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Whether there will be in the Russian market of PMCs? (Video)

There is at least one private military company in Russia, with the unofficial name "Wagner's group". It is funded as a state, and private investors, to 2 thousands of fighters of this organization are active in Syria – found out RBC. The cost of this PMC could amount to 10 billion rubles. At the same time, Russian laws currently prohibit the activities of private military companies.. In the RBC studio – one of the authors of the investigation, Ilya Rozhdestvensky, and – Ruslan Leviev, Founder of the Conflict Intelligence Team.




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5 years ago

Oh my God, idiots for idiots come up with

5 years ago
Reply to trigger

Let's go on a hidden camera (or voice recorder!), bitches, prove how you can be met at the checkpoint:) Polygon in Molkino – this is a district polygon (tactical), no one can share it with someone. Employees from different military units from all over the region come there (districts). Planned exercises will be constantly carried out, sometimes for several months, yes, more than once a year. Plus unscheduled combat readiness checks.. Blah, stupid storytellers, apparently the boulevard Fontanka does not give rest to other clowns. Previously, it was proved that PMC Wagner, now the group vgner, they will tell tomorrow, that the office was closed and departed in an unknown direction:) In the Molkino area, at 15 minutes drive from “Key”, there somewhere only private oilmen and geological prospecting parties hang out..

3 years ago

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