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PMC – Executive Outcomes (South Africa)


countrySouth Africa
Year of foundation – 1989
Status – The company eliminated 31 December 1998 g.
Founder – Эben Barlow (Eeben Barlow)
leadership – Эben Barlow (Eeben Barlow)
Geographical presence – South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Indonesia
Number of employees – to 3500

services provided – protection and security, Military service consulting, training members of the armed forces of foreign states, direct participation in hostilities

Major customers – Government of Sierra Leone, Angola and Indonesia, oil company Ranger Oil, multinationals: The Bears, Chevron, Rio Tinto Zinc and Texaco

Participation in Armed Conflict – The civil war in Sierra Leone (21 Martha 1991 — 18 January 2002) and Angola (1975 — 30 Martha 2002)


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