cleaning, grease, as well as removal of small faults. To disassemble the gun must be:

1. Remove the magazine. Hold the gun in his right hand, left thumb to press the latch store, remove the magazine from the grip.

2. Remove gun with a fuse, lowering down a fuse box, take the bolt in its rearmost position, check, whether there is no cartridge in the chamber. shutter release, make controlling the descent hammers.

3. Disconnect exhaust nozzles. Depressing the latch chamber down to failure, turn the nozzle counterclockwise, moving it forward, separated from the trunk.

4. Separate return mechanism lever. Moving the slide back on 10-15 mm, separate arm from the frame.

5. Separate the muffler expansion chamber. Pull the edge of the trigger guard down and, right perekosyv, to rest it in the frame; Turn the camera on the barrel counterclockwise, moving forward, remove from the trunk.

6. Remove the stem from the front and rear sleeve, and mesh roll.

7. separate gate. Take the bolt to its rearmost position and, lifting up the rear section, and then move forward to separate it from the weapons; reinstall the trigger guard.

8. Extract a return spring.

9. disassemble the nozzles. Installing nozzles on the rear part of the support, sharp end wiping drown latch separator; pushing down on the body, remove the separator.

the gun assembly after partial disassembly in the reverse order.


Patron mm 9h18 PM
Caliber 9 mm

Weight with head, and cartridges 1,02 kg
Weight packed without cartridges 0,97 kg
Length without attachment 170 mm
packed Length 310 mm
barrel length 105 mm
Height 134 mm
Width 32 mm
Muzzle velocity 290 m / s
muzzle energy 252 J.
rate of fire fighting 30 / m
Food 8 rounds
Effective range 50 m


weapons Russia. silent pistol ( PB )


Gun PB or 6P9.



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