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MACV-SOG – ONE of the most lethal special divisions WORLD

For abbreviation macVsog (letter V is formed in the center of the triangle, under the chin, "death in a beret") It lies one of the most deadly units in the US Special Forces History, and the whole world.

MACV reduction means in deciphering and translating "command of the military mission in Vietnam". SOG was an acronym official transcript of "Group study and observation" (Studies and Observation Group), but the name was coined by the CIA for the blind, in fact we are talking about the "Group of Special Operations" (Special Operation Group).
Although the CIA was gathering in the SOG recruits from among the current and future "green berets" and "sea lion", SOG-ovtsev problem is fundamentally different from the specificity of any other type of special forces. SOG operated in the rear of North Vietnam, but most importantly - there, where the US has not officially waged no war: in Laos and Cambodia, where he based Vietcong, supplied with North Vietnam on the so-called "paths of the Ho Chi Minh".

History of MACV-SOG begins in 1964 year. The first five groups SOG received names of US states: Alaska, Dakota, Idaho, Iowa и Kansas. In addition to reconnaissance and sabotage, a permanent "distribution list» MACV-SOG also included the operation to free the captive Americans, detained in any prison camp.

Each group consisted SOG, usually, of 8-12 fighters, but it included only three Americans - commander, his deputy and the radio operator, the others were recruited from the so-called "highlanders" – Vietnamese despised minority of mountain villages. Highlanders are not recruited into the Vietnamese army, We did not even have citizenship, We are talking on their tongues, and only two of their tribes were the beginnings of primitive writing. Nevertheless, in the days, when the "restore order" in Vietnam, the French tried to, Highlanders have proven excellent warriors. It is from the French word Montangard (Highlander) Americans called a warrior, "the Mountain" or simply Yard. The application allows you to make mountaineers from SOG fighting unit, where-the-art military technology combined with local ancient techniques of war and intelligence. In the process of preparation and after operations on the verge of death of Americans and Montagnards became, practically, brothers. for example, one of the most prominent commanders SOG, Jerry Shriver, which radio station "Radio Hanoi," nicknamed "mad dog", almost all the free time spent in the village of his Highlanders, even he built himself a hut there and spent on gifts and shopping for all their pay Montagnards.

SOG was the operative, Who can be called a "man of war". In the words of veteran SOG, Chevalier Medal of Honor Congress Jim Fleming, he was "the quintessential warrior single, antisocial type, constantly focused on the task ... He was always ready to fight, constantly trained, constantly". These words have been said about it "Raging PSE" Jerry Shriver, Author catch phrase, which gives an idea of, What is the spirit SOG operatives. When once he radioed air controllers Shriver, that his group is surrounded by the enemy, and "case - tobacco", "Mad Dog" replied: "In no case. I caught them exactly, how to Plan – I surrounded them from the inside ".

Each combat mission MACV-SOG was preceded by long and careful preparation: instructions from the base commander of the patrol commander for one week before surgery, instructing Americans as a group, aerial reconnaissance with a group commander to select the landing site, for aerial photography and exploring the countryside, hereinafter - development operation plan on the basis of intelligence and, finally, Plan view base operations commander. The commander of SOG, Sometimes just being a sergeant, as, eg, "Mad Dog" Shriver, at the same time I had more freedom and independence in their actions, than the much higher-ranking officers of the other arms. Little of, it could be lower in rank, than the other members of his group, but the detachment was the "First After God", as the captain of the ship. His orders have never been challenged, not even discussed. It is the "zero" (the serial number in the code group list - 1-0) It was responsible for the successful outcome of the operation, and therefore to select the most experienced and proven leaders in fire group people, regardless of military rank.

After the approval of the operation plan starts training. Calculated every step, each estimated situation, to bring actions before the unconscious automatism. This is in addition to the, that operatives SOG and without all the time between the operations carried out in the training, practicing skills silent and unseen movement, synchronizing collective action and, of course, firing all weapons. About SOG arsenal, you can talk long, I mention only a few details. At first, captured weapons used as widely, as the US.

Secondly, operative at times turned into a sort of "Christmas tree", hung with pistols, knives, grenades and other deadly toys. In this case, all was fixed so, to be provided in the hand in a matter of seconds: shops - left, grenades - to the right, a bent cotter, which is easy to remove even the wounded, Compass - on the left hand, so as not to tear off his hand from the rifle, determining the direction, and so on. Thirdly, available weapons are constantly "argument" and remake themselves as the operatives, and at their request. for example, machine guns were placed on special strong spring, to allow the use of the tape drive connected with a lot of machine gun belts, which gave tremendous firepower. The famous Battle knife Bowie was also specially developed for SOG, and, as is known, this is the abbreviation has been selected by, to establish in the 80s of the last century edition replica of the famous bladed weapons. generally applicable, instead of stairs, helicopter cable operated device with a seat for the evacuation was also invented in the SOG.

Finally, there came the day of surgery. When landing the patrol commander is always the first to leave the helicopter, same, at the end it is always the last set foot on its board - another trait, similar to a ship's captain. this principle, in the movie "We Were Soldiers" designated as the exceptional quality of the hero Mel Gibson, in SOG it was compulsory and natural for any commander. Part of the group was dressed in a black uniform and broad hats Viet Cong - the usual disguise of saboteurs and spies (enemy scouts too often wielded in the form of GIs). During the raid on the enemy's territory in group silence was held for a day, occasionally, Total 500 m. Any traces of passage were destroyed. During the so-called "sterilizing" unbent even each branch, accidentally bent fighter. Besides, sometimes we set up a chain of false marks on the case, if landing the enemy learned about the group, and will be looking for her. We also used the method of "loops", Such behavior of the tiger: back around the circle to the top of your own trail, could learn, Does the detachment is not the enemy, and go to him in rear. Sometimes a fighter for a minute did only one step, sending weapons to the side most likely to appear the enemy, carefully and looking around, listening and sniffing. Yes, sniffing, do not be surprised. Even during World War II reconnaissance claimed, that the enemy can smell the smell of fifty meters. This sounds strikingly, but it is explained materialistically: allocation body, explosives and gunpowder, weapon, lubrication - all this has a distinct smell, especially growing in hot, humid climates, and most importantly - "bouquet" of these odors is individual for opposing armies, due to the difference of weapons used, Supplies, places of dislocation and even food. Besides, constant presence in extreme conditions sharpens the instincts and drives the ability, inaccessible to the common man. Here's how to recall one of the operatives behavior "mad dog" and his Montagnards during surgery: "He and his Highlanders could sit, leaning against a tree, and slumber. Suddenly he sat down abruptly, perehlyadыvalsya with Highlanders, they shakes his head again and turned a blind eye, relaxing. I watched this in amazement – what does it all mean? Suddenly, from somewhere above us appeared alarmed bird, and a split second later we heard in the distance the sound of gunfire. I.e, Shriver and his men were able to hear, assess the threat and, accordingly, decide – and all this before, I saw scared the birds ". Such things, as a premonition of danger, in SOG are not ignored, because intuition was as much a necessary and skills, as the ability to shoot or silently communicate using conventional body language. During stops trying to find a place in the hills, thickly overgrown with thorns and vines, to obstruct the opponent combing. Territory of parking reduced to limit, and each fighter received sector for firing at bedtime. Filled in full combat gear, Slightly loosen the straps and backpack tucked under his head, surrounded by mines, established maximum close, on distance, is less than a third of the standard, so that the enemy could not get around them, surrounding the camp. Morning contacted the aircraft gunner, a quick lunch and, of course, We carried out a complete "sterilization". Scenes in Hollywood movies, where the enemy detects the place of a halt on SWAT butts or wrappers - tribute to the plot development, in fact, this could not be, although the men in the educational purposes are constantly told of such cases and their dire consequences.

The basis for joint combat operations SOG was guerrilla tactics capture, fire and retreat. When firing the odd numbers in the ranks doing the right step, and even - left, so all could fire on the enemy, without disturbing each other. During the retreat Vanguard short bursts were shot Store, stepping back, and Torch Relay took the following, and so on. Complete with grenades and delivered mines receive a steady and long-term fire barrier. Every two hundred meters change direction, and even in this situation, the following groups, possibly, destroyed. Backpacks and dumped, if managed, mined - the pursuers could not stand on, to examine them, and it gave additional second retreating, seconds, each of which are added to the haunting dozens of new. Cong organize this psychological attack squad, followed by shouts, shots, Knock on wood, as in the persecution of the beast, to provoke panic, but a great training fighters made them impervious to such methods of influence. Nevertheless, often he found himself surrounded by a troop, and it was extremely difficult to slip out of such a trap. The bodies of the dead operatives is not always possible to be evacuated from the scene of the battle, but the men never left the wounded. If someone gets seriously injured, group took perimeter defense, as close as possible to the landing point, and took the fight. If evacuation becomes impossible, detachment caused the fire itself, to inflict maximum damage to the enemy. For such actions in the Army and Navy were awarded top prizes, it is considered the top of heroism. The SOG was in the order of things, and no operative was not awarded for, What caused the fire itself.

If SOG soldier remained alive after two dozen raids behind enemy lines, this was perceived almost as a miracle. When I see on the sites, dedicated to the MACV-SOG, photos of veterans meetings, strikes, that some of these people, dozens of times aggressively "jerking death for a mustache", came back home. Jerry "Mad Dog" Shriver became a legend, and because, that survived four dozen attacks. During the last, under heavy fire, he attacked an enemy machine-gun nest, and more Shriver was never seen. As often happens in such cases,, arose the legend, that "Mad Dog" is alive. These legends have served as the basis for the plot of Hollywood movies, telling of former Special Forces soldiers, still living hermit somewhere in the jungles of Laos.

MACV-SOG fought in the "gray", The "shadow" of Vietnam - Laos and Cambodia, nations, which are not part of the formal combat zone, but in fact it turned into a rear base of the Vietcong.

AT 1969 year loss ratio in the active units of the US Army was 15:1 - on 1 killed GI - 15 vetkongovcev.

In the same year for the MACV-SOG January-February lost 15 people and killed almost fifteen hundred enemy soldiers. I.e, ratio 100:1.

A year earlier,, at 1968 year in Cambodia, this ratio in the MACV-SOG was 108:1.

AT 1970 year one killed SOG operatives had 153 Viet Cong killed, and it is an absolute record in the history of the US military.

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