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How to keep warm in a sleeping bag

Follow these simple tips,to keep warm at night:

1. Do not go to sleep chilled. Before, how to get into the sleeping bag, do some sit-ups, push-ups, jump - to move so, to properly warm up, but do not sweat.
2. If the night is going to be particularly cold, eat before going to bed something "energetic". Complex carbohydrates (cereals, pasta, bread, rice, potatoes and vegetables) They are a sustainable source of energy. You can eat a special "energy bar".
3. Always go to sleep in a dry and clean clothes. It is best to have a special set of clothes for sleeping. If you have cold feet, Wear warm at night loosely socks.
4. Can be pre-warm the sleeping: fill empty bottles with warm water, wrap them in extra clothes and put in a sleeping bag.
5. If you do not have a sleeping bag hood, in the cold night, wear a hat, after all 40% man loses heat through the head.
6. Do not sleep, tucked in a sleeping bag and a nose, and Roth. Your breath will make a wet sleeping bag, and you prodrognete.
7. Be sure to put a sleeping mat. The better you isolate yourself from the ground, so you will be warmer.
8. Before going to bed how to shake the sleeping bag, that insulation cracked and restored the insulating properties.


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