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Asgaard German Security Group (GIVE)


Year of foundation – 2007
Status – operating company
Founder – no data
Owner – no data
leadership – CEO of Thomas Kaltegartner (Thomas Kaltegärtner)
Geographical presenceSomalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan,Nigeria, Morocco, Chad, Croatia and United Arab Emirates.
Number of employees – no data
annual turnover – no data


services provided – operations planning and support in the areas of risk, security, consulting, training and skills development, holding seminars.

Major customers – In May 2010 of the year, Asgaard got noisy contract with the Somali politician Galadid Abdinur Ahmad Darman.

Used weapons and military equipment – no data

Participation in Armed Conflict – no data

Materials Company:


One of the most famous German PMC was founded in 2007 by former high-ranking German paratrooper named Thomas Kaltegartner (Thomas Kaltegärtner). He is currently the CEO of.

Company name comes from mythology. Asgard - it is in the Scandinavian mythology the heavenly city, aces abode of the gods.

In May 2010 of the year, Asgaard got noisy contract with the Somali politician Galadid Abdinur Ahmad Darman, which caused a fierce debate in Germany.

About contract might not know, if the headquarters of the firm Asgaard German Security Group, located in the town of Telgte by Munster, I was not searched. In its course the text of the agreement has been found with some Abdinur Darman, He proclaimed himself "president" of Somalia. The company has pledged to send him to a group of "advisers" on security issues among the former military. Security is recognized by the UN and the EU president Sharif Ahmed provide, among others, 20 not ex, and today's soldiers of the Bundeswehr.

At all, according to press reports, among the "addressees» Asgaard, in addition to Somalia, listed Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Morocco, Chad, Croatia and the United Arab Emirates. Notifying a search on the company, "New Deut country" заметила, that her boss Thomas Kaltengertner, former staff-noncommissioned officer of the Airborne Troops, and the eyebrow does not lead. Him, says the newspaper, reliable protection. by the way, the firm Asgaard there are a few competitors, rivals in Germany. Commented on this fact, "The Voice of Russia" Pavel Zolotarev, Deputy Director of the Institute of USA and Canada, Major General retired:

"The overall trend is really viewed. There are several factors, and they are connected, generally, with the processes of globalization. One side, lost state monopoly on military violence. For developed countries, the most important thing – maintain the stability of the world economy. Here war is not suitable. And because it is more profitable to use various security structures with private firms. On the other hand, this is due to the fact, that the contract army, as, eg, the American, just do not have enough people and resources recruiting, to provide the required number of ".

Notably, that the German Foreign Ministry said, that does not control the activities of the company and does not know anything about its activities in Somalia.

As the online edition, It is still under question, contradict brokering Munster German law firm. German criminal law prohibits the recruitment into the armed forces of foreign states. However debatable, Lea Member, the self-proclaimed president of Somalia, considered representative “foreign authorities”, who has the right to recruit soldiers for military service. Besides, German law provides criminal penalties for the recruitment of military, but not for the service itself, He writes further edition.

German politicians require the involvement of the company responsible

As the representative of the Left Party, Paul Schaefer (Paul Shepherd), German firm thus exacerbates conflict in Somalia. Her actions politician named “form a parallel foreign policy, which goes from under parliamentary control”.
According to an expert on military matters of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) Rainer Shtinnera (Reiner Stinner), If a Somali politician actually signed a contract with a German company on the hiring of soldiers, “This is in stark contrast with sanctions, imposed by the UN Security Council”. UN Security Council banned the supply to Somalia of weapons and military training, if it is carried out not by international peacekeeping forces AMISON. If the German firm violated these conditions, it “It must be held accountable”, sure Stinner.

curious, what is in Russia (in St. Petersburg) there airsoft team with the same name and wearing the chevrons Asgaard.

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