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Author's column: Roman Saponkov (military journalist) - SYRIA

Let's take the good news.
The army is moving well in the region of Eastern Guta. At this rate, there is hope, this enclave eliminate this year, perhaps even before the summer. East Guta is a pain, who not only, that is adjacent to Damascus, so also blocks the exit of Damascus on the road to Damascus-Homs-Aleppo. In size it is less Rasstanskogo boiler under Homs, but the elimination of the boiler will release significant forces, incl. Guard units and Hezboly.
Just as the army has significant successes in the west of Damascus in an enclave in the valley of Wadi Barada, respectively, Valley Way Riverside.

This enclave was surrounded by, but it was not stormed until January 2017 of the year. In January, began trading on the conclusion of militants in the province of Idlib. There are several settlements and asadovtsy compel them to peace. Trades were not a very successful and 9 by 11 January sparked the fighting at the front as much as the area around 5 square kilometers. Already 11 January an agreement was reached ... access repair crews to repair the water supply system.

The thing is, in Syria at the beginning of the Civil War the small brigade of the rebels occupied the key components of the Syrian infrastructure. who downcast, occupied the crossroads, and then years of butting over the crossroads, vypilivaya each other. who smarter, occupied intake units (and in Syria with the problem of water, this is how we take the area of ​​oil field), substation, areas on the main power linyah. This way you can spread the dust and plow aircraft and artillery. Track and military equipment will travel. A power line once bahnete and skiff.

Then he will be taken to a new tower, which still need to produce and deliver, and even at kilometers of power cable. War leads to the degradation of industry and infrastructure, that the cable is converted into high-tech products, which most likely will have to buy for hard currency. for example, Donbas in 2015 even in the presence of the factory could not produce cable, because the raw materials before the war were imported from Ukraine, plus workers fled, plus electric power is not pulled by the load, etc.. I hope, Now everything has changed, I do not know. In Russia, by the way, cable for the famous Crimean energy bridge was brought from China - are not produced in our country, such products. Under the order can be done, but the time and cost will like to build a plant in China. Not in the same rotten scoop live. I will not lie about Syria, I called the numbers of plants with cables, but there's still not a very rosy (or damaged plant, a high-voltage cable can not produce, I do not remember).

so here. Occupation of the infrastructure is very profitable occupation - to attack you they will not be, tk. will spread in the dust. clear, that the fighters themselves will not support anything and will not be. A production infrastructure necessary for all. As a result, in Syria the government has to pay money to militants for access to the infrastructure. generally sur, but there is no alternative.
In the case of the valley of Wadi Beard, which long 11 kilometers and a width of about 2-3 kilometers, there is one of the intakes, which feeds on Damascus. so here, after the failure of negotiations 9 CAA January caused massive strikes of adjacent areas, to show determination. The effect of load and 11 January is almost agreed to the export of militants in the province of Idlib.


But, from 12 January continued fighting and the army cut Wadi Beard enclave from the rest of the green. Not a small role in the final breakdown in negotiations played Kill 14 January Brigadier General Ahmad Ghadb, after failed negotiations.

After that, the army continued its operation to cut off the valley of Wadi Barada from the enclave of green and by the 16 January blocked. Now it is not clear, whether they will storm the valley itself to abstraction, because in this case it will be damaged or destroyed by water intake infrastructure. But the army is set up very strongly.
In this way, have a tendency, that the Syrian government has committed itself to the elimination of numerous enclaves surrounded by militants. Personally, I think, it is the right decision.
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