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CVK G4S – Group 4 Securicor (United Kingdom)



VK G4S – Group 4 Securicor (United Kingdom) – the largest company providing security services in the world.
Here are four facts, that accurately characterize the seriousness of the company:

1) G4S works practically everywhere. The company operates in 125 countries of the world.

2) G4S – the largest company by company headcount. The company's staff is over 657 thousand employees. For comparison, the UK Army – 180 thousands of people. The company is the third largest private employer in the world (then «Wal-Mart Stores» and «Foxconn»).

3) G4S – the largest company derives revenues. The company shows a brilliant financial results amid a general crisis in the economy – profit 2014 year before tax 148 million pounds.

4) G4S – very old company. The story begins in G4S 1901 year.

headquarters – g. crawl (United Kingdom).

Executive Director of G4S Nick Buckles (Nick Buckles)



History «G4S» security business begins in Copenhagen 1901 year. its founder, датчанин Мариус Хогреф первоначально создал компанию 'Copenhagen Frederiksberg Night watch' (which is translated as "Night Watch Copenhagen and Frederiksberg"), later the company was renamed «Falck». AT 2000 year it merged security company «Group 4", established in 1960, the new corporation was named the «Group 4 Falck '.В 2002 , the «Group 4 Falck »has acquired in the US corporation« Wackenhut ». AT 2003 , the «Group management 4 Falck »signed a contract for the provision of specialized services to the Department of Immigration and multiculturalism and indigenous affairs in Australia. In accordance with this contract, the company «Group 4 Falck »took over direct control of the illegal immigrants detention process in Australia and their placement in prisons, owned by its subsidiary «Wackenhut» and entered into force on 1998 of the year. AT 2004 , the «Group 4 Falck »teamed up with« Securicor », security firm, based in 1935 in London.

AT 2006, 2007 and 2008 «G4S» became the subject of criticism of the trade unions. Labor leaders claimed, that subsidiaries of the corporation do not comply with the standards of labor protection and human rights.

In March 2008 it was announced, that «G4S» begins to ensure the security at major sports and music events. The reason for this expansion was the purchase of the company «Rock Steady Group», which specialized on such aspects of security mainly in the UK. Events, provided «Rock Steady» includes concerts «Live8» in London, The Scottish FA Cup final and «Download Festival». In April 2008 years «G4S» acquired «RONCO Consulting Corporation», one of the leading companies, specializing in humanitarian and commercial mine clearance, as well as the disposal of ammunition.

In May 2008 the company acquired «Armor Group International». Also May 2008 «G4S PLC» and payable for priobretenie 355 million. £ company «Global Solutions Limited». December 2008 it was announced a strategic alliance «G4S» and «UNI», the purpose of which was to be the promotion of improved standards in the global security industry. Besides, December 2008 of the year, «G4S» и «SEIU» (union security workers) We reached an agreement on the termination of their long dispute and to establish a basis for joint work in the interests of all workers and companies. AT 2009 by «G4S» continued to acquire companies in the field of safety and security. Были куплены «Secura Monde International Limited» и «Shiremoor International Engineering Limited», the leaders of the British technical and commercial consulting market, merger not passed «All Star International», company leader in the field of management tools and support for basic operations, providing services to the US government; "Adesta" – American provider of integrated security and communication systems and «Hill & Associates Consultants Limited», as Asia's leading provider of consulting services for risk reduction.


AT 2009 , the native of Western Australia had died of heatstroke after, transported in a car «G4S» (then «GSL»), not equipped with air conditioning and free access to water. A criminal case on this fact has not been initiated, despite, that the press-secretary "of GSL" recognized "grounds for concern". The incident occurred after the fact, as the «GSL» has been criticized in 2005 year for their detention conditions of immigrants in Australia. 23 September 2009 year there was the infamous incident "helicopter robbery Vosteborg", on the basis of his analysis were subjected to sharp criticism as the actions of the company, and policing.

In the autumn 2009 of the year, Staff «G4S» Australia announced strike, stated, that the company paid insufficient wages and did not care about the working conditions of employees. The strike posed a threat to the judicial system in the Australian state of Victoria.


17 October 2011 of the year, «G4S» announced its intention to acquire the Danish management company «ISS A / S» The value of the deal could reach 5200 mln.funtov sterling. The merger has created the largest syndicate would be the world's largest security. But, after two weeks, the deal fell through due to lack of shareholder support. Chapter «G4S», Nick Buckles said, that the failure of the merger has become one of the most unfortunate events in his life.

In April 2011 years «G4S», seeking to diversify its business, It acquired the company «Guidance Monitoring», an international developer and manufacturer of electronic monitoring technology, including hardware and software, used to monitor and track offenders.
December 2011 «G4S» acquired the assets of the assets «Chubb» Company, specialized in responding to emergencies in the UK.


The main type of activity is the provision of G4S security services, including health, security services equipment, provision of cash security, including the management and transportation of cash and valuables, as well as the outsourcing of other business processes, safety-related. Among the company's customers have a sovereign government, corporation, financial institutions, enterprise utilities, seaports and airports, transport and logistics service providers and individual consumers. Government contracts accounted for 27% turnover «G4S» in 2011 year.

«G4S» allows detention of offenders on behalf of law enforcement authorities, including seven prisons in England and Wales. It provides security services at many airports, including Heathrow, Gatwick airport, Oslo airport, Brussels airport, Schiphol Airport and it is about the airport. R. Tamʙo, as well as many other facilities, located in the USA, Great Britain, Canada and European countries.

«G4S» is working on the introduction of electronic security systems and provides cash management and logistics services for banks. It participates in the process of risk management, consulting and support in the areas of security, where security infrastructure is limited or non-existent. services, provided by the company, They include ground clearance of ordnance, management and staff training. «G4S» provides income protection service for the rail companies across the UK.

AT 2011 year "of G4S" signed "UN Global Compact", International Standard is to promote socially responsible business behavior, including human rights, health and safety, the environment and anti-corruption.

"Of G4S" is the founder of the process of signing the "International Code of Conduct for Private Security Companies" (document Montrё) – multilateral initiatives, promoted by the Government of Switzerland.

In March 2011 year, the Organizing Committee of the London Olympics 2012 year announced, that «G4S Secure Solutions» has been appointed the official security provider for the Olympic Games.

12 July 2012 it was announced, what 3500 soldiers of the British armed forces to be deployed at the Summer Olympics 2012 due to a shortage of adequately trained security personnel «G4S». Shares «G4S» fell to 9% after, as the company's management recognized, what is possible, receive damages 50 million pounds due to the insufficient number of trained personnel for the Olympic Games 2012 goda.17 July 2012, CEO appeared before the Special Committee of the British Interior, where he apologized for the organizational deficiencies, He deplored the excessive obligations, taken to the Olympic Games and agreed to pay a bonus to soldiers, delivered at the last minute as a substitute for security staff.

After the failure of Olympic contracts, Bedfordshire Police Chief, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire have started to consider the issue of abandonment of service, provided by «G4S». but 8 August 2012 «G4S» announced, she, finally, I was able to gain enough employees, to fulfill his contract at the Olympic Games. Despite the inability to achieve the previously set goal in the daily exhibiting at Olympic venues 10 thousand employees, Guide «G4S» announced, that is able to provide daily attendance 7 thousand employees, who are able to fully ensure the security of the Olympic Games.

The most interesting way to interact «G4S» and the British government was the construction of private police stations. British police are looking for means to save budget, this is why «G4S», the largest security company in the world, It received its first contract in the United Kingdom on the set of police officers and the construction of the police station. The deal represents the most radical example of outsourcing law enforcement, the current sample is in the private sector until there is simply no.

Terms of the contract with the police in Lincolnshire provide a set of «G4S» hire former police officers. As a result, to make arrests in the name of "Her Majesty" to make sergeant in police uniform, but the staff of private companies will do almost everything else, by tracking the perpetrators to their cells to carry out drug testing.

British police representatives expressed their concerns. Simon Reed, Vice-chairman of the Police Federation, which represents rank and file officers, cautiously praised the company – pointing out, that police officers have enshrined a sense of public duty, while private employees are motivated exclusively by money.

"We are concerned about the stability of companies, engaged in this business ", he said. He questioned, that in the event of national emergencies or unforeseen events, private companies can force their employees to work outside normal working hours, regardless of the terms of the contract.

Representatives of the «G4S» contrary claim, that this transaction will benefit the police. Kim Callis, managing director of state-owned enterprises outsourcing, He said, that employees of a private company will support police officers, which will allow the latter to pay more attention to the performance of operational duties ".

The contract is worth 200 millions of pounds, and its duration is 10 years with the possibility of a five-year extension.

As part of the «G4S» agreed to build a new police station with a two-storey office complex and an insulator on 30 cameras "hub and spokes" model. This enables rapid installation of additional cameras, cell, in the case of mass violations of public order or sporting events, that provoke violence.

Slightly more than half of 900 employees, previously held in the police state, will be transferred to «G4S», and the rest will be saved as a police. new staff, hired by «G4S» runs a training program for seven weeks.

Barry Young, Lincolnshire said the head of administration, what: "Budget cuts did not leave us with no choice, but to seek a radical change ".

Transfer of police work is outsourced to save Lincolnshire 28 million pounds over the next ten years.


AT 2011 Nick Buckles was decided to continue the large-scale expansion G4S: he was going to buy a cleaning company for $8,3 billion, bringing the total number of employees to conglomerate 1,2 million. But shareholders blocked a decision.

Nick Baklz, executive director of security firm said, he regretted the failure of the transaction, but respects the opinion of shareholders. G4S chairman of the Board of Directors Alf Duch-Pedersen said: “We believe, that the development of our business is to expand the range of services, complementing the mainstream – security. The merger with the ISS, we saw an excellent opportunity to achieve this goal,. but, against the backdrop of the current macro-economic uncertainty, our shareholders have put a number of questions about the feasibility of such a large and complex transaction.”

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    And Lubyansky shooter worked

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    Man, who shot 50 People in Orlando, He worked in the world's largest security company

    Omar Matin worked for G4S in September 2007 of the year

    Omar Matin, which the 12 June made a shooting near a nightclub in Orlando, that killed 50 human, from 2007 he worked in the world's largest G4S private security company. It is reported by BBC.

    “We are shocked and depressed tragic event, occurred in Orlando night club. We confirm, Omar Matin worked with G4S 10 September 2007 of the year. We fully cooperate with law enforcement authorities, including the FBI”, – It said in a statement the head of the North American division of John Canning Company, which was published in Twitter G4S.

    Shooting in Orlando, Florida has become the most massive in the number of victims of an armed attack in public places in US history.

    G4S company provides various services in the field of security state institutions and private clients. Including, It is the contractor of the Ministry of National Security and participated in providing security at the Olympic Games in London 2012 year.

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