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topic complex, individual. There is such a thing as separation equipment. About him and talk. The thing is, that there is still no regulations do not exist, everything is very individual. Let's start so: where to begin your actions in an armed clash? Withdrawal from the line of fire, employment position, as far as possible, this is done with the knowledge of the fire in the direction of the enemy.

If no special conditions or tactical tasks, if you decide to take the fight, fighter takes off quickly backpack, stupid to maneuver with the change of levels with +30 kg hrebtyne. For this purpose, all the normal military knapsacks have quick release system. It is also necessary to remember, that backpack thing periodically remove, this differs from unloading, eg. That is, you need to understand, that at any moment can happen Huge P and you leave your backpack on the battlefield, and themselves'll skedaddle away. This places special demands on you at a complete set of equipment. You have not got a single statutory equipment, Accordingly, I can confine general tips. Remember: on your discharge must necessarily be "suharka".

The minimum suharku removed (extra) food supply (it is not necessary to push the bank stew, to remove chocolate, dried fruits, the, that weighs little and contains enough calories and glucose). Remember: on your discharge, besides pouch with minimal wiring and IPP, must be first-aid pouch,.

For his lack of everything in the bag and suharku. It is not necessary to remove the ALL medications, but there has to be a spare harness (MANDATORY), another IPP, bandages, painkillers, wheels on personal sores (because they have to share with you comrades can not even theoretically).

I recommend to drag in the discharge space blanket (foil), in the absence of a sleeping bag, it will help you not to die from hypothermia nearest night. understand the principle of: things without which you asshole – wear in unloading and NEVER did not shoot her, just like and never release the machine from the hands.

In the backpack cleaned things, needed, but without which you may well spend a few days in the most extreme conditions. So it makes sense to be sewn to unload hydrator, if no hydrator, or it is in a backpack, make sure the jar with water on the belt. You have in the backpack may be at least a barrel of water, but should be one liter in unloading MINIMUM. I can not to coach you on all occasions, use soobrazhalku, think, to prepare for the exit time is not given only to, that would need to celebrate.

Now, about the backpack itself. Now we look, in general terms, "Large" transport backpack. It is approximately 60-90 liters, 25-30 kg weight. Of course such equipment backpack in the winter and in the summer is different. We proceed from the apocalyptic scenario, and incursions of NATO forces - it will be something like the apocalypse, the level of chaos and mess in December precisely. Based on this you should think about buying a bigger backpack on 90 liters, and already with the machine.

In such databases are rarely used, usually enough and 60 liters (example, Attack-2), but you have to calculate the forces themselves: You will graft with all the swag in the fields and villages or'll do the system caches around the house and to fight there - do your worst, hence the choice of a backpack. I'm going to talk about, what I understand - a backpack for RG soldier in a raid (conditionally). Group “SWAT tactics”

There is a basic rule: hard top, light down.
Group “SWAT tactics”

There are three levels: things essentials, things need to second, collective ammunition. explain: you may well hang extra ammo (or interchangeable barrel to the gun) although this is not your weapon and your ammunition. The Group may be, and 20 rounds for RPG-7, certainly no rocket launcher with the assistant so do not carry away. So you can shove a couple of shots, or a pair of baskets to the control panel. Access to the collective fire unit should be faster.

This may either be some upper compartment, quick opening (If such a structure is provided), or, as a worst-case scenario, side pockets, as they then porushat vesovku. Things essentials – this medicine, its additional BC (it is usually the cartridges "in bulk"), products, water (if not hydrator), cooking tools, and all the small things, just as reasonable to throw into the outer pouch a pair of dry socks.

Products are reasonably clean so that they are convenient access (it is not necessary to remove them to the bottom), cooking tools, bowler, and all fines, hung in pouches "outside" backpack. Just into the outer pouch, or even suharku, I advise you to shove poncho. In the most "down" removed all the "spare" clothing, sleeping bag, all rags.

Now disassemble, kratenьko, For example:

Down below, under the zipper you can remove the cloth. In suharku push all loose individual pencil cases, over throw medicine. The side pockets collective Ammo. Under cap - food, means with cooking utensils and water, night sight. This is an example. The main rule: hard up, light down.

assault backpack.

They are also sometimes referred to as the three-day. How can three days of fighting in the mountains with a backpack on 25 l I do not know. So it or assault or "day" backpack. This backpack is worn when you know exactly where you're going, why go, and when you come back. With this backpack comfortable to fight in, you can make small raids, go to strippers. Backpacks are very helpful.

They can remove a lot to the team and for myself. Such a backpack is not reset, since its weight rarely more 10-12 kg. With such a backpack, can be removed suharku. It removed a small supply of food (usually already "finished", requiring no warm-up), monitoring devices, medicines, fines and backup and collective BC. Couple boxes to the machine gun, 3-4 shot in the RPG is easy to fit.

Furthermore, On the sides, in the knapsacks of the "Beaver" is conveniently mounted RPG-18 (two pike), and not very convenient, but attached, RGS. There you can put a group non-lethal weapons, If there are any. From personal experience: usually unloading shoved shops, and bulk pack cartridges, not to pull of gravity, as with everything else knapsack. Since the weight is low, then there can already throw the equipment store.

Eventually, if the ammunition to shoot, you do not need to panic hammered in a hole and start their fill, or ahead of time to look easy 300, to entrust this task. You just open the pack and discard the empty shops there and pushed into the discharge is already equipped by, since you can pack light afford it. They are comfortable to wear Monk and other mines.

Word best. but remember, this backpack is needed only when you have accurate input, where you are sure. And no need to push it a bit of everything, Only specific things for specific tasks, otherwise it will weigh a lot and the whole meaning of lost.

And further: always carry proof clothes. Even on a sunny day. I'm not a fan of shurshuma, vote for poncho.

About grub. To each his own. Usually derbanit suhpayki, not to carry the package and throw "garbage". If you are komplektuete, then here are a couple tips. No need to carry two small cans of corned beef (as if the two portions of two separate receiving write), carry a "big" grams per 400-500 (simply closing the lid and gently removing in the package) - First total'll carry less fat, secondly less weight. Barca condensed milk - a force. Snickers Peanut - is gud, podsmotreno Czechs. They are very high in calories, HIGHLY.

You can eat quickly on the go. of the minuses: in the heat melts, cold dubeet. But the thing is valuable, on 4-5 sneakers can normally fight two days, then of course you need to eat normally. Dried fruits, raisins - HIGHLY recommend. Maintain morale, and give a lot of energy. The good thing - a pack of rice, but it almost never have the possibility to cook.

So you have to do boiled noodles. "Secret" is - take a bag of noodles, needle, and pierce the bag in the corner. You break the noodles and squeeze air from the package. As a result, the bag becomes a very compact. You can cram into a regular bowler 800-900 grams of noodles. Just I like to take with pate and bread fazer, you can quickly build quite generous and tasty "sandwich". The same bread can crumble in the foot as "crackers". It turns as if you eat bread.

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