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group president “Slavtek” as a lobbyist Russian PMCs?

Name in every sense of the well-known in the Khanty-Ugra businessman Alexander Peterman was associated with the Institute of Private Military Companies (PMC), which the, It is according to leading federal experts, in the long term able to obtain legal status, Bogdan writes on page Budnik “True UFD”. According to sources in Nizhnevartovsk, group president “Slavtek” It is selling some of its assets within the county, and change the vector of business development in the direction of activities, related to the provision of services spectrum paramilitary. In favor of this version as an informal cooperation with the Defense Ministry in the form of organizing the expedition “North Troopers” and plans to build a military training facility in Ugra, and the probable acquisition of property, including a large plot of land in the Krasnodar Territory. Here, according to some, already has a training base of so-called “Wagner group” - an informal association of retired military intelligence personnel and army special forces. Some experts see serious prospects of development of the PMC market in Russia, pointing, what “through paramilitary structures of the Russian Federation will be able to consolidate its geopolitical presence in different regions of the planet, and information on the specific interest of businessmen to participate in such formations may be groundless”.

Permanent interest Alexander Peterman to the army, both sides claim edition, recently taking shape, including those associated with extraordinary business projects. A source in the governing structures of Nizhnevartovsk claims, what “Peterman, these days is in the composition of “Northern landing”, selling your business”. In this version of the impacts to confirm the entrepreneur finds, “even in spite of the specific case, coupled with his recent visit to the security service “LUKOIL” about criminal incidents - the incident at the site of the oil company”.

Alexander Peterman has interests in the construction industry, sector of goods and services, transport, media, food industry and other spheres. Nevertheless, the president “Slavteka”, probably, I decided to radically reorient their business. Proof of this are investments in the Krasnodar region. “The first step - the construction of the plant and the purchase of a large piece of land. Today, as they say, Peterman maintains a personal relationship with the governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratyev and Federal Security Service chief Igor Kolosov edge. In the short term, I think, Peterman pomenâet, probably, not only a place of residence, but also a profit center concentration”, - believes the source publication.

Get confirmation of the purchase of assets in the Krasnodar Territory, including land, representatives Alexandra Petermann edition failed. Head of Public Relations GK “Slavtek” Demin Rice neither confirmed nor denied the information, explained, that does not have the appropriate privileges. However, the information department boss promised the agency in the near future to give a comment on the matter after consultations with the leadership.

Meanwhile, the source publication, previously had a direct relationship to the FSB in Tyumen region, with whom, apparently, collaborated Alexander Peterman, They expressed the opinion, that the businessman relations with representatives of the security services and the army “may relate to resuscitation gosidei about the formation of PMCs”, and in the process it is possible, and its involvement.

The idea of ​​creation of the Russian Federation, private military companies got into a public plane about five years ago, when the leak got some plans for large-scale enterprises to invest in the formation of non-state armed organizations for conflict resolution outside the Russian Federation. In particular, Then the media reported the head of intent “Russian Copper Company” Igor Altushkin to invest in the business. However, the highest political leadership idea froze, but, as it turns out, temporarily.

Currently PMCs exist in many European countries, USA, South Africa, Brazil and China. These businesses, working exclusively on a contractual basis, They provide a wide range of services, usually, related to security activities, intelligence gathering, strategic planning, logistics, counseling, training, as well as direct participation in local conflicts. The first PMC modern sample, called Watchguard International was founded in 1967 in the UK. The first major Buyer, concluded with PMC, It became a package of contracts worth more than 500 million dollars between the US government and Vinell Corp., owned military-industrial group Northrop Grumman, to protect the oil fields in Saudi Arabia and train local armed forces.

Today Alexander Petermann credited enterprising efforts in translating the ideas and likely delayed the construction of the Russian PMCs. It is worth noting, that the owner of the Khanty-Mansiysk District for many years, does not hide informal relations with the representatives of the security services and armed forces, leaders of war veterans organizations. Peterman himself served in the Airborne, during which, argues, He held the title of champion of the military district army fighting. later, to do business in 90 years, actively attracted former colleagues and athletes to participate in the “gangster showdowns”. Then, According to local MPs, “all more or less significant offenses in the Nizhnevartovsk region and, if you trust the source, Peterman redirected to your account, creating, probably, halo “sverhkrutogo Man”. Some deputies of the City Duma former staff even attributed chapter “Slavteka” “restriction on freedom of councilors”. According to his interlocutor of the agency, in the disposal of the employer resource was the power of the fighters of up to hundreds, which is called “rota Peterman”. Engage in political activity, businessman, as we are assured, one time controlled to half of the Duma of the base city of TNK-BP.

Having earned a mixed reputation and legend, Aleksandr Peterman, allegedly, I became “almost compete with the official authorities of the municipality”, but then he focused on business and on time left political ambitions. The last attempt to emerge from the shadows to the forefront ended in failure for the entrepreneur. Peterman, represented in the Duma elections 2016 year party “Family”, He lost the competition ex-mayor of Surgut “United Russia” Alexander Sidorov and Liberal Democrat Vladimir Sysoev.

However, the election of the mayor of Nizhnevartovsk, as a regional political analysts say, the entrepreneur was able to take a local revenge, failing to weaken the influence of urban power structures of the native of the municipality, Duma Speaker Boris KhMAO Khokhryakova and loyal team he. single mayor took not part of this group influence Vasily Tikhonov, which soon conducted a massive sweep of the city administration. Despite the visual calm reaction Boris Khokhryakova on the results of campaigns and public distancing of the new head of the city of Peterman, experts considered the balance of beneficial for businessman. However, current president of business processes reorientation “Slavteka” into new territories and markets to intra-conflict political analysts do not bind. To a large extent the role played by desire “stake out a promising niche, probably, in addition, corresponding to its vital interests”.

However, a conditional interest Peterman - Institute of private military companies - experts exist today polar points of view. So, retired colonel, board member of the Expert Council of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, Involve the BBC to explain the Russian military policy as an analyst, Victor Murakhovski categorically denies PMCs in the future on the territory of the Russian Federation.

“We have such an institution can not appear. Proposals have been made over the past 20 years, including in the form of bills, but inhibited at an early stage, not even to the consideration at the level of specialized committees. And then will also. There is a clear position of our senior military leadership, that the military sphere and to violence have the right to belong exclusively to the State. more to say, even in public-private type of the DOSAAF organizations, training specialists for the Armed Forces, no authority. When last year DOSAAF team is trying to make to participate in the International Army Games, she was unable to put the crews of combat vehicles with tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, because not a member of the armed forces and, Consequently, It has no right to work in military vehicles”, - Murakhovski sure.

A fellow expert opposes director of strategic conjuncture, author of monographs on contemporary armed conflicts, head of military policy sector and the economy of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Ivan Konovalov.

According to a leading military analyst, worked in most hotspots former Soviet Union, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Kosovo and Serbia, at the Institute of PMCs in Russia can be tangible prospects under certain conditions. The constant presence of non-state military organizations in the federal agenda gives grounds for such a scenario. In the case of a real embodiment of the legalization of paramilitary structures of the state plans will be able to protect its geopolitical and business interests in different parts of the world.

“Certain prospects are. But it is unclear the issue of control. We are for the legalization of this institution, which is now an ambiguous attitude, We need a law. In the West, more loyal attitude of PMC. The US Congress is considering contracts, concluded by private military companies, only if the amount exceeds 50 millions of dollars. PMCs first appeared, to some extent spontaneously, at 1967 was a commercial structure founded British Colonel Sterling. The process of going from the bottom. They received a license from the state. We do not. While there is no legislative framework, there is a split of opinion in different sectors of society in this respect.

Many see a PMC mercenaries office. But we live in the modern world, i see, how such a tool can use the state. PMCs have in most European countries. The market is dominated by the US and the UK, slightly weaker than the position of France. Besides, there are a lot of private military companies in China, for example, they work in Georgia. And we have the prospects to oust competitors from the market, occupy a certain niche. there are countries, declaring anti-Western sentiment, and we can become for them an alternative. Besides, range of diverse services. This transport, and training of troops, and counseling, and, eg, mine clearance, not just Rambo with guns. For example, in the same war, Mozambique is long gone, but there were huge minefields. And such work will not deal with the Ministry of Defense, and PMC, where there demaynery, - quite. However, at the moment the prospects of this institution are unclear”, - said the publication of Ivan Konovalov.

Anyway, taking into account the increased interest in private military companies of a number of high-ranking government representatives, not excluded, that the question of legalization of these structures lawmakers and analysts will soon be back on a regular basis. A business representatives “certain warehouse and views” see PMC promising projects and finansovoemkie. And the main question experts: “who can trust?”

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