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Encyclopedia of Russian secret services

It is difficult to overestimate the role of security forces in public life. operational, intelligence and investigative work provide reliable state structures. This publication provides information, which may be of interest to those skilled, and the, who would like to learn the history of Russian special services.

Year: 2003
Author: Kolpakidi AI. (avt.-status.)
Genre: background, story, special services
publishing house: IS, ASTREL, Tranzitkniga
ISBN: 5-17-018975-3, 5-271-07368-8, 5-9578-0086-4
Language: Russian
Format: DjVu
Quality: Scanned pages
interactive contents: No
Number of pages: 846

Download a book: Entsiklopedia_sekretnykh_sluzhb_Rossii _-_ 2003.djvu

  • anonym

    Why hit the ARTICLE material Pugachev Roman Vladimirovich, surveillance officer. On it three lines, which he has become famous even unknown god.
    He resigned from the KGB more boys. These are the bloopers this encyclopedia.

    28.10.2018 at 12:11 Reply
  • ILI

    teeming with errors, and the already outdated. for example, article about Leonid Shebarshin – 2 factual errors: 1) 1982 (instead 1962) – the date of the return trip after Pakistan and joining the Communist Party. by the way, return reason – entering school 101; 2) May 1978 – Resident in Tehran. Actually – Yeast 1979 it. generally, Not really…

    31.08.2017 at 11:51 Reply
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