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Basic techniques pistol shooting.

In modern combat shooting 90 % cases, a pistol grip with both hands.

Consider the basic elements of the art of gun shooting.
We begin with the rack. Stand facing the target and open your legs about 15 cm wider than shoulders. Feet desirable to keep parallel to one another. Pull the left foot on 3 – 5 cm towards the target. Stay outspoken, At this stage there is no need to bend down or crouch. Free shoulders slightly forward. Arms, holding a weapon, They must be fully extended at the elbows. It is important from the outset to ensure correct grip arms. The recess in the upper end of the gun handle must accurately fall on the middle of the cavity between the thumb and index finger, holding a weapon. In no case will not allow the horizontal gap between the arm and the projection at the top of the pistol grip. Extend your index finger along the gun barrel. Weapons held by a medium, ring finger and little finger. Grasp the pistol grip so, to lay down the trigger guard on the second phalanx of the index finger. Keep the bottom three fingers together. Developed pressure fingers pointing straight back – toward the palm. Place your thumb on the pistol grip, he should look up at an angle of about 30 – 40 degrees. Permissible bend down the first phalanx of the thumb. In no case do not press your thumb into. Grasp the handle with your left hand weapon. Pointing, average, ring and little fingers fall on the gaps between the fingers of the right hand, Avoid silly fashion bow trigger guard in front of the left hand index finger – This makes it virtually impossible instinctive shooting and difficult to control arms after impact. The second phalanx of the index finger of the left hand is used as a support for the trigger from the bottom bracket. Left thumb lower naperekrest on the thumb of the right angle 60 – 80 degrees up, As for the pad of the first phalanx of weapons. The right hand is developing forward pressure, Left pulls back – Use clamps principle. Watch out for lack of clearance between your hands and arms. The general principle of the grip arms at this stage of training (as well as any shooting accuracy) – so keep weapons. how you hold the spoon during lunch – tightly, but not too much.

Place the first phalanx of the index finger of his right hand on the trigger. Most experts advise to press the trigger part of the middle phalanx of the pads. some advise (and I am one of them) use of the pads of the first phalanx of the index finger, adjacent to the skin crease between the first and second phalanges. Actually, I feel that fold the right edge of the trigger. But in any case, do not use for pulling the trigger place of articulation between the phalanges. Above all, avoid bowing trigger finger. Anyway, the index finger must not touch the frame pistol or a side face of the trigger. Look at the sights. notoriously, that fly should fall in the middle of the rear sight slot. The top of it is level with the upper edges of the rear sight. You see three symmetrically arranged vertical projection. You need to aim with both eyes open. Focus first on the fly. You should see her in great detail. Somewhat less clearly you see rear sight and quite vague – target. Now, maintaining this position, Bring Sight approximately center of the target. Let arms “to swim” relative to the target. In no case do not try to exact “to catch” center of the target. The person is physically unable to focus his eyes at the same time on two different distance objects. I am trying to see the target, you are sure to lose control of the aiming picture (front sight and entirely) If you slightly move the arms relative to the target – the slip will be in the worst case, a few centimeters. But if you move the front sight with respect to the pillar, the miss by kilometers. You have to trust the natural reaction of his body. Do not look at the target. Capture eye sighting picture, and your muscles themselves pointed their guns right on target.

Key skills in pistol shooting is the ability to correctly squeeze the trigger. 99% mistakes novice shooters associated with jerking the trigger (usually, they are not able to notice it, since the withdrawal of weapons in the direction occurs at the last minute and masked returns). You have to train your finger to move completely independently, without the slightest movement or changes in muscle tension in the hand, holding a weapon. finger effort should be directed parallel to the barrel weapons accurately ago. Are not allowed the slightest movement of the fingertip relative to the trigger. Teach yourself SOFT increase force on the trigger. You do not have to wait until the trigger with cocking breakdown. This should occur unexpectedly. Otherwise, you are sure to miss. The reason lies in human psychology – so-called “shooting fear” causes the muscles unconsciously twitch at the time of the alleged shooting. There are only two innate fear in every person – the fear of falling and fear of loud sound. Collision with one of these stimuli causes human natural involuntary reaction. The challenge is, to minimize it. All, What you should do – focus on the sighting of the picture and begin to gently squeeze the trigger. The hammer should fall from combat platoon totally unexpected for you. It is extremely difficult to do it correctly and quickly. This process, which takes some time – order 0,3 – 0,5 s have a trained person in a real stressful situation. Therefore, the pressure on the trigger is made simultaneously with aiming. Advisable to start pressing when the correct grip weapons before building a full sighting pictures. Reliable and secure work this skill is only possible by prolonged exercise. Fortunately, Many of these exercises do not need to go to the shooting range and an expenditure of ammunition (so-called “dry” training).

so, discharge weapons. Stand up against the wall or any object light matte color. Take proper stance and grip arms. Cock the hammer manually. Focus on achieving the correct sighting pictures, yet without being tied to a particular target. By looking at the sights, try as the trigger can be squeezed slowly. If at the time of failure of the trigger with cocking fly did not move relative to the rear sight – you have done it correctly. Try to repeat this exercise a little faster. To achieve sustainable skill you have to go through this exercise at least 5000 – 8000 time. It's not so much – the exercise throughout the 5 minutes a day for three weeks provides about 4000 reps. To reduce noise and reduce wear arms I advise to strengthen small piece of hard rubber in place of the hammer hitting the firing pin, As a rule it is well kept in the slot shutter due to its own elasticity. This exercise develops “muscle memory”, which is often in itself overcomes “shooting fear”.

You can independently verify the correct execution of this method. Take shoots sleeve and place it vertically up to Donets bolt pistol about flies. At squeezing of the trigger sleeve should remain in balance. In the transition to the exercises at a shooting range, try to give yourself at first, maximum comfort, particularly in the acoustic plan. Pick good isolating earphones or headphones with active noise canceling. If possible, avoid joint training – shooting on a nearby “parallels” It prevents you focus. AND, Finally good goggles relieve you of worries get in eyes blazing sleeve. get rid of “fear of fire” you will also help the following exercises:

Ask your partner to charge the weapon shop and mixed martial inert cartridges (sometimes for this purpose are suitable cartridge cases). In the absence of shot you can visually monitor displays “fear of fire” – diversion of arms to the side.

Very useful can help gunslinger. Take proper stance and grip arms, focus on the aiming picture and relaxed place your index finger on the trigger. Longer your assistant puts his finger over your right and squeezes the trigger until the shot. Try to remember the feeling, and then play it back.