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Rules Gabriel Suarez private military experts

rule 1: It is important to be physically prepared and strong, and not just armed. weapons deadhead easily kill. Arrow in good shape is more difficult to kill. conversely, from it is easier to make a fighter. Get fit. There is no justification. Guns do not compensate for the years of undisciplined life.

rule 2: It is about the ability to destroy the enemy, not just “stop the threat”. The moment of truth, you will have a clear understanding of the situation, replacing all the peace-loving crap stupid weapons theorists. When someone tries to kill you, ahead of him.

rule 3: It is important to be able to fight with his hands and a knife. Because you can not have your gun… But you can always be a knife. And if you have one, then you will be able to get a gun and. Think about it.

rule 4: Shoot the bad guy in an ambush requires proper shooting skills. We like ambush. They are safe and useful for health. maybe, you even lower cholesterol.

rule 5: Avoiding bad guy, What started you shooting, It requires movement. If you are caught in an ambush, to hell quickly out of the affected area. It `s that, which will stay alive… and give you a chance to return the favor. Stay put, being in the zone of destruction by fire, taking into account the reactivity of events, is a guaranteed ticket to the grave.

rule 6: Choosing the right time is more important than quick draw. Be unpredictable. Attack at a time, when the bad guy is looking somewhere to the side. And fair play let him play someone else.

rule 7: It is only one draw … not a few. Grab weapons… accept the reality as, what it is… Kill the bad guy. Repeat as necessary. That's all.

rule 8: There is only one escape from attack… not a few. Avoiding attack involves moving from the line of enemy fire, or on the direction of, Where to watch the opponent's trunk. When you need to shift, to get away from the shots, your body will understand this self, if you have prepared it properly. see item # 1.

rule 9: Right thinking is not just a set of knowledge… you have to be a warrior. Warrior is not the average, ordinary, easy target. He did not worry about things, that concern ordinary people. His life is different, and ... it's self-selection.

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