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PMC – Triple Canopy Inc. (USA)


Year of foundation – 2003
Status – operating company
Founders – Like Meng (Matt Mann), Tom Katies (Tom Katis)
Owner – Constellis Group
leadership – Gregory “us” Malligan (Gregory ‘Mo’ Mulligan) Ignacio Balderas (Ignacio Balderas)
Headquarters kvarytyra – Reston, Virginia (USA)
Geographical presence – Afghanistan, Haiti, Israel, Iraq, Nigeria, Peru
Number of employees – over 5500 employees (on 2009 year)
annual turnover – About 120-140 million. USD annually 2003 by 2011. AT 2016 He won a contract to 3,666 billion. Doll
Site –

services provided – operation and maintenance of security, Military service consulting, risk assessment, training members of the armed forces of foreign states, direct participation in hostilities

Major customers – US Department of State – protection of embassies and senior officials in Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, on Haiti, etc. The company is responsible for protection of heads and members of the Iraqi and Afghan governments, and personally to the President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai. The company also provides services to non-governmental organizations, telecommunications and oil and gas companies, mining companies and financial institutions

Used weapons and military equipment – no data

Participation in Armed Conflict – War in Afghanistan (from 2001), The war in Iraq (from 2003)

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