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A former employee of Blackwater PMC found not guilty of shooting Iraqi civilians in 2007 year

The court found guilty of one of the employees of the company Blackwater, convicted for shooting in 2007 in Baghdad a large group of civilians, According to Reuters news agency.

This decision was announced by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, at the same time found the sentences too harsh, previously handed down to other accused of killing Iraqi civilians.

Agency reminds, what in 2014 In 1965, a Washington court sentenced several employees of the private military company Blackwater to lengthy prison terms. After the decision of the court of appeal, these sentences are subject to review..

Reuters clarifies, what about the incident, what happened during the passage of a convoy of cars of the US Embassy in Nisour Square in Baghdad. Blackwater mercenaries guarding the convoy considered a group of local residents suspicious and opened fire on them.. As a result, were killed 14 human, even more peaceful passers-by received gunshot wounds of varying severity, reports kingdom.