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Modern PMC "Golden Decade"

The heyday of private military companies (PMC) We began the 2000s, and it is connected with the conduct of the US army and its allies in the coalition of large-scale military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Before that time the British and American PMCs were forced to settle for a relatively modest fee and contracts in third world countries, the decade-long occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, they poured a generous flow of government funding.

Already during power operation step "Iraqi Freedom" in March-April 2003 year private contractors ran bombers B-2, Abrams tanks, drums drone Global Hawk. At the end of military operations designated by George Bush, the American occupation administration fully outsourced to private companies to protect the government and embassy district of Baghdad, so-called "green zone" area 10 km2, ensuring the safety of US and foreign officials and diplomats, protection of military and industrial facilities, the largest deposits of oil and, escort convoys with cargoes, Training newly formed Iraqi armed forces and the local police, etc..

For the overall coordination of their action in March 2003 year established the association of private military and security companies - «Private Security Company Association of Iraq». In its initial composition includes approximately 40 firms, performing contracts of different types and different values. Of those registered in association approximately 30 000 only a third of ordinary members work directly for the US government, while others were hired by other clients - the governments of other states, international organizations, non-governmental bodies, multinationals.

the implementation of security contracts represent only a small part of the total mass of prisoners agreements, and the vast majority of private contractors, involved in Iraq, It was occupied by construction of various facilities and the supply of anything - from toilet paper to food and fuel. But it is the staff of PMCs actions are most visible on the general background, primarily because of the public outcry generated by them. More often in the news appears Blackwater name, which in the context of these events has become a distinctive aura of sinister.


The company was founded in 1996 by a former officer of the naval special forces USA Erik Prince. Blackwater for many years engaged in military training in North Carolina, and it has not fared too well. AT 2000 the annual turnover does not exceed $736 000.

AT 2001 , the vice-president of Blackwater replaced by former CIA operative Jamie Smith, through connections which in Langley, the company received the first major contract for the protection of the CIA in Afghanistan $5,4 million. Although the contract was not renewed at maturity, and Jamie Smith soon left the chair of Vice President, This experience was useful and helped strengthen the company's reputation in the market.

Since the beginning of the US invasion of Iraq in spring 2003 Blackwater, the subcontractor made another well-known company DynCorp International, received from it a contract worth $27,7 million for the creation of personal protection group to the head of the American administration in Iraq, Paul Bremer,. To this end, a group of dialed Blackwater 36 fighters, most of whom were ex-commandos, provided 3 armored car and an armored car, 2 dog teams to search for mines, aviagruppu, which included 3 a helicopter and a twin-engine cargo airplane, The pilot and ground handling group.

Bremer himself for killing Osama Bin Laden has promised to reward 10 kg gold, and by the head of any of its employees protection offered militants $ 50 000. On the official several planned attacks have been carried out, but thanks to the professionalism of their guards' most threatened US official in the world "does not hurt.

The head of the US administration in Iraq, Paul Bremer, and his guards from Blackwater

The head of the US administration in Iraq, Paul Bremer, and his guards from Blackwater

While the company guarded Bremer, about it, little has been heard. The media called it the staff just personal guard chief of staff, sometimes they are mistaken for the Secret Service agents. But in the world of PMCs image of the company was at the height, it was called not otherwise, how pretorianskoy gvardiey, all elite mercenaries market. Blackwater fighters on press photos began to appear near such high figures, Colin Powell and Tony Blair. In these photos, they are more like a Hollywood action heroes: cropped, tanned, muscular, in sunglasses, from head to toe hung with weapons and military equipment.

After the departure from Iraq, Bremer 28 June 2004 the employees of Blackwater began to protect US Ambassador John Negroponte. Then the company acquired another prestigious contract under the program's personal guard senior US State Department abroad. This contract clearly demonstrated, that Blackwater is the most preferred PMCs at US government agencies to work in Iraq and other hot spots. TO 2007 the company has earned in this contract about $750 million.

Company management actively sought to expand its presence in the Middle East and get more contracts. To this end, several new offices were opened in Baghdad, Amman and Kuwait, as well as the center of government relations in McLean, Virginia. New employees the company has motivated high pay - off 600 to 800 dollars a day, in special cases, and more, and a flexible contract system. Minimum contract concluded for it to stay in the hot spot 2 of the month, that was much smaller, than in the army, and give future candidates the ability to quickly make a lot of money.

As a result, Blackwater does not feel the need for qualified specialists in various fields. Determine the total number of Blackwater contractors who served in Iraq is difficult because of the confidential nature of this information. Besides, Not all people employed by number of its employees. According to media reports, Blackwater at the time of the withdrawal of forces from Iraq 2009 year stay in the country 987 its fighters, 774 of which have US citizenship.

Blackwater employees were involved in numerous clashes. 4 April 2004 year in Najaf headquarters of the local administration, guarded by 8 Blackwater fighters, They attacked several hundred militants. Mercenaries along with several US police and marines organized on the roof of the defense and repelled attack after attack here. Neither fire support, any other assistance they rendered was not, Although located near the allied contingents of the coalition. Only helicopters the company delivered ammunition and took the three wounded. The battle lasted almost a day, then the rebels retreated. Roughly the same thing happened 5 April Al Kut. Here, in the town, revolt, employees of several PMC fought completely surrounded.

The most famous case occurred 31 Martha 2004 year in Fallujah, when militants ambushed a convoy of Blackwater came under protection of German food company Eurest Support Services. Four guards were killed while, their lacerated remains of the crowd long dragged before cameras, and then hung them on a bridge over the Euphrates. The next day, the US Army conducted retaliation, turn cities into shambles.

Mercenaries also draw the appropriate conclusions and of danger, usually, They began to shoot first. Total, According to the media, loss of Blackwater soldiers in Iraq were about 780 human, but these people were not included in the official statistics of military losses, as nominally dead were civilians.

Employees of Blackwater in Iraq poses for the camera in an informal atmosphere

Employees of Blackwater in Iraq poses for the camera in an informal atmosphere

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