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Bi-Bi-Si sanctions against PMCs Wagner

The US Treasury has published a new list of Russian individuals and companies, subject to US sanctions. In addition to banks and companies, working in Crimea, and Crimean officials, a new list includes the so-called “Wagner PMCs”, reports BBC.

several people and companies included in the list, which in recent years appeared in the Russian media investigations. So, present in document “Private military company Wagner” and Dmitri Utkin, whom the media called it a leader.

Utkin himself did not talk with the media. AT 2016 year 9 December, he attended a reception in the Kremlin on the occasion of the Fatherland Day heroes. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed then, that Utkin is a knight of the Order of Courage, but for that he received the Order, I found it difficult to answer.

Eugene Prigogine and his group of companies “Concord” also included in the list. According to the group kiberaktivistov “Anonymous International”, Prigogine companies finance the so-called “factory trolls” in St. Petersburg.

edition “Fontanka” previously claimed, between Prigogine and “Wagner PMCs” there is a connection. According to the publication, one involved in the PMC of former soldiers is also related to the security service “Concord”.