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FIRST AID: Notes professional rescuer

10 Dangerous delusions:

Never mind, when and where they come from, but almost every one of us has some knowledge of first aid.

Alas, in most cases, this knowledge is a mess of stereotypes and rumors, and the use of this cereal in practice, not just useless, but also dangerous.

For example, everybody knows, that it is necessary to splint a fracture. And most imagine this bus as two or three sticks, Ideally – shtaketiny residues from the fence with traditional painting. When there is a need to help, somehow turns, that man is not pleased, when his broken arm, leg trying to straighten out and tied to a stick.

And all because, that it is necessary to fix the fracture in that position, which is most comfortable for the victim. Course this, usually, bent. Like this. Did you know that? I hope, what "yes. And because of the below listed the top ten most common misconceptions stereotypes first aid laugh, both over long-known thing. or think about it. or remember. And best of all – You find time and pass good first aid courses. Suddenly, god forbid, come in handy.

1. CAM perish, And save your comrade

This stereotype is tightly hammered into the heads of the older generation movies, books and simply the ideology of the Soviet period, desperately chant the heroism and self-sacrifice.

no doubt – These qualities are important, valuable and sometimes even necessary. But in real life, on the street, in the city or on the nature of the rules learned by rote adherence can cost the life of a hero, and saves.

A simple example – car crashed into a pillar of power line. The driver sits inside the unconscious, he was not afraid of the current. And suddenly he rushes to the rescue hero. Reaches the machine, without seeing the wires, and times – one suffered more. after – another hero, later – a couple of… and here we have a car with a driver living, surrounded by a bunch of heroic bodies, have not had time to call rescuers and “whip”. of course, hype in the press, rally with placards “till?!”, whom–is sentenced, and as a whole entered a state of emergency in the country. In short – mess, and all for some reason? Because our heroes did not know one simple rule – first determine, threatening you, and only then – that threatens the victim, because if you something happens, help you will not be able.

assess the situation, call 01 and as far as possible refrain from extreme heroism. How would this may sound cynical, one corpse always better, than two.

But it does not mean, you need to be inactive in the case of, when assist the victim is realistic and within your reach.


Continuing the theme of roads and road accident. You will not believe, however common in our country, the following scenario: Ambulance and rescue workers come to the place of accident, and the victims have already recovered from the crumpled cars, stacked in the shade and made to drink some water. In this voluntary rescuers were pulling people out of cars for arms and legs, and in addition to have a couple of injury caught up completely rather offensive, like a broken spinal deformity.

So a man sat in the car, I wait for help, experts carefully this machine would be dismantled, They put him on a stretcher and transferred to doctors. Six months in the hospital – and again on his feet. And now there. Now – permanent disability. And it does not specifically. All of the desire to help. so here – do not. It is not necessary to depict rescuers.

Actions accident witnesses are as follows: call for help, disconnect the battery tow truck, from random to spark not spilled gasoline erupted, fence the place of accident, stop the victim's bleeding (if there is) and before the arrival of doctors simply man… speak. Yes, psychological support, Divert, encourage, joke in the end. The wounded must feel, that cared for. But to drag a person's hands and feet of the car can be in only one case – when the possibility of transporting the consequences will be less, than no. for example – when the car caught fire.

3. ERASE to the collar

Remember this bike? The army first-aid kit has a pin, and it is necessary to, to pin language has lost the consciousness of man to his own collar – so as, so he (tongue) I do not crush or blocked airways. And it happened, well done. Good picture – This is how to wake up from fainting, and the tongue outwardly?

Yes, unconscious in man always sinks language. Yes, it must be borne in mind and to deal with it. But not in the same barbaric method! Have you ever, by the way, We are trying to get a person out of his mouth language? No? Try. Awaits discovery – he, is, soft, slippery and does not want to remain in the extended position. Yes, and it is unhygienic.

To liberate the airways from sunken language, man enough to just turn sideways. All – airway open. So, by the way, it is recommended to do with all the familiar and unfamiliar drunkards, sleeping on the street. Put it to one side – and nothing, sleep it off.

But if he had fallen asleep lying on his back, his life threatened by two dangers at once: choke on the tongue and choke on vomit. And if one side for some reason can not (for example – suspected spinal injury, in which all once again to move the person is dangerous) just zaprokinte his head back. It's enough.


by the way, this is possible. Tourniquet is applied to the neck, but not just, and through the arm. But it's not about. The wiring relationship tremulous and tender our people. He is in every medicine cabinet, and because in any severe bleeding citizens rush zhgutovat.

Some even remember when this, that in the summer can be applied to the harness 2 o'clock, and in winter 1. And know, that venous blood is darker in color arterial. That's just often goes like this, that is not the most life-threatening deep cut somehow harness, so much so, that turns on arrival in hospital – bloodless limb no longer save.

Remember – tourniquet is used only for stopping arterial bleeding. How to distinguish it? Well, certainly not by the color of blood. At first, shades of red, and so it is not always differences, and then there was a stressful situation. It is easy to make a mistake. However, namely arterial bleeding, you will learn easily. If we translate our ultimate pressure 120 on 80 in the atmosphere, you get somewhere 1,4. I.e – almost half. Now imagine, that of a narrow tube through a small hole under atmospheric pressure enters the half-yes. figured, a fountain will? This-this. It is for the pressure and the height of the fountain of blood unmistakably recognized arterial bleeding.

And here we must not tarry, life out of a man every second. So do not look for harness or rope, take off his belt. Immediately quickly pinch, a finger. Where? In places, where the artery closest to the body surface and less covered – odor, armpits. Your task – press artery, wait until the bleeding stops, and then to place a tourniquet on priladit. And as soon as possible to the hospital. by the way, a tourniquet is applied to clothing, so it is visible. Note with tourniquet time is better to write a marker… on the victim's forehead. So more chances, that information will not be lost, and the poor fellow probably forgive you this body art.

But phleborrhagia – even very plentiful – better to stop a tight pressure bandage. No problem, if it is completely saturated with blood – Put another layer on top. This is among other things allows the doctor in a bandage thickness assess the severity of blood loss.

5. Burns smazhem OIL

we, Imagine, on 80% It consists of water, which, among other properties, It is also heat capacity. What is our burn, if we consider the data? Some heat gets on the skin and the surface goes deeper, in the tissues of the body, which readily accumulate inherited them Joules. What tells us the banal logic? Joules to remove the back and stop overheating, it is necessary to burn the place cool. After correctly? And just as.

Pour cold water on the burn and wait. But here we are waiting, as it turns out, insufficiently. Usually – to mitigate or disappearance of pain, ie less than a minute. During this time, only a fraction of joules emerges, the rest sit, doggo, and await developments. How can we develop events? Thick smear place burn panthenol, cream, yogurt or – Babkin on prescription – Oil salt. What's happening? over the place, where the tissue is still walking the notorious Joules, It creates a tight cushion of substance, closing them access to freedom. As a result – burn only get worse.

But if you would have the patience to stand under water more minutes 10-15, It would be quite another matter. And panthenol, and other funds began to work with damaged skin, from under which all of the heat is already displayed.

6. Mash his ears

Russia – cool place, so that one of the threats for the Russian people – chilblain. Faced with him almost all – ears and nose are white, lose sensitivity, but when rubbed by hand or snow, quickly redden, and then comes pain.

Why so painful to some? because, that our body (sorry for the simplification) – This system of tubes and provodochki, where the first – blood vessels, and the second – nerve endings. The cold tube freeze, the blood does not circulate on them (hence the white color), provodochki dubeyut, and it all becomes brittle.

And we begin to rub. And Cruz Loma melenkie tube-provodochki, causing serious damage to the body. After all, even a bottle of beer, frozen in the freezer, the sudden transfer to heat can burst. And delicate flasks… therefore – it is not necessary to rub. It is necessary to slowly warm. Cool or lukewarm water. Then the effects of frostbite are not so grim, and the pain of sensitivity is not as strong return.

7. fever – Warming

Remember, it happened at high temperature – very hot, and chills. Whole body trembles, I want to lie curled up under a warm blanket, warm and warm… And it went, and even then warmed, and did not know, that warm up in this situation is not just bad, and deadly.

Everything is very simple – chills at high (more 38 degrees) temperature indicates only one. At this, the temperature continues to rise and the body overheats. He needs cooling, and we instead wrap up warmer, covered with a blanket, obkladыvaemsya hrelkamy. As a result – personal thermos, in which the body heats up more and more. In the saddest cases, the temperature flies for a mark 41, and then we were already irreversible, leading to death. Infrequently, but it happened.

So remember – at high temperature and must not be wrapped up chills. It should be cool. cool bath, light blanket, wet wiping… anything, if only to give the body a chance to dump excess heat. rest assured – because the high temperature will be transferred and will be much easier.

8. Banks with potassium permanganate

so here. Do your parents know, that manganese crystals are completely dissolved in water only at a temperature of about 70 degrees? Did they know, bodyazhit that such a solution is not simply meaningless (optional drink antiseptics to immediately give them back), but also dangerous, since undissolved crystal of potassium permanganate can make some in the gastric mucosa bunch of troubles?

Do not waste time and chemicals – to clean the stomach enough to drink 3-5 glasses of plain warm water and induce vomiting.

9. Knock-pat

The man choked, bedolaga, and coughs so, that grieves. What do the surrounding? Naturally, helping him – knock back. And that's why they do it? From a scientific point of view, such attacks even more annoying place, where the foreign body, cough reflex amplified from feeding and caught the wrong way a piece of flies himself.

Now imagine the drain pipe. Throw to the cat (understandably, allegedly, we're not sadists any) and starting to pound on the stick pipe (virtually). What do you think, how likely, cat pop top tube? So it is with our piece – in ninety-nine cases, a person cleared his throat. But in one piece will fall deeper into the respiratory system with all its consequences – the need for medical intervention to death from respiratory failure.

therefore – You do not need to knock. Even if asked to. Much easier and safer to calm the man and ask him to do a few slow, very slow breaths and blow. As you exhale, bend forward slightly better – to our downspout moved from a vertical position to a horizontal. Three or four such breaths – and coughing will increase. Piece will fly by itself, simple and safe.

10. Unclench his teeth

it, probably, the most common and the most legendary misleading, in which quite seriously believe millions of Russians. This unshakable confidence, that person, who suffered epileptic seizures, necessary to unclench his teeth and insert between them anything. beauty! And inserted after – try, at least. And then epileptics, come to himself, I was surprised to realize, the mouth have scored from plastic pens Gnawed (best case scenario) or fragments of their own teeth (at worst).

so here: do not! Do not shoved the man in the mouth horrible, and so it is unsweetened. Make it worse. After all, what justify such actions gooders? the, that a man in a fit can bite your tongue. Three times “ha”! So you know – during an attack all human muscles are in good shape. Including language, which among other things also the muscle. He was tense and therefore do not fall out of his mouth and will not fall between the teeth. Maximum – will bite the tip will. Blood at the same bit, but, Stir with a foamed saliva, it creates the appearance of unprecedented destruction – and fueled by myths about languages ​​bitten off.

Generally, you do not meddle with their knives, forks, spoons. If you really want to help, Kneel at the head of the epileptic and try to hold it, head, to avoid hitting the ground. Such attacks are much more dangerous hypothetical bitten tongue. When the active phase of the attack will take place – convulsions run out, – gently turn the human side, since he came second phase – sleep. It can not last, but still in such a state because the muscles are relaxed and there is a possibility of suffocation from the tongue.

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